Series 6
New Tricks
8 EPISODES • 2009
After a hostage rescue goes wrong, superintendent Sandra Pullman is put in charge of unsolved crimes. With little resources and no back-up she decides to recruit three ex policeman. However times have changed, unlike her new recruits. Jack Halford is yet to get over the loss of his wife, Brian Lane is over obsessed and over medicated, and Gerry Standing is not quite the ladies man he used to be. They may have the experience but it's not like the old days. Not only are they chasing criminals, but they are having to deal with a new police force which does not always appreciate their old style policing.

Season 5


1: The War Against Drugs
Jul 16, 2009
Brian Lane enters rehab to treat his alcoholism, but the rest of the team soon join him.
2: The Truth Is Out There
Jul 23, 2009
The team find themselves at the centre of a shocking cover-up.
3: Fresh Starts
Jul 30, 2009
The team exhumes the body of a car crash victim after claims she has been seen alive.
4: Shadow Show
Aug 6, 2009
UCOS are forced to re-open the investigation into producer Max Stone's death.
5: Death of a Timeshare Salesman
Aug 13, 2009
The UCOS team find themselves reinvestigating the death of a well-known timeshare magnate.
6: The Last Laugh
Aug 20, 2009
The team reinvestigate the disappearance of two young political activists.
7: Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Aug 27, 2009
UCOS reinvestigate a high-profile riverboat disaster on the Thames after a new witness comes forward claiming the collision was the result of sabotage, rather than an accident. But the case means putting DAC Strickland's wealthy sailing chums under the investigation spotlight; what better motivation could the team have?
8: Meat Is Murder
Sep 3, 2009
As the series comes to an end, the desiccated, neatly carved-up body of a butcher who disappeared more than 30 years ago is discovered, leading Sandra Pullman and her boys to pay a visit to Smithfield meat market in London, the original murder scene. It's a pity the butcher is dead, because he has a few questions to answer about why the body of a doctor was found hanging from a meat hook all those years ago at the back of his market stall. It's an episode peppered with revelations. We discover Gerry Standing's very interesting family history - he's descended from French Huguenots and is thus tormented by his colleagues for being a fake cockney, much to his annoyance: "Je suis ang-bleedingglais!" he protests. But it's Sandra who has to face up to a startling personal disclosure that has a direct bearing on the case and also throws a whole new light on her father. For once Gerry, Brian and Jack are left completely speechless.
Season 7
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