Season 5
7 EPISODES • 2019
Ken thinks he's hit the big time when he discovers a wealthy half sister he never knew he had, but her fortunes and his hopes are soon reversed.

Season 4


1: Ivy Arrives
Jan 4, 2019
Ken is really excited about his long-lost sister arriving, but it turns out that billionaire Ivy Mittlefart might not really want to get to know the Thompsons at all.
2: Ivy Nanny
Jan 4, 2019
Ken is keen for Sid to go to private school, but Lorna is dead against it. Can Ken change her mind with the help of new family member Ivy? Ben introduces Tash to Rachel for the first time, and they get on like a house on fire. A little too well, maybe?
3: Weed Farm
Jan 4, 2019
Ivy is getting to know the different members of the family, and discovers Dylan is running a weed farm in one of the properties he’s supposedly selling. Ivy sees an opportunity!
4: Macbeth
Jan 4, 2019
A strange old lady in a pub gives Ken a prediction - he will one day become a Lib Dem candidate! Could Ken's dream become a reality? Ivy decides to get involved.
5: Divorce Party
Jan 4, 2019
Ivy gets the news that her divorce has come through. Steve takes it upon himself to cheer her up by throwing her a divorce party!
6: Two Engagements and a Funeral
Jan 4, 2019
A terrible misunderstanding occurs resulting in an untimely funeral. Meanwhile, a run in with an ex-boyfriend of Lorna's might be just what Ken needs to help his campaign.
7: Election
Jan 4, 2019
Ken is getting ever closer to becoming an MP with Ivy, never happier, directing his campaign. However, can a small boy calling him 'fatty' and an unwelcome stranger affect the final outcome for Ken and Ivy.
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