Season 2
7 EPISODES • 2014
Just as things seem to be settling down for Ken Thompson, a young man from Cuckoo's past shows up at his door and throws his life into disarray again.

Season 1


1: A New Beginning
Aug 7, 2014
Ken is looking forward to an empty nest, but a painful operation and a mysterious stranger conspire to make life a lot less simple.
2: Potato Party
Aug 14, 2014
Dale is determined discover his own path in life and alights on Cuckoo’s potato van in an effort to follow in his father’s footsteps. Rachel is still with boring boyfriend Ben. Dylan decides to take advantage of Ken being away on a university reunion as he males plans a party where he intends to finally seduce Zoe.
3: Tribunal
Aug 21, 2014
Ken attempts to defend Steve for medical malpractice. Ben decides to set Dale up on a date with one of Rachel's friends.
4: Funeral
Aug 28, 2014
When Ken and Dale take a trip into town, they bump into Ken's former professor, Dr. Rafferty. He has a dying wish, he wants them both to fulfill.
5: Ken at Work
Sep 4, 2014
The senior partner at Ken's firm is retiring and Ken is in line for succession. Rachel and Ben try to spice up their sex lives.
6: Neighbourhood Watch
Sep 11, 2014
An intruder leaves Ken questioning his manliness. Rachel and Ben are moving in together.
7: Christmas Special
Dec 24, 2014
Ben and Dale both want to make Rachel's holiday special and Ken gets stuck in the middle.
Season 3
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