Season 1
Criminal Record
8 EPISODES • 2024
Season 1 of Criminal Record was released on January 10 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: Emergency Caller
Jan 10, 2024
An anonymous call puts Detective Sergeant June Lenker in the path of the formidable Daniel Hegarty.
2: Two Calls
Jan 10, 2024
Convinced there's a link between the emergency calls, June sets out to prove a theory—but Hegarty stays one step ahead.
3: Kid in the Park
Jan 17, 2024
A horrific incident lands June on Hegarty's team, giving her a way to win his trust while secretly digging into the Errol Mathis case.
4: Protected
Jan 24, 2024
Pressure mounts on June from all sides as she makes a breakthrough in Errol's case.
5: Possession with Intent
Jan 31, 2024
June's personal life suffers collateral damage when her son is targeted.
6: Beehive
Feb 7, 2024
A shocking revelation compels Hegarty to find his daughter. June uncovers a game-changing piece of evidence.
7: The Sixty-Twos
Feb 14, 2024
The events leading up to Errol's 2011 arrest reveal a hidden history.
8: Carla
Feb 21, 2024
A wave of public outrage pushes Hegarty and June to work together before it's too late.
Season 2
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