Season 9
Coronation Street
33 EPISODES • 1968
Season 9 of Coronation Street was released on January 1 and consists of 33 episodes.

Season 8


1: 1 Jan 1968
Jan 1, 1968
Minnie feels sorry for Ena upon learning that the Mission is to be demolished. Dennis despairs as a group of hippies descends on Number 11. Hilda makes a friend in the park.
2: 03 Jan 1968
Jan 3, 1968
Annie begins to worry about Lucille's whereabouts. Hilda is woken up by gongs from next door. Annie guesses that Lucille is with the hippies when Hilda gossips about them, as she found hippy magazines in her bedroom. She sends Jack to drag her home. Robert Croft recites his poetry at No. 11. Dennis finds one of the hippies meditating in the bath naked. The hippies get into Elsie's things.
3: 08 Jan 1968
Jan 8, 1968
Hilda takes Stan's dirty woolly socks for the wash. Jerry goes to court to sort out his divorce. Annie tells Jack she's given Alfred Wormold a full report of the goings-on at No. 11. Dennis doesn't understand the hippies' lifestyle. George Greenwood entertains Hilda in his work shed. She takes a shine to his budgie Winnie. The hippies are sleeping when Wormold comes knocking so he assumes they've gone. He tells Annie that Dennis is in arrears with the rent. Annie urges him to try again. Stan gets frostbite when working in the Rovers due to the thin socks Hilda gave him. Wormold is appalled by the vagrants at No.11 and gives Dennis a month's notice.
4: 10 Jan 1968
Jan 10, 1968
Stan is suspicious when Hilda treats him well. Hilda can't find her scarf and goes back to George's shed to look for it. Annie takes to her bed because of Lucille. Jack feels that Lucille has to decide to come back herself. Jenny Sutton joins the hippies but tells Dennis she thinks they're crazy. Dennis and Jenny learn about each other as they clean up the mess in the house. Jerry's divorce case is heard in court. He goes through all of his and Myra's marriage difficulties. Agnes Greenwood follows Hilda home from Oakenshaw Park to find out where she lives.
5: 15 Jan 1968
Jan 15, 1968
Jack becomes very old suddenly through worrying about Lucille. She returns when she gets lonely. Dennis doesn't know if he can trust himself alone in the house with Jenny Sutton. Stan gets Hilda to buy expensive food for him. Jenny is taken on at the Hotel as bar steward Maurice Rowe fancies her. George Greenwood gets Hilda a budgie called Mabel and she decides to keep it with Winnie. Hilda tries to tell Stan she is seeing George. Rowe takes Dennis off bar work and onto waitering again so that he can work with Jenny. When he gropes Jenny in the stockroom, Dennis orders him outside.
6: 17 Jan 1968
Jan 17, 1968
Dennis threatens to tell the management that Maurice Rowe is on the fiddle. Rowe pretends Dennis beat him and apologises to Jenny. Hilda writes Stan a note telling him of her unfaithfulness. He ignores it. Demolishers Jimmy Gibson and Miklos Zadic recce the factory. Lucille falls for Hungarian Miklos. Agnes Greenwood and Stan worry about the confession element. Elsie phones up and Dennis tells her about Jenny. Len tries to get her to talk about herself but she puts the phone down. Hilda discovers Stan has been entertaining a woman.
7: 22 Jan 1968
Jan 22, 1968
The demolishers move into the Street. Miklos promises Minnie he'll make it as painless as possible for Ena. Jenny tells Dennis she knows about him blackmailing Maurice Rowe and thinks he's clever. Ena is given the choice of a council flat or Sunshine Villas Old Folks Home. Jenny realises Dennis fancies her. Hilda investigates Stan's woman. Jerry agrees to take Irma skating to ease her boredom. Hilda tells George Greenwood she can't see him anymore. She agrees to let Mabel stay with Winnie. Dennis discovers Jenny has left for London.
8: 24 Jan 1968
Jan 24, 1968
Ena has spent a frozen night in the Vestry with the amenities cut off pending the demolition. She refuses to tell Mr Ironfield where she's going to live afterwards and insists he helps the removal men shift the harmonium. Jerry tells David that Irma hardly stayed on the ice at the rink but spent most of the night in the snack bar. Nevertheless she wants to go again. Dennis is depressed at Jenny's departure. Hilda questions Annie on her views about women working as she's thinking about devoting all of her time to Stan. Annie worries that Hilda's going to hand in her notice but Jack reminds her that it will deprive Stan of his beer money. Ena lets the removal men pack the van full of her belongings before telling them she's moving across the road to No. 5, much to Minnie's delight.
9: 29 Jan 1968
Jan 29, 1968
The residents try to clean the dust away from the demolition of the Mission of Glad Tidings. Len worries that Myra could try to jeopardise the divorce. Ena settles into Minnie's and tries to get used to being retired. The Brewery plans to redecorate the Rovers. Annie wants it done in Silver Buckingham wallpaper. The residents get to know Miklos. Jerry discovers Myra has been in the Street. Myra assures Len she is not contesting the divorce but she is interested in Jerry's relationship with Irma. Jerry decides to visit Myra to find out what she's up to.
10: 31 Jan 1968
Jan 31, 1968
Ena is curious about Minnie's habits. Myra is thrilled when Jerry calls. She assures him that she has no ulterior motives. Irma and Val chat Miklos up. They arrange a date but then want to back out. Minnie and Ena fall out about household money and sharing. Val and Irma try to set Emily up with Miklos. Len warns Jerry that Myra is up to no good. The Brewery refuse to decorate the Rovers to Annie's specifications so she tells them she'll pay for the decorating. Jack refuses. Miklos takes Emily out. Myra tells Jerry he's under Len's thumb. To show her that she's wrong he takes her out.
11: 05 Feb 1968
Feb 5, 1968
The Rovers is decorated. Emily tells Irma she and Miklos are getting very friendly. Myra flaunts her new friendship with Jerry. The Walkers change the old pumps. Annie is horrified to discover the factory is to be demolished when the Rovers is to be painted. Miklos worries about the demolition because the factory is so old. Myra calls on Jerry late at night and begs him to tell her that he loves her. She tells him that she is lonely and begs to stay the night.
12: 07 Feb 1968
Feb 7, 1968
The demolishers descend on the factory with bulldozers. Len is annoyed at Myra's presence in the house. Bobby goes missing. Minnie thinks Ena has driven him out. Annie strings onions up around the pub to get rid of the paint fumes. Len tells Jerry to get rid of Myra but he is keen to have her around. He warns him that they could be accused of collusion and goes away to leave them to it. The twins follow Bobby into the factory. Myra asks to spend the weekend with Jerry. He agrees. Minnie rescues Bobby. The demolition starts as Susan and Peter cower in the factory.
13: 12 Feb 1968
Feb 12, 1968
Ken and Val realise the twins are missing. Ken hears the twins squealing in the factory as they play in the puddles, he and Miklos carry them out, stopping the bulldozer. Myra tries to analyse where the marriage went wrong. She tries desperately to please Jerry. Ena accuses Minnie of being too interested in Bobby to see the twins. Val realises the twins are becoming more independent. Jerry visit's Myra's house and brings back some of her clothes. Annie complains about the dirt in the Rovers but Miklos wins her round. Ena tells Minnie that Henry has offered her lodgings again. Jerry refuses to sleep with Myra. Minnie begs Ena not to leave but Ena says she's accepted the offer.
14: 14 Feb 1968
Feb 14, 1968
Ena fights her emotions as she prepares to leave the Street. Myra fails to persuade Jerry to give their marriage another try. Ken fears that Val feels let down when he does not send her a valentine.
15: 19 Feb 1968
Feb 19, 1968
Lucille takes up with art student Tim Jordan. Jerry is pleased that he feels nothing for Myra. Len and Val take care of Elsie, she gives nothing away. Tim charms the ladies in the Street. Jerry discovers Myra has told the court she's spent the night with him. Minnie advertises in the shop window for a man for companionship. The students collect for rag week. Len assures Jerry he's in the clear as no one knows Myra stayed. Annie throws the students out of the Rovers. Tim bets Lucille he can get the Rovers to pay up for rag week. David tells Minnie to talk to Ena before she advertises. Mr Stock, an enquiry agent, checks Jerry out. Jerry tells him Myra is lying. Elsie lets it be known she's home for a break because Steve has been posted to Panama. Annie is kidnapped by the students, who demand £5 for her release. Jack starts off the appeal with a penny.
16: 21 Feb 1968
Feb 21, 1968
The students campaign for ransom money but Jack doesn't pay up as he's enjoying Annie's absence. Elsie doesn't know how to get in touch with Dennis. Jerry broods about his divorce and is bitter towards Elsie. Minnie becomes an agent for a catalogue. Hilda is annoyed as it is the same firm that she's an agent for. Annie enjoys her captivity at the University and gladly pays the students five guineas. She poses in handcuffs for the evening paper. Tim Jordan asks Lucille to appear in the rag procession on a float as a 1920s Bathing Beauty. Hilda warns Minnie off her patch. A triumphant Myra tells Jerry that the divorce won't get to court as she has a witness to prove they were together. Irma discovers that Emily is reading Miklos's books on Communism. Jerry is surprised that anyone local would stick their neck out for Myra. Hilda feels bad when she finds out that Minnie has taken to drink.
17: 26 Feb 1968
Feb 26, 1968
Jack is a bundle of nerves and hasn't told Annie about Jerry's request. He shocks Annie by telling her to shut up when she goes on at him about taking a parcel to the post office. Len tells Jerry he was out of order asking Jack to lie for him. Jerry feels he has no other choice. Elsie sets tongues wagging by coming into the Corner Shop looking a mess. Jack is afraid of lying in court but wants to help Jerry. Miklos arranges to meet Albert at the Rovers to give him his dad's collection of Hungarian coins. Mr Stock tells Jack about a mate who got done for perjury before asking him whether he saw Myra inside Len's. Jack is in the middle of denying it when Jerry stops him and changes his own statement. David feels there must be something more to life than serving a load of gossipy women.
18: 28 Feb 1968
Feb 28, 1968
Albert tells PC Conway that Miklos stole the coins. David likes the idea of living somewhere where he doesn't know anyone. The residents worry about Elsie, living in a pigsty in No. 11. Miklos accuses Albert of slandering him. He refuses to tell Albert where he spent the day. Miklos tells Emily he was visiting a friend in hospital. The police catch the thief trying to sell the coins. He's a casual worker from the building site. George Dickinson turns up and asks Jerry to take Myra back. Elsie breaks down.
19: 4 Mar 1968
Mar 4, 1968
The residents wonder at what Elsie is doing, locked away in No.11. Len realises that it's Elsie's birthday. David tells Ken he's going to play a game of football - his first since the accident. Val gets a letter from Dennis saying he's returning. Miklos tells Emily he doesn't want to put roots down. Len bangs on Elsie's door until she lets him in. He makes her talk to him. She tells him she's left Steve. She didn't fit in in America. He makes her admit that Steve wasn't the perfect husband but was a swine. She tells him they had nothing in common and nothing to talk about. Steve was posted to South America - he volunteered and didn't want Elsie to go with him. She tells Len that Steve had told her he was sorry he'd married her. She doesn't know what's going to happen to her.
20: 6 Mar 1968
Mar 6, 1968
David tells Irma he played football and never had a twinge but she slaps his face in anger. He tells her that he wants to play professionally again - for a team in Australia. The Barlows worry as Dennis sends furniture from London to store with them. Irma doesn't want to go to Australia. She tells David he can go on his own. She is shocked when Hilda says they'll come as well. Emily and Miklos realise they have no ties - they can do anything they want to. Elsie ventures into the Rovers. Annie gives her a free gin. Miklos kisses Emily.
21: 11 Mar 1968
Mar 11, 1968
Hilda gets on everyone's nerves about Australia. Dennis and Jenny Sutton travel up from London, needing a base. He gets her to pretend they are married to put the neighbours off. Hilda is stunned when Stan tells her that she can go to Australia - on her own. He's not leaving England. David tells Irma he realises they can't go to Australia. She tells him that she thinks she's pregnant. Dennis introduces Jenny to a surprised Elsie as "Mrs Tanner".
22: 13 Mar 1968
Mar 13, 1968
Elsie refuses to believe Dennis is married. Emily worries that Miklos is too passionate. Jenny tells Elsie they're not married. She tells them they can't sleep together. She locks Dennis into the parlour. David is told the Australian job is his. Irma realises they'd be stupid not to go to Australia when she sees the picture of the house that goes with the job. Dennis is annoyed that Elsie is playing Miss Morality. She dislikes Jenny and thinks it's only infatuation. Hilda breaks down when she is told about the emigrating.
23: 18 Mar 1968
Mar 18, 1968
Val lets Ken believe she's opening a men's barber shop. He is furious. Len thinks Jerry is running his life. Irma worries that no one is buying the shop because of the slum clearances. Ronald Wilde thinks he'll get shoddy workmanship from Jerry and Len for £180 a unit, but gives them the contract. David puts the sale in the hands of an agent. Len thinks the tender is too low. Jerry knows they'll make no money out of it but is thinking of the future. Len doesn't want to expand; he likes things the way they are. Jerry tells him he'll take the contract on himself.
24: 20 Mar 1968
Mar 20, 1968
25: 25 Mar 1968
Mar 25, 1968
Dennis and Jenny find it hard living with Elsie. Ken and Val plan a picnic but the car won't start. Emily is surprised at the amount of time she spends in the Rovers. She tells Val she fancies Miklos but doesn't know if she could sleep with him. Minnie amazes Ken by getting the car to work. Lucille feels Miklos is wasted on Emily. Miklos lets Emily's hair down and tries to get her into bed. He is angry when she stops him. She tells him that she tried and breaks down.
26: 27 Mar 1968
Mar 27, 1968
Len agrees to work on the maisonettes. Jenny threatens to leave unless Elsie is nicer to her. David tells the Gazette about his Australia plans in an attempt to interest people in the shop. Emily tells Val that she wants Miklos and wants to marry him but he doesn't want roots. David is horrified when he reads the report in the paper. Miklos tells Val it is because he cares for Emily that he can't pursue her - he knows he'll hurt her.
44: 29 May 1968
May 29, 1968
Dennis and Jenny both wake at 5.00am and wake their households up to try to clear their nerves. Ena thinks she's heard of Les Clegg before. Albert buys a stag's head with the present money. The residents prepare for the reception but feel sure something is going to go wrong because it's Dennis. Elsie, Linda, Ernie Sutton and Jerry witness Dennis and Jenny's marriage. Annie, Lucille, Gordon, Maggie, Les, Len, Emily, Minnie, Ena, Albert and Wally Tanner join in the reception. Jerry shocks everyone by his speech - urging the Tanners not to be selfish and to work at their marriage. Unseen by anyone Jerry leaves for London. Jenny doesn't mind about Dennis going to Bristol. Les leaves the reception early because he doesn't want to stay around drink. Jenny spends her wedding night alone on Minnie's sofa.
52: 26 Jun 1968
Jun 26, 1968
Stan and Elsie return at 7.30am. Len tries to bring Maggie out of herself. Audrey buys a wicker elephant but the store delivers a swivel chair instead. Dickie loves the chair but it turns out to be the Barlows'. Hilda hunts after Elsie. Gary and Emily are horrified at Elsie's driving. In a slanging match in the middle of the street Hilda accuses Elsie of scheming to get Stan on her own. Elsie tells her she's not that desperate. Ken decides he'll have to sell the car to buy new furniture. Elsie crashes her car into the back of Ken's. Len moves into No.9. Effie Spicer moves into No.4, next to Ena, and crosses her with her airs and graces.
63: 7 Aug 1968
Aug 7, 1968
Convict Frank Riley traps Val. She tells him she has no children and is only just married. The womenfolk gather in the Rovers, not wanting to be on their own whilst the convict is on the loose. Val tries to alert Ena by banging on the water pipes. She is terrified when Peter wakes up and Riley realises she has children. Ken phones Val but Riley refuses to let her answer it, threatening to hurt Peter and Susan. Ena hears the phone ringing and begins to worry. Riley takes a fancy to Val and starts caressing her. Ena raises the alarm. Annie takes charge and Jack phones the police. Riley demands money and clothes from Val. He then tells her he wants something from her. The police move the residents into houses so no one is alone. Val promises that she won't raise the alarm if Riley leaves her alone but Riley sees the police outside. Ken arrives at the Rovers, not knowing anything of what is happening.
76: 25 Sep 1968
Sep 25, 1968
Len offers to talk to Steve but Elsie stops him. Emily helps out at St Mary's nursery. Maggie wants to keep Val on but Ena makes her feel guilty. Emily reveals that Ena told the vicar that the shop was too much for her. The Reverend James asks Emily to be his assistant at the nursery. Elsie prepares herself to tells Steve 'no' for the last time. In the taxi she hears over the radio that Len is at Steve's. She asks the taxi to take her home. The police arrive to tell Elsie that Steve is dead.
95: 2 Dec 1968
Dec 2, 1968
The Ogdens celebrate their silver wedding. Stan gives Hilda a fun fur. Annie discovers Lucille and Gordon have run off. Jack and Maggie inform the police. At the station, Gordon and Lucille miss the train to Gretna Green. Ena looks after the shop and finds Effie's slate with £10 owing. She lets Effie know she knows. Effie accuses Maggie and Val of telling Ena about the slate and breaks down. The party takes over the select and Ken plays his trumpet. Lucille worries about Gordon missing his exams.
101: 23 Dec 1968
Dec 23, 1968
Albert refuses to talk to the Barlows as they set off for Majorca. The panto starts at St. Mary's. Len, Albert and Stan leave beer around the stage to keep them going. Ken and Val realise they don't want to go and call off the trip. The panto ends with Elsie leading everyone in 'Jingle Bells'.
103: Mon Dec 30 1968
Dec 30, 1968
Season 10
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