Season 51
Coronation Street
61 EPISODES • 2009
Season 51 of Coronation Street was released on December 31 and consists of 61 episodes.

Season 50


1: Fri Jan 01 2010 Part 1
Jan 1, 2010
Steve and Becky didn't have a very good start to the year as they continued to argue about having children. "No kid of mine would amount to any good. Not with my rotten genes!" Becky declared when Steve pushed her. Will that be the end of the discussion? Meanwhile, Michelle had a motherly chat with Ryan to check that he and Sian weren't having unprotected sex, while Sophie continued to give her mate a hard time for breaking her chastity vow. Elsewhere, Audrey was annoyed when Natasha forgot they were supposed to be going to a stylists dinner party together and decided to call male escort Lewis instead. Lewis accepted the invitation much to Audrey's delight. Finally, Steve and Becky pondered whether they had rushed into getting married and what the future would hold now that they had reached such an obstacle.
2: Fri Jan 01 2010 Part 2
Jan 1, 2010
Audrey prepared for her evening with male escort Lewis but got cold feet at the last minute. Meanwhile, Tyrone told Molly he’d been talking to the wife of a big motoring company owner in Chester and she’d hinted that they might have a job for him. Elsewhere, Becky paid the Croppers a visit to chat about her problems with Steve and to tell them that she didn’t want children. Hayley and Roy were a shoulder for her to cry on but when she returned to the Rovers it was clear that Steve was growing tired of her attitude towards starting a family. Lewis finally persuaded Audrey to leave the house with him and they shared a lovely evening together. In fact, Audrey was in such a good mood that she later offered to pay for Gail’s honeymoon as a wedding present. Finally, poor Becky spent the night on the sofa after her and Steve failed to resolve their problems.
3: Mon Jan 04 2010 Part 1
Jan 4, 2010
Things go from bad to worse for Joe when Gail tells him that the offer on the house has fallen through. How will he ever pay off his debts now? Elsewhere, relations are strained at the Rovers as Steve and Becky argue about having kids. Becky heads over to ask the Croppers for their advice but what will they tell her? Finally, Molly is pleased when she hears that Tyrone has a job interview at a garage in Chester. Tyrone of course is oblivious as to why his wife is so keen to leave the Street.
4: Mon Jan 04 2010 Part 2
Jan 4, 2010
Steve rolls in drunk after another row with Becky. Disgusted at the state her husband is in, Becky tells him to sleep on the sofa. Meanwhile, Kevin and Sally have an emotional trip to the hospital to find out about Sally’s lumpectomy. Will they tell the girls about Sally’s illness? Finally, Rick plays games with Joe when he asks Tina if he can view her flat. Joe is horrified and dashes over there but will he be too late?
5: Thur Jan 07 2010
Jan 7, 2010
Rick's demands drive Joe to plummet to new depths as he attempts to lay his hands on £4k before his wedding day. He decides to turn to Ted for help - but does he tell him the truth? Elsewhere Ken and George clash again, this time over Simon's schooling and Steve and Becky's rows continue.
6: Fri Jan 08 2010 Part 1
Jan 8, 2010
The big day has finally arrived and Gail is on Cloud Nine as she prepares to marry Joe, but will they get hitched without a hitch? Meanwhile, Tyrone has some big news for Kevin - but will he stun him with some news of his own? Elsewhere, Mary Taylor plots her return to Coronation Street when she spots Norris with another woman...
7: Fri Jan 08 2010 Part 2
Jan 8, 2010
As Tina struggles to fight her attraction to Nick, David is suspicious there's something going on between the pair. Elsewhere, as the wedding party head back to the Rovers, Rick lies in wait for Joe. Is he about to spring a nasty surprise on the groom? Meanwhile, Ken and Peter go head to head at the council planning meeting as Peter seeks planning permission for Leanne's bar.
8: Mon Jan 11 2010 Part 1
Jan 11, 2010
Molly tried to make amends with Tyrone on their anniversary and promised him that the second year of their marriage would be better than the first. Did she really mean it? Meanwhile, Graeme informed Rosie that there was a sexy picture of her on an advert at the bus stop but that she had a pair of men’s hands over her chest. Rosie was horrified. Elsewhere, Norris was gobsmacked to see Mary back in Weatherfield. Why has Mary returned? Finally, Kevin and Sally were furious about the grubby advert that Rosie was the star of but their feisty daughter defended herself and her new career choice. "Money talks around here and in two years I’ll be rolling in it. And where will you be mum in two years' time?" goaded Rosie. Poor Sally was shocked at her daughter's words, where would she be she wondered? Kevin was furious with Rosie and threw her out of house before comforting his tearful wife.
9: Mon Jan 11 2010 Part 2
Jan 11, 2010
Rosie and Sophie discussed their parents' reaction to Rosie's advert and began jumping to all sorts of conclusions as to why they were being so uptight. Sophie admitted that they had been acting strangely and concluded that they must be splitting up. Meanwhile, Norris persuaded Mary to spend the evening in the Rovers so that he could avoid being cooped up in her camper van. Norris was surprised however when Mary revealed that she'd met a man on her travels. Was he jealous? Finally, Sophie and Rosie went home to confront their parents but were shocked when Sally admitted that she had breast cancer. Sophie sobbed and told them she thought they were splitting up. "We're not splitting up. We love each other and we love you too," declared Kevin as Sally hugged the girls.
10: Thur Jan 14 2010
Jan 14, 2010
11: Fri Jan 15 2010 Part 1
Jan 15, 2010
12: Fri Jan 15 2010 Part 2
Jan 15, 2010
13: Mon Jan 18 2010 Part 1
Jan 18, 2010
Molly prepares to tell Tyrone that their marriage is over. Ryan and Sophie discover to their peril that Michelle and Sophie's dad view their relationship very differently. David does his best to put off some potential buyers for number 8.
14: Mon Jan 18 2010 Part 2
Jan 18, 2010
Tyrone struggles to take in what Molly is saying and asks her if she is having an affair. Steve and Becky are still at each other's throats at the Rovers - much to Lloyd's dismay. Kevin struggles to keep his mind on Sally and her illness aware of what is going on over the road at the Dobbs' house.
147: 26 Jul 2010 (I)
Jul 26, 2010
Audrey fears the gossip of her neighbours and comes to a decision about the future. Chesney celebrates his sixteenth birthday. Eileen remains keen to buy Number 9. Liz is puzzled by some sudden male attention.
148: 26 Jul 2010 (II)
Jul 26, 2010
While Audrey looks forward to their holiday, Lewis takes advantage of Deirdre's friendship. Colin instructs John to abandon his false identity. Sunita and Claire hatch a plan.
149: 29 Jul 2010
Jul 29, 2010
Fiz intervenes when John looks set to receive a beating intended for Colin. Sophie and Sian seek permission to attend a music festival. Cheryl searches for a job. Audrey contemplates a life in the sun.
150: 30 Jul 2010 (I)
Jul 30, 2010
John turns to Charlotte for help when Colin threatens to expose his double life. Sean faces Liz's wrath when she hears from an ex-employee. Chesney prepares for his sixteenth birthday party.
151: 30 Jul 2010 (II)
Jul 30, 2010
Colin's sudden death forces John and Charlotte to take drastic action. Kirk helps Chesney to enliven his party at the café. Sean begs forgiveness from Liz. Lloyd squares up to Chris.
152: 2 Aug 2010 (I)
Aug 2, 2010
John's attempts to access the factory and dispose of Colin's body are thwarted. Hayley feels overwhelmed by Mary's wedding plans. Cheryl searches for a job. Sean contacts Violet in the hope of seeing Dylan.
153: 2 Aug 2010 (II)
Aug 2, 2010
John informs Charlotte that Colin's body is now buried under a concrete floor. Hayley decides to dispense with Mary's services. Cheryl despairs at having Chris working nearby. Sian and Sophie lie to Kevin and Sally.
154: 5 Aug 2010
Aug 5, 2010
John enlists Charlotte to help him to remove all trace of Colin. Lloyd ignores Cheryl's wishes and tries to get rid of Chris. Audrey and Lewis return from Greece with big plans.
155: 6 Aug 2010 (I)
Aug 6, 2010
Fiz refuses to believe John's explanation for why he stayed out all night. Russ is unsettled by the progression of Cheryl and Lloyd's relationship. Bill feels threatened by Owen.
156: 6 Aug 2010 (II)
Aug 6, 2010
Fiz unleashes her fury at Charlotte, demanding to know what she and John are hiding. Lloyd fears that he has blown his chance with Cheryl. Owen offers Jason a job. Natasha and Maria vie for Audrey's approval.
157: 9 Aug 2010 (I)
Aug 9, 2010
John fears for his marriage as Fiz sets off on holiday without him. Lewis acts quickly to avoid being found out by Deirdre. Eileen takes Owen with her to view Number 9. Cheryl insists upon paying rent to Lloyd.
158: 9 Aug 2010 (II)
Aug 9, 2010
Deirdre and Lewis agree to keep quiet about their impromptu kiss. A health scare prompts a change of heart in Molly. Natasha's hopes for a secure relationship are dashed as Nick holds back.
159: 12 Aug 2010
Aug 12, 2010
Leanne is left horrified as Lewis' deception pays dividends. Nick and Carla welcome the workers to the refurbished Underworld. Tyrone and Molly disappoint Eileen. Sian and Sophie almost get caught out.
160: 13 Aug 2010 (I)
Aug 13, 2010
Peter reacts badly to the news of Lewis' windfall. Audrey's friends gather to bid her farewell. Owen takes pleasure in humiliating Bill. Nick feels railroaded as Natasha makes decisions on his behalf.
161: 13 Aug 2010 (II)
Aug 13, 2010
Deirdre, Audrey and Peter suffer the consequences of Lewis' deception. Sally punishes Sophie and Sian for lying. Natasha is devastated by Nick's coldness. Owen chats up Eileen.
162: 16 Aug 2010 (I)
Aug 16, 2010
Leanne bears the brunt of Peter's bad mood. Audrey fears the gossips and hides away at home. Ken gives Deirdre the silent treatment. Natasha struggles to decide whether to inform Nick of her pregnancy.
163: 16 Aug 2010
Aug 16, 2010
Leanne gives Peter the cold shoulder for punching Nick. Bill agrees to sell the builder's yard to Owen. Sally enforces Sophie's punishment. Deirdre attempts to get Ken to talk to her.
164: 18 Aug 2010
Aug 18, 2010
Convinced that Nick has rejected her for good, Natasha keeps an important appointment. Fiz returns from her holiday with news for John. David struggles to cope with running the salon.
165: 20 Aug 2010 (I)
Aug 20, 2010
Despite her delight at Nick taking her back, Natasha is plagued by worry. Sian and Sophie devise a way they can see each other. Hayley decides to dispense with Mary's services. John searches for a job.
166: 20 Aug 2010 (II)
Aug 20, 2010
Natasha opts to continue pretending to be pregnant in order to hang onto Nick. John benefits when Peter punishes Deirdre. Becky suffers from nerves ahead of the adoption panel hearing.
167: 23 Aug 2010 (I)
Aug 23, 2010
Becky and Steve nervously prepare to face the adoption panel's ruling. Natasha latches onto Fiz for pregnancy information. Chesney shows off his new business cards. Sally scuppers Sophie's plans with Sian.
168: 23 Aug 2010 (II)
Aug 23, 2010
The panel's decision shatters Becky and Steve. Natasha copies Fiz's pregnancy symptoms to fool Nick. Sian accuses Sophie of snubbing her in favour of her family. Dev comes to Aadi's rescue.
169: 26 Aug 2010
Aug 26, 2010
A lively confrontation ensues when Becky tracks down her half-sister Kylie. Liz feels slightly jealous when Owen and Eileen go on a date. Claire calls on Sophie to help out during an emergency.
170: 27 Aug 2010 (I)
Aug 27, 2010
Sunita gets a shock when Aadi falls unconscious. Becky determines to make Kylie feel at home at the Rovers. Eileen gets bad news from her landlord. Sally volunteers Sophie's choir to sing at the Croppers' wedding.
171: 27 Aug 2010 (II)
Aug 27, 2010
Dev and Sunita get a nasty surprise as they keep a vigil at Aadi's bedside. Becky ensures that Hayley has an unforgettable hen party. Kylie spends the evening goading Michelle. Owen offers Eileen a job.
172: 29 Aug 2010
Aug 29, 2010
The Alahans and the Peacocks face questioning over Aadi's injuries. Steve and Becky discover Kylie's little secret. Ken attempts to track down his first girlfriend. Natasha steals from Fiz.
173: 30 Aug 2010 (I)
Aug 30, 2010
Mary's jealousy gets the better of her as she watches Hayley set off for her wedding. Roy realises a boyhood fantasy. Sally blames Claire when the police question Sophie and Sian about Aadi's injury.
174: 30 Aug 2010
Aug 30, 2010
Claire finds herself under fire when Sophie and Sian refute her accusations. Roy fears that Hayley will not arrive in time for the wedding. Simon's sulky mood puzzles Leanne. Mary feels guilty about her actions.
175: 2 Sep 2010
Sep 2, 2010
Sophie and Sian fear a backlash now that their secret is out. Liz suspects Kylie when Steve's motorbike goes missing. Fiz rumbles Natasha's lies. Claire is upset by Sally and Dev's accusations.
176: 5 Sep 2010
Sep 5, 2010
177: 6 Sep 2010 (Part 1)
Sep 6, 2010
178: 6 Sep 2010 (Part 2)
Sep 6, 2010
179: 9 Sep 2010
Sep 9, 2010
180: 10 Sep 2010 (Part 1)
Sep 10, 2010
181: 10 Sep 2010 (Part 2)
Sep 10, 2010
232: Nov 22, 2010 (Part 1)
Nov 22, 2010
233: Nov 22, 2010 (Part 2)
Nov 22, 2010
238: Dec 1, 2010 (Part 1)
Dec 10, 2010
242: 6 Dec 2010 (Part 1)
Dec 6, 2010
243: 6 Dec 2010 (Part 2)
Dec 6, 2010
244: 7 Dec 2010
Dec 7, 2010
245: 8 Dec 2010
Dec 8, 2010
246: 9 Dec 2010
Dec 9, 2010
247: 10 Dec 2010 (Part 1)
Dec 10, 2010
248: 10 Dec 2010 (Part 2)
Dec 10, 2010
262: 31 Dec 2010 (Part 1)
Dec 31, 2010
263: 31 Dec 2010 (Part 2)
Dec 31, 2010
Season 52
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