Season 40
Coronation Street
208 EPISODES • 1999
Season 40 of Coronation Street was released on January 1 and consists of 208 episodes.

Season 39


1: Fri 1 Jan 1999
Jan 1, 1999
2: Sun 3 Jan 1999
Jan 3, 1999
3: Mon 4 Jan 1999
Jan 4, 1999
4: Wed 6 Jan 1999
Jan 6, 1999
5: Fri 8 Jan 1999
Jan 8, 1999
6: Sun 10 Jan 1999
Jan 10, 1999
7: Mon 11 Jan 1999
Jan 11, 1999
8: Wed 13 Jan 1999
Jan 13, 1999
9: Fri 15 Jan 1999
Jan 15, 1999
10: Sun 17 Jan 1999
Jan 17, 1999
11: Mon 18 Jan 1999
Jan 18, 1999
12: Wed 20 Jan 1999
Jan 20, 1999
13: Fri 22 Jan 1999
Jan 22, 1999
14: Sun 24 Jan 1999
Jan 24, 1999
15: Mon 25 Jan 1999
Jan 25, 1999
16: Wed 27 Jan 1999
Jan 27, 1999
17: Fri 29 Jan 1999
Jan 27, 1999
18: Sun 31 Jan 1999
Jan 31, 1999
19: Mon 1 Feb 1999
Feb 1, 1999
20: Wed 3 Feb 1999
Feb 3, 1999
21: Fri 5 Feb 1999
Feb 5, 1999
22: Sun 7 Feb 1999
Feb 7, 1999
23: Mon 8 Feb 1999
Feb 8, 1999
24: Wed 10 Feb 1999
Feb 10, 1999
25: Fri 12 Feb 1999
Feb 12, 1999
26: Sun 14 Feb 1999
Feb 14, 1999
27: Mon 15 Feb 1999
Feb 15, 1999
28: Wed 17 Feb 1999
Feb 17, 1999
29: Fri 19 Feb 1999
Feb 19, 1999
30: Sun 21 Feb 1999
Feb 21, 1999
31: Mon 22 Feb 1999
Feb 22, 1999
32: Wed 24 Feb 1999
Feb 24, 1999
33: Fri 26 Feb 1999
Feb 26, 1999
34: Sun 28 Feb 1999
Feb 28, 1999
35: Mon 1 Mar 1999
Mar 1, 1999
36: Wed 3 Mar 1999
Mar 3, 1999
37: Fri 5 Mar 1999
Mar 5, 1999
38: Sun 7 Mar 1999
Mar 7, 1999
39: Mon 8 Mar 1999
Mar 8, 1999
40: Wed 10 Mar 1999
Mar 10, 1999
41: Fri 12 Mar 1999
Mar 12, 1999
42: Sun 14 Mar 1999
Mar 14, 1999
43: Mon 15 Mar 1999
Mar 15, 1999
44: Wed 17 Mar 1999
Mar 17, 1999
45: Fri 19 Mar 1999
Mar 19, 1999
46: Sun 21 Mar 1999
Mar 21, 1999
47: Mon 22 Mar 1999
Mar 22, 1999
48: Wed 24 Mar 1999
Mar 24, 1999
49: Fri 26 Mar 1999
Mar 26, 1999
50: Sun 28 Mar 1999
Mar 28, 2000
51: Mon 29 Mar 1999
Mar 29, 2000
52: Wed 31 Mar 1999
Mar 31, 1999
53: Fri 2 Apr 1999
Apr 2, 1999
54: Sun 4 Apr 1999
Apr 4, 1999
55: Mon 5 Apr 1999
Apr 5, 1999
56: Wed 7 Apr 1999
Apr 7, 1999
57: Fri 9 Apr 1999
Apr 9, 1999
58: Sun 11 Apr 1999
Apr 11, 1999
59: Mon 12 Apr 1999
Apr 12, 1999
60: Wed 14 Apr 1999
Apr 14, 1999
61: Fri 16 Apr 1999
Apr 16, 1999
Nick rows with Miranda for talking to Leanne about the abortion. Curly feels sorry for Tyrone sleeping rough, and later Watts and Spider get Roy drunk on his stag night.
62: Sun 18 Apr 1999
Apr 18, 1999
Mike enjoys his night with Julia but she cannot wait to get rid of him. Roy has a terrible hangover. Nick tells Leanne he wants them to go to Canada immediately.
63: Mon 19 Apr 1999
Apr 19, 1999
Leanne does not want to go to leave her family and go to Canada. Hayley is upset when it seems her friends have forgotten her hen party.
64: Wed 21 Apr 1999
Apr 21, 1999
Hayley's relatives arrive for the wedding. Roy doubts himself on his big day, believing he is not good enough for his bride. Ashley drives a grief-stricken Nick to the airport.
65: Fri 23 Apr 1999
Apr 23, 1999
Hayley is distraught and feels the world will never accept her. The residents turn on Les for ruining the wedding. Mike receives photos of him in bed with Julia.
66: Sun 25 Apr 1999
Apr 25, 1999
Mike braces himself to confess all to Alma. Gail feels a failure as a mother as Nick left without saying goodbye. Alma receives some terrible news
67: Mon 26 Apr 1999
Apr 26, 1999
Deirdre is puzzled when Mike keeps snapping at her. Alma breaks down, fearing death. Julia phones Mike and attempts to blackmail him.
68: Wed 28 Apr 1999
Apr 28, 1999
Jim starts work at the garage and feels he is regaining his dignity. Curly worries that Tyrone will start sleeping rough again. Spider falls for Nita.
69: Fri 30 Apr 1999
Apr 30, 1999
Deirdre tells Mike she cannot stand working for him. The Baldwins await the results of Alma's tests. Linda bemoans being manless and hard-up.
70: Sun 2 May 1999
May 2, 1999
Ravi gives Nita an engraved bracelet for her birthday. Mike is relieved once he has burnt the photographs and negatives. Ashley is jealous when Leanne goes to the pictures with Vik
71: Mon 3 May 1999
May 3, 1999
Ashley is offended when Leanne tells him they are just friends. Mike agrees to sell Sally some seconds to replace her stock. Eunice makes a pass at Jack.
72: Wed 5 May 1999
May 5, 1999
Vera and Eunice visit Jack in hospital where he has tests. Leanne enjoys playing the field with both Vik and Tom. Deirdre accuses Mike of not trusting her.
73: Fri 7 May 1999
May 7, 1999
Julia assures Greg she will do anything for him. When Julia asks Mike for money, he tells her Alma knows everything. Jack wants to keep away from Eunice for the sake of his health.
74: Sun 9 May 1999
May 9, 1999
Mike is pleased to have stood up against Julia, and she is frightened when Greg hurts her. Roy and Hayley return from their honeymoon.
75: Mon 10 May 1999
May 10, 1999
Jack refuses to stop work just because the doctor has told him to stop lifting. Mike is stunned when Julia tells him Greg used her to get at him.
76: Wed 12 May 1999
May 12, 1999
Greg is stunned to see Mike peering into his flat. Spider gets drunk and declares his feelings for Nita. Audrey is intrigued when Fred confides in her that he has a son.
77: Fri 14 May 1999
May 14, 1999
Audrey assures Fred she will not tell anyone about his son. Mike is at a loss over what to do about Greg. Sally is horrified when her psycho ex lets himself into her house.
78: Sun 16 May 1999
May 16, 1999
Greg holds Sally's children hostage as he attempts to blackmail Mike. Kevin calls the police and Mike realises the situation is hopeless for him.
79: Mon 17 May 1999
May 17, 1999
The police interview Mike when Sally tells them Greg was after his money. Alma confronts Mike and forces him to tell her everything. Greg is charged by the police.
80: Wed 19 May 1999
May 19, 1999
Alma stays with Audrey and struggles to cope with Mike betraying her. Ravi feels Nita isn't running the shop well enough. Maxine feels sorry for Ashley not knowing Fred has a son.
81: Fri 21 May 1999
May 21, 1999
Deirdre calls on Alma to prove she is not taking sides. Ashley tells Fred he is sick of him joking at his expense. Nita hates having Ravi breathing down her neck at the shop.
82: Sun 23 May 1999
May 23, 1999
Audrey is embarrassed when Fred tackles her about telling Ashley his secret. Mike determines to see Greg suffer. Janice is sick of being an outcast on the street.
83: Mon 24 May 1999
May 24, 1999
The Websters and Platts go to Wales. Mike tries to track Julia down to give evidence against Greg. Ken is furious when Mike gets Deirdre to talk to the police.
84: Wed 26 May 1999
May 26, 1999
Ashley feels his whole life is a lie and can't cope with the revelation. Mike hires a private detective to find Julia. Martin and Les are disgusted with the idea of holidaying together.
85: Fri 28 May 1999
May 28, 1999
Sally decides she is finished with men. Alma mellows towards lonely Mike. Ashley cannot cope with the deceit and tells Fred he never wants to see him again.
86: Sun 30 May 1999
May 30, 1999
Natalie is concerned for Jack's health. Alma feels that the cancer scare has given her strength to cope without Mike. Janice is shocked when Owen kisses her.
87: Mon 31 May 1999
May 31, 1999
Natalie offers Gary a job, helping Jack in the cellar. Janice is horrified when Les throws her in the swimming pool fully clothed. Les receives a shock of his own.
88: Wed 2 Jun 1999
Jun 2, 1999
Martin cannot believe he saved Les' life. Vik is horrified at the thought of running the shop when Nita leaves. Audrey advises Alma to keep Mike sweating before returning to him.
89: Fri 4 Jun 1999
Jun 4, 1999
Toyah is pleased when Owen takes her bowling. Linda enjoys gossiping about the state of the Baldwin marriage. Ravi wishes Nita well as she leaves the shop.
90: Sun 6 Jun 1999
Jun 6, 1999
Toyah mopes around, missing Owen. Alma is sad to think Mike does not love her anymore. Leanne enjoys herself when Vik takes her to a casino.
91: Mon 7 Jun 1999
Jun 7, 1999
Ashley is uncomfortable when he discovers Vik has spent the night with Leanne. Curly gives Alma moral support. Toyah has her first GCSE exam.
92: Wed 9 Jun 1999
Jun 9, 1999
Ashley is annoyed at the size of the phone bill. Gary interrupts a burglar while cleaning windows. Leanne spends all her money at the casino with Vik.
93: Fri 11 Jun 1999
Jun 11, 1999
Leanne is three weeks behind with the rent. Mike worries that Linda is having a joke at his expense. Danny tries to get Sally to go out with him.
94: Sun 13 Jun 1999
Jun 13, 1999
Sally is concerned when Rosie tells her she is being bullied at school. Mrs Hardy gets the Gazette to do a piece on her hero, Gary. Linda spends the evening with Mike in his flat.
95: Mon 14 Jun 1999
Jun 14, 1999
Gary is in the paper but Judy is not pleased to see Mrs Hardy all over him. Steve asks Jim for help to start up a new business. Sally is summoned to see Rosie's teacher.
96: Wed 16 Jun 1999
Jun 16, 1999
Sally is upset that Rosie is so unhappy. Gary is amazed to see Mr Hardy drinking in a pub with his girlfriend. Leanne is thrilled when Natalie offers her a room at the Rovers.
97: Fri 18 Jun 1999
Jun 18, 1999
Linda spends the night with Mike. Ravi worries that Vik will ruin his life by getting involved with Leanne. Ashley helps Maxine decorate her flat. Hardy punches Gary in the face.
98: Sun 20 Jun 1999
Jun 20, 1999
Linda and Mike enjoy their weekend in the country. Rosie is angry when Sally grounds her for the weekend. Steve returns from Belgium with a boot full of tobacco.
99: Mon 21 Jun 1999
Jun 21, 1999
Sally is frustrated when Rosie admits she likes Alison. Maxine spends the night with Ashley, and Alma is flattered when Curly invites her to the Freshco ball.
100: Wed 23 Jun 1999
Jun 23, 1999
Mike is furious when Alma's solicitor writes, demanding half of his business. Maxine slips on the Salon stairs and sprains her ankle.
101: Fri 25 Jun 1999
Jun 25, 1999
Alma worries that Nita is pushing her out at Freshco. Mike searches all his workers' lockers. Curly struggles to prepare for the summer ball.
102: Sun 27 Jun 1999
Jun 27, 1999
Maxine is happy that Ashley has proposed until Audrey tells her Fred popped the question as well. Steve plans another trip to Belgium but Jim urges him to be careful.
103: Mon 28 Jun 1999
Jun 28, 1999
Rosie is suspended from school for locking a child in a cupboard. Alma accuses Mike of lying to her over his finances.
104: Wed 30 Jun 1999
Jun 30, 1999
Ashley takes Maxine to buy an engagement ring to make her feel more secure. Kevin and Alison decide to rent the flat over Skinner's betting shop.
105: Fri 2 Jul 1999
Jul 2, 1999
Les accuses Janice of making a fool of him. Ashley is furious when Fred accuses Maxine of being after his money. Leanne has a miserable 18th birthday.
106: Sun 4 Jul 1999
Jul 4, 1999
Gail is pleased when she finds out Nick wants a divorce. Kevin and Alison move into their new flat. Linda asks Hayley to keep quiet about her relationship with Mike.
107: Mon 5 Jul 1999
Jul 5, 1999
Ashley assures Maxine that they are made for each other. Vera finds running the B&B single-handed too much. Leanne resents the fact that Nick is still calling the shots.
108: Wed 7 Jul 1999
Jul 7, 1999
Maxine is thrilled when her old school friend Melanie tells her she is getting married as well. Alma worries Ravi wants more than friendship from her. Rosie runs away from school.
109: Fri 9 Jul 2009
Jul 9, 1999
Alma invites Mike out for a meal so they can talk together on neutral ground. Kevin and Alison throw a flat-warming party. Audrey advises Gail to pay Leanne off and be rid of her.
110: Sun 11 Jul 1999
Jul 11, 1999
Tyrone asks Natalie if he can rent No. 6. Martin is amazed when Gail considers paying Leanne out of her own savings. Linda confides in Nita that she is seeing an older married man.
111: Mon 12 Jul 1999
Jul 12, 1999
Mike is jealous of Ravi seeing Alma. Sally is furious to discover Rosie playing Alison off against her. Gail tells Nick about Leanne's demands.
112: Wed 14 Jul 1999
Jul 14, 1999
Alison accuses Kevin of being a coward. Gail tells Leanne she will give her 2000 pounds if she signs the divorce papers. Melanie tells Maxine that she does not like her fiance.
113: Fri 16 Jul 1999
Jul 16, 1999
Sally makes a date with Danny. Maxine books the church for her wedding. Alison tells Kevin she wants a night alone with him.
114: Sun 18 Jul 1999
Jul 18, 1999
Jack convinces Vera that his heart is bad because he has worked too hard all his life. Vik is alarmed to hear that Leanne is willing to admit adultery to get a quick divorce.
115: Mon 19 Jul 1999
Jul 19, 1999
Sally and Kevin receive their decree nisi. Sharon admires Danny's selling techniques. Maxine tells Audrey she wants to move out of the flat.
116: Wed 21 Jul 1999
Jul 21, 1999
Gail signs Leanne's cheque. Sharon is thrilled when Danny asks her out. Vera looks into Jack going private.
117: Fri 23 Jul 1999
Jul 23, 1999
Vera tries to talk Jack into having a private operation. Alison is furious when Kevin buys trainers for the girls. Natalie decides to organise a trip to the races.
118: Sun 25 Jul 1999
Jul 25, 1999
Sally is miffed that Sharon and Danny are getting on well together. Vera asks Ken to talk Jack into having the private operation. Leanne rows with Gail when the cheque bounces.
119: Mon 26 Jul 1999
Jul 26, 1999
Gail accuses Martin of being jealous of Nick. Alma lets herself into Mike's flat and finds evidence of a woman living with him.
120: Wed 28 Jul 1999
Jul 28, 1999
Fred is shocked when Ashley tells him he wants to find Kathleen. Sharon spends the night with Danny. Alma confronts Mike and Linda at the factory.
121: Fri 30 Jul 1999
Jul 30, 1999
Deirdre rows with Mike for not telling her about his affair with Linda. Alma visits her solicitor, wanting to bleed Mike dry. Gail pays Leanne in 50 pound notes.
122: Sun 1 Aug 1999
Aug 1, 1999
Kevin promises Alison a foreign holiday and starts to save. Ashley wants Gary as his best man. Linda is frustrated when Mike treats her just as a bed partner.
123: Wed 2 Aug 1999
Aug 2, 1999
Les is furious that Leanne did not give him any of her divorce money. Natalie gets the drayman, Vinny, to help her. Curly agrees to take Toyah and Spider to see the eclipse
124: Wed 4 Aug 1999
Aug 4, 1999
Deirdre gets an interview at a travel agency. Fred is amazed when Maud asks him to give her away. Ravi informs Nita that Curly has told everyone they are an item.
125: Fri 6 Aug 1999
Aug 6, 1999
Linda overhears Alma referring to her as a gold digger. Fred and Audrey take Sidney out for a drive. Ken talks Curly into employing him as a trolley boy.
126: Sun 8 Aug 1999
Aug 8, 1999
Toyah tries to get Curly and Spider to make up their differences. Emily agrees to help Mike out at Underworld. Ravi takes Audrey into the Members Enclosure.
127: Mon 9 Aug 1999
Aug 9, 1999
Vera drives Jack to hospital. Emily starts work at Underworld but struggles with the computer system. Blanche accuses Deirdre of forcing Ken into working at Freshco.
128: Wed 11 Aug 1999
Aug 11, 1999
Jack prepares for his bypass operation. Blanche is furious to hear Emily has replaced Deirdre at Underworld. Spider and Toyah set up a tent on the Red Rec to watch the eclipse.
129: Fri 13 Aug 1999
Aug 13, 1999
Vera summons Terry to visit Jack in hospital. Blanche nags Deirdre about being unemployed. Toyah tells Leanne she has slept with Spider.
130: Sun 15 Aug 1999
Aug 15, 1999
Terry finds out from Vera that she has 30,000 pounds in the bank. Maxine wants to honeymoon in the Caribbean. Toyah is annoyed when Spider keeps avoiding her.
131: Mon 16 Aug 1999
Aug 16, 1999
Leanne accuses Spider of not being sensitive enough. Maxine is furious when Ashley admits he's scared of flying. Mike is delighted to see Ken pushing trolleys at Freshco's.
132: Wed 18 Aug 1999
Aug 18, 1999
Emily panics when she deletes the Underworld payroll on the computer. Jack returns home from hospital. Gary tells Judy he is going to be Ashley's best man.
133: Fri 20 Aug 1999
Aug 20, 1999
Alison blames Kevin for her mugging. The Duckworths celebrate their wedding anniversary. Mike is surprised when Deirdre tells him Linda has asked her to return.
134: Sun 22 Aug 1999
Aug 22, 1999
Maxine tries to emotionally blackmail Ashley into dropping Gary as best man. Vinny sorts out Natalie's beer pipes. Sharon goes for a meal with Terry.
135: Mon 23 Aug 1999
Aug 23, 1999
Kevin presses Alison to tell her parents about them. Judy warns Vera that Terry is after Sharon.
136: Wed 25 Aug 1999
Aug 25, 1999
Kevin tries to convince Alison he knows she didn't kill her sister. Terry is furious to discover Vera has put Sharon off him. Ken suggests a home delivery scheme for OAPs.
137: Fri 27 Aug 1999
Aug 27, 1999
Toyah receives her exam results. Deirdre returns to Underworld. Maud is stunned when Sidney leaves her 10,000 pounds in his will.
138: Sun 29 Aug 1999
Aug 29, 1999
Kathleen is startled to see Fred. Jack is furious to discover Vera has bought a car from Terry. Alison is grateful to Kevin for standing up to her parents
139: Mon 30 Aug 1999
Aug 30, 1999
Sally hates the idea of Sharon and Danny going away together. Alma returns from Spain with news of a new man. Emily is shocked when Spider tells her he's seeing Toyah.
140: Wed 1 Sep 1999
Sep 1, 1999
Maud feels guilty about the money. Alma hears Deirdre is back in the factory. Jim rows with Lee, accusing him of turning Steve into a drug runner.
141: Fri 3 Sep 1999
Sep 3, 1999
Alison plans a birthday surprise for Kevin. Toyah is amazed when Spider suggests they tell her parents about their relationship. Natalie realises she's going to have to sack Jack.
142: Sun 5 Sep 1999
Sep 5, 1999
Ashley convinces himself he does not need the upheaval of having another mother. Curly thinks it is hysterical when Spider tells him he is going out with Toyah.
143: Mon 6 Sep 1999
Sep 6, 1999
Alison takes the girls off in secret for a surprise for Kevin. Fred tries to explain Ashley's feelings to Kathleen. Danny is shaken by the death of a market trader.
144: Wed 8 Sep 1999
Sep 8, 1999
Kevin tells Sally about Alison and her sister and admits he is worried about the girls. Melanie shocks Maxine by saying she is back with Philip.
145: Fri 10 Sep 1999
Sep 10, 1999
The vicar assures Maxine her wedding booking is safe. Sally and Danny go to George's funeral together. Kevin is angry with himself for throwing away something special.
146: Sun 12 Sep 1999
Sep 12, 1999
Sally is uncomfortable when Sharon moans about inattentive Danny. Maxine panics as she has no bridesmaid. Ashley decides he will invite Kathleen to the wedding.
147: Mon 13 Sep 1999
Sep 13, 1999
Kevin is in a foul temper over Alison leaving him. Danny is stunned when Sharon asks him to move in with her. Kathleen turns down Ashley's wedding invitation.
148: Wed 15 Sep 1999
Sep 15, 1999
Janice is annoyed when Les forgets their wedding anniversary. Natalie rows with Kevin for sacking the staff, and Janice breaks the news to Les that Toyah and Spider are an item.
149: Fri 17 Sep 1999
Sep 17, 1999
Janice urges Les to act sensitively with Toyah. Judy is injured in a car accident. Sally responds passionately when Danny kisses her.
150: Sun 19 Sep 1999
Sep 19, 1999
Danny spends the night with Sally. Gary is annoyed when Judy won't see a doctor about her leg. Jim has some bad news for Vera when he inspects her car after the crash.
151: Mon 20 Sep 1999
Sep 20, 1999
Sally is furious that Danny has told Sharon about them. Toyah accuses Emily of being a prude. Spider talks Curly into taking him and Toyah in.
152: Wed 22 Sep 1999
Sep 22, 1999
Sharon hits the bottle in depression. Maxine decides against a hen party but her friends have other ideas. Ashley's stag night doesn't go to plan.
153: Fri 24 Sep 1999
Sep 24, 1999
Maxine and Ashley exchange vows and are married but Judy suffers pains in her ribs and collapses in the backyard whilst bringing in the washing.
154: Sun 26 Sep 1999
Sep 26, 1999
Emily comforts the twins and rings for an ambulance. Natalie goes to the wedding to bring Gary home, saying Judy is ill. Rita discovers Sharon's flat full of pills and drink.
155: Mon 27 Sep 1999
Sep 27, 1999
Gary struggles to cope with the twins. Vera breaks down when she hears the news. Jim tells Gary that Vera's car was a cut and shut.
156: Wed 29 Sep 1999
Sep 29, 1999
Curly gets sick of Spider and Toyah being so intimate in the house. Audrey is jealous of the attention Fred is giving Kathleen. Gary plans to confront Terry about the car.
157: Fri 1 Oct 1999
Oct 1, 1999
Rita worries about Sharon's state of mind. Gary is irritated by the way everyone tries to help him. During Judy's funeral, Terry steals the car from the garage.
158: Sun 3 Oct 1999
Oct 3, 1999
Gary realises Terry must have stolen the car. Linda clears out her bedsit and moves in with Mike. Fred admits to Kathleen he wants more than friendship from her.
159: Mon 4 Oct 1999
Oct 4, 1999
Shane accuses Gary of not letting anyone else grieve. Toyah gets tired of living on waste ground with no amenities. Martin is stunned when Gail tells him she thinks she's pregnant.
160: Wed 6 Oct 1999
Oct 6, 1999
Gail isn't sure if she wants to be pregnant or not. Rita doesn't like the thought of Sharon seeing Ian again. Blanche sets about organising surprises for Ken's birthday.
161: Fri 8 Oct 1999
Oct 8, 1999
Gail is adamant she does not want another child. Deirdre is furious when Linda goes through her personal things. An incident in the cafe leads to Roy wanting to learn first aid.
162: Sun 10 Oct 1999
Oct 10, 1999
Ken feels down on his 60th birthday. Mike fumes when Alma demands half the equity on the flat. Deirdre is shocked to get a date for her appeal hearing.
163: Mon 11 Oct 1999
Oct 11, 1999
Gail gives Martin an ultimatum about having a vasectomy. Audrey questions Tom about his mother's death. Toyah's romantic evening with Spider goes very wrong.
164: Wed 13 Oct 1999
Oct 13, 1999
Spider and Toyah attempt to clear up the mess. Rita is furious when Sharon fills the Kabin with fireworks to sell. Roy and Hayley join the Weatherfield First Aiders.
165: Fri 15 Oct 1999
Oct 15, 1999
Maxine returns from her honeymoon alone. Tom isn't happy when his father tracks him down. Sharon goes away for the weekend with Ian.
166: Sun 17 Oct 1999
Oct 17, 1999
Maxine refuses to sleep in her bed until Ashley returns. Spider talks Linda's landlord into renting him her old bedsit. Sharon rows with Natalie in the Rovers.
167: Mon 18 Oct 1999
Oct 18, 1999
Spider looks for a job. Sharon takes Ian for a drink in the Rovers. Maxine is stunned when Doreen moves her bags into the house.
168: Wed 20 Oct 1999
Oct 20, 1999
Sharon fears she's seen the last of Ian. Derek discovers Doreen has left him. Linda tells Mike that she's being pestered by Wheeler.
169: Fri 22 Oct 1999
Oct 22, 1999
Deirdre is dismayed when Linda returns to Underworld. Spider goes for a job at the DSS. Maxine refuses to provide an alibi to Melanie.
170: Sun 24 Oct 1999
Oct 24, 1999
Sharon is happy to have Ian back in her bed. Roy and Hayley look for an emergency situation to put their medical knowledge into practice.
171: Mon 25 Oct 1999
Oct 25, 1999
The bar staff tiptoe around Natalie on her first wedding anniversary. Spider starts work at the DSS. Maud warns Emily that she could push Spider away if she's not careful.
172: Wed 27 Oct 1999
Oct 27, 1999
Rita is disgusted when Sharon feigns illness so she can be with Ian. Spider is amazed to discover Les has been claiming benefits for years. Tyrone names his greyhound Monica.
173: Fri 29 Oct 1999
Oct 29, 1999
Ashley is frustrated when Maxine won't sleep with him because her mother's in the house. Jack tells Tyrone to get rid of the greyhound before Vera finds out.
174: Sun 31 Oct 1999
Oct 31, 1999
Vera is annoyed when the greyhounds howls through the night. Ashley is desperate for Doreen to leave so he can be with Maxine.
175: Mon 1 Nov 1999
Nov 1, 1999
Nita takes holiday from Freshco to run the shop for Ravi. Les is sickened to get a letter from the DSS, asking him for an interview.
176: Wed 3 Nov 1999
Nov 3, 1999
The Duckworths tell Tyrone he must find Monica's rightful owner. Rita is stunned when Sharon tells her she's married Ian. Les is interviewed by Spider at the DSS.
177: Fri 5 Nov 1999
Nov 5, 1999
Vita tells Nita he's going to Birmingham to see cousin Dev. Sharon is furous when Rita keeps sniping at her. Curly and Ken organise the Freshco sponsored firework display.
178: Sun 7 Nov 1999
Nov 7, 1999
Sharon warns Rita that if she cannot accept Ian, she will have to stop working at the Kabin. Toyah forces Les to promise Janice to take her away on holiday.
179: Mon 8 Nov 1999
Nov 8, 1999
Sharon feels she cannot sell the Kabin as it would hurt Rita too much. Jim is upset when Liz writes to tell him she is marrying Michael.
180: Wed 10 Nov 1999
Nov 10, 1999
Nita phones cousin Dev in Birmingham and discovers Vik is not visiting him. Sharon is taken by surprise when Rita offers to entertain her and Ian.
181: Fri 12 Nov 1999
Nov 12, 1999
Sharon is shame-faced when Fred tells her she means the world to Rita. Gail is annoyed when Nita tells her Sarah-Louise tried to buy cigarettes from the shop.
182: Sun 14 Nov 1999
Nov 14, 1999
Rita feels she has made a fool of herself, giving Sharon the shop in the first place. Mike is thrilled when Mark arrives to stay for a while.
183: Mon 15 Nov 1999
Nov 15, 1999
Janice is scared that Les will go to prison. Jack tells Tyrone that some of the lads want to form a syndicate to race Monica.
184: Fri 19 Nov 1999 - Part 1
Nov 19, 1999
Emily is pleased when Gary apologises to her for his behaviour. Spider steals Les's file from Miss Finch's office.
185: Fri 19 Nov 1999 - Part 2
Nov 19, 1999
Gail tries to get all her family together for a proper meal. Linda tells Mike she does not like having Mark around. Vinny offers to help Tyrone train Monica.
186: Sun 21 Nov 1999
Nov 21, 1999
Gail is annoyed when Martin doesn't back her up in an argument with Sarah. Fred looks forward to the Freshco weekend.
187: Mon 22 Nov 1999
Nov 22, 1999
Gail is furious to discover Sarah Louise has got a paper round. C&E write to Steve, telling him he will have to pay 600 pounds to get his van back.
188: Wed 24 Nov 1999
Nov 24, 1999
Kevin buys Steve's van after realising he is desperate for the money. Leanne decides not to bother with Vik anymore and flirts with Mark.
189: Fri 26 Nov 1999
Nov 26, 1999
Curly, Ken, Fred, Nita, Alma and Ashley arrive for their Freshco weekend but their trip away does not go as planned. Meanwhile, Les asks Emily for a character reference.
190: Sun 28 Nov 1999
Nov 28, 1999
Mike is kept in a police cell all night while the Freshco team stumble around on the moors. Meanwhile, Blanche offers her services to Rita as an assistant.
191: Mon 29 Nov 1999
Nov 29, 1999
Nita enjoys the course but the others want to return home. Blanche starts at the Kabin and completely takes over the shop. Mike tells Mark he can be his driver.
192: Wed 1 Dec 1999
Dec 1, 1999
Blanche drafts a threatening letter to send to bad debtors but Rita refuses to send it. Les starts his ten-hour sponsored silence.
193: Fri 3 Dec 1999
Dec 3, 1999
Martin tells Gail they have problems in their marriage. Curly is alarmed when James belittles his leadership skills. Les raises some money for his sponsored silence.
194: Sun 5 Dec 1999
Dec 5, 1999
Norris starts at the Kabin. Martin tries to help Rebecca Hopkins sort out her marriage problems. The residents elect Roy as chairman of the Street party.
195: Mon 6 Dec 1999
Dec 6, 1999
Leanne gets her decree absolute and changes her name back to Battersby. Alma is depressed when she gets her decree nisi.
196: Wed 8 Dec 1999
Dec 8, 1999
Nita is pleased to have spent the night with James. Fred dresses as Santa and forces Ashley into an elf costume to sell reindeer meat. Gail fears Martin has left her.
197: Fri 10 Dec 1999
Dec 10, 1999
Fred grows desperate to shift his stock of reindeer meat. Rita goes down with a cold, and Norris forces her to rest.
198: Sun 12 Dec 1999
Dec 12, 1999
Tyrone chooses a racing name for Monica. Gwen is thrilled when Jim invites her to the races. Toyah tells Leanne she's ruined her party.
199: Mon 13 Dec 1999
Dec 13, 1999
Tyrone is relieved when the vet says Monica will be alright. Mike discovers 50 pounds is missing from the flat.
200: Wed 15 Dec 1999
Dec 15, 1999
Nita is stunned when she doesn't get the job. Tyrone is touched when the syndicate offers to pay Monica's vet bills.
201: Fri 17 Dec 1999
Dec 17, 1999
The Duckworths make a fuss of Tyrone on his birthday. Curly shows concern about Nita's career.
202: Sun 19 Dec 1999
Dec 19, 1999
Tyrone is embarrassed that the Duckworths know his secret. Maxine prepares to entertain guests for Christmas
203: Mon 20 Dec 1999
Dec 20, 1999
Maxine and Ashley clean up after the flood. Vik is furious that Ravi has sold his inheritance.
204: Wed 22 Dec 1999
Dec 22, 1999
The factory workers hold a Christmas party with their partners. Kevin has an early Christmas with the girls.
205: Fri 24 Dec 1999
Dec 24, 1999
Ken helps Tyrone write a Christmas card to the Duckworths. Kevin goes to Morecambe and searches the cafes until he finds Alison.
206: Sat 25 Dec 1999
Dec 25, 1999
207: Sun 26 Dec 1999
Dec 26, 1999
210: Fri Dec 31 1999
Dec 31, 1999
Season 41
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