Season 4
Coronation Street
72 EPISODES • 1963
Season 4 of Coronation Street was released on January 2 and consists of 72 episodes.

Season 3


1: 2 Jan 1963
Jan 2, 1963
A time for frankness, family feuding and farewell.
2: 7 Jan 1963
Jan 7, 1963
Florrie joins Martha in gossiping about Christine and Frank but for once Ena isn't interested. Elsie and Christine return exhausted from the January sales. Elsie suggests going out that night but Christine already has a date with Frank. After learning how to make the dish at school, Lucille makes a curry for a reluctant Harry. Florrie refuses to serve Christine a loaf when she calls into the Corner Shop and Val gives her the cold shoulder. Lucille is upset when Harry shows little enthusiasm over the meal.
3: 9 Jan 1963
Jan 9, 1963
Minnie realises that Jed hasn't had his breakfast, intending her to have it because he's behind with his rent. Martha has heard from Elsie that Christine has a new man. In the Corner Shop, Albert unwittingly helps spread the gossip and pushes Elsie for details.
4: 14 Jan 1963
Jan 14, 1963
Annie takes Jack to task for what she deems to be his unkempt appearance behind the bar seeing as it's Saturday night. Jed says his market business is up. Albert wonders why Frank vanished so quickly from the Rovers. Martha is pleased that Christine has chucked Frank, citing the age gap. Frank and Christine have been to a jazz concert but at a cafe afterwards Frank is in a mood.
5: 16 Jan 1963
Jan 16, 1963
Concepta fetches in food for Annie to make a spread for the darts' team night against The Flying Horse although Jack thinks they'd be happy with just a meat pie. Harry is depressed that Johnny's case is being heard today and he might lose his job. Jerry demands five shillings back from Jed that is owing which leaves him having to get cigarettes from Jack on the slate. Swindley asks Fred Jackson to remove his poster advertising Gamma Garments' sale as it's been called off due to lack of interest. Fred suggests that Swindley should enter the fish and chip business instead. Ken and Val get Frank to do odd jobs for them to distract him from Christine.
6: 21 Jan 1963
Jan 21, 1963
Concepta fetches in food for Annie to make a spread for the darts' team night against The Flying Horse although Jack thinks they'd be happy with just a meat pie. Harry is depressed that Johnny's case is being heard today and he might lose his job. Jerry demands five shillings back from Jed that is owing which leaves him having to get cigarettes from Jack on the slate. Swindley asks Fred Jackson to remove his poster advertising Gamma Garments' sale as it's been called off due to lack of interest. Fred suggests that Swindley should enter the fish and chip business instead. Ken and Val get Frank to do odd jobs for them to distract him from Christine.
7: 23 Jan 1963
Jan 23, 1963
Having slept badly, Harry mopes over his breakfast as he thinks about Johnny's predicament. Frank interrupts a chat in the Corner Shop between Elsie, Christine and Florrie about "Ronnie". Ken is offended when Concepta says it's right that he's going back to teaching as he has responsibilities towards Val now. Not knowing of Len's confession, Concepta thinks Johnny only has himself to blame if he didn't know which of his passengers had paid their fares. Johnny tells his wife how bitter he is towards Harry. Concepta hears from Harry where Johnny lives. The Gamma Garments sale hasn't been a success and Swindley takes his frustrations out on Emily and Doreen. Jed and Sheila prepare for a day on the market selling genuine Fair Isle sweaters...made in Japan.
8: 28 Jan 1963
Jan 28, 1963
Emily is devastated about losing her job.
9: 30 Jan 1963
Jan 30, 1963
Doreen quits her job so that Emily can stay.
10: 4 Feb 1963
Feb 4, 1963
Frank proposes to Christine but she isn't sure.
11: 6 Feb 1963
Feb 6, 1963
Swindley threatens to resign unless Emily is given her job back.
12: 11 Feb 1963
Feb 11, 1963
Val discovers Frank is still seeing Christine.
13: 13 Feb 1963
Feb 13, 1963
Jack and Albert go to their reunion.
14: 18 Feb 1963
Feb 18, 1963
Consumers flock to Gamma Garments for Emily's sake.
15: 20 Feb 1963
Feb 20, 1963
Jed installs a television at Minnie's.
16: 25 Feb 1963
Feb 25, 1963
Swindley gives the water job to Joe.
17: 27 Feb 1963
Feb 27, 1963
Jerry tells Len that he's been offered another job.
18: 4 Mar 1963
Mar 4, 1963
Elsie gets depressed on her birthday.
19: 6 Mar 1963
Mar 6, 1963
Annie accuses Ena of blackmail.
20: 11 Mar 1963
Mar 11, 1963
Harry thinks of selling his car.
21: 13 Mar 1963
Mar 13, 1963
Ken threatens to take Elsie to court if she slanders Val.
22: 18 Mar 1963
Mar 18, 1963
Esther agrees to let Christine move in with her.
23: 20 Mar 1963
Mar 20, 1963
Elsie turns detective when Doreen hints that she has information about the letter. Jerry attempts to play matchmaker for Len. Swindley presides at the over-60s dance at the Mission Hall.
24: 25 Mar 1963
Mar 25, 1963
Ena returns from Sheffield.
25: 27 Mar 1963
Mar 27, 1963
Swindley gives Jed a warning about misusing the Mission Hall.
26: 1 Apr 1963
Apr 1, 1963
Gamma Garments starts a credit service.
27: 3 Apr 1963
Apr 3, 1963
Frank buys his wedding outfit but Christine has bad news for him. The rent collector comes looking for Elsie. Lucille looks forward to her foreign school trip.
28: 8 Apr 1963
Apr 8, 1963
Swindley discovers that Elsie is protected by the 1957 Rent Act.
29: 10 Apr 1963
Apr 10, 1963
Elsie gets Len to change the locks in anticipation of the bailiffs' return. Valerie is amused to learn the identity of Ken's admirer. Minnie feels the strain of Jed's departure on her finances.
30: 15 Apr 1963
Apr 15, 1963
Dennis arrives from London.
31: 17 Apr 1963
Apr 17, 1963
All the street come to watch as the bailiffs come to number 11.
32: 22 Apr 1963
Apr 22, 1963
Frank returns from his stay in Scarborough and appears chirpy. Dennis asks Len what his intentions are towards Elsie. Frank and Christine run into each other and are friendly. Dennis keeps his exploits in London very quiet. He then receives a mysterious telegram.
33: 24 Apr 1963
Apr 24, 1963
Dennis stops using the Rovers' phone when he discovers the Barlows have had one installed since he was last in Weatherfield. The residents think Frank must have something else on his mind to recover from Christine so easily. In Swindley's absence, Emily and Doreen run Gamma Garments very smoothly. Mavis Fox arrives from London looking for a "Coronation Street" with detached houses in. Dennis catches up with her and explains that his Grannie lives in the street whilst he's looking after his father's mill. She is thrilled and he installs her in a hotel. Emily and Doreen fall for the van drivers, Alf and Fred who transfer some of their stock to another branch. They then discover there was no transfer and the stock has been stolen.
34: 29 Apr 1963
Apr 29, 1963
Det. Sgt. Shorrocks of the CID interviews Emily and Doreen. They are reluctant to give a description of the good-looking robber. Ken suspects Frank of being up to something. Mavis Fox calls at No.11 to visit Dennis' grandmother. Elsie plays along as the cleaner. Mr Papagopolous is pleased that the stock was stolen as it was old stock that couldn't sell and was insured. Elsie demands that Dennis tells Mavis the truth. Frank tells Ken he plans to leave the GPO and buy a DIY shop. Dennis can't bring himself to tell Mavis.
35: 1 May 1963
May 1, 1963
Dennis tells Elsie that Mavis chucked him when he told her about his humble life. She feels sorry for him before discovering he is lying. She threatens to tell Mavis. The police recover all the stolen stock to the girls' dismay. Dennis tells Mavis the truth. She tells him she'll have to return to London to think about their relationship. Martha loses Ena's pension book. Frank refuses to listen to Ken's opposition to the shop. Ken thinks he shouldn't give up the security of the GPO. Mavis returns to London. Elsie is horrified to learn Dennis let Mavis go when she discovers her mother owns a few hotels.
36: 6 May 1963
May 6, 1963
The assistants celebrate at Miami Modes when they discover Mrs Dumbarton is leaving. They are told one of them will be promoted. Frank cashes in his policies and signs the shop's lease. Martha reports the missing book and tells Ena it's gone. Christine and Elsie think Dot will get the supervisor's job. Jerry asks Sheila to go steady with him. Ken returns Ena's pension book after a schoolboy finds it. She discovers that this week's pension has been drawn.
37: 8 May 1963
May 8, 1963
Ken stands by pupil Michael Butterworth, believing he didn't cash the pension. At Miami Modes, Dot starts to boss Elsie and Christine. Ena gets the truth out of Michael, that he cashed the pension and spent the money. Christine is offered the supervisor's job. Sheila agrees to go steady with Jerry. Swindley hears that he may be promoted to Gamma Garments Head Office. Ena reports Michael to the police.
38: 13 May 1963
May 13, 1963
Swindley reveals he has been promoted to Administration at Gamma Garments' Head Office. Jerry tries to get Len to invite Elsie to the Federation Dance. Ken ignores Ena because of Michael. Elsie agrees to go to the Dance on Wednesday. Ena worries what will happen to Michael as the residents turn against her. Dennis books a table at a posh restaurant to treat Elsie, but also on Wednesday.
39: 15 May 1963
May 15, 1963
Michael appears at the juvenile court and is put on probation. Elsie is torn between letting Dennis and Len down. In the end, she drops Dennis. At the dance, she sees Florrie with a handsome man who turns out to be her cousin. Doreen takes Elsie's place as Dennis' dinner partner but is annoyed when he doesn't try anything on. Elsie and Len grow very intimate at the dance.
40: 20 May 1963
May 20, 1963
Christine starts as trainee supervisor at Miami Modes and tries to cut down on Dot and Elsie's chatter. Concepta tells Annie that she doesn't know how much Harry earns. Annie tells her she's too docile. Swindley is shocked when Emily takes the news of his departure lightly. Dennis discovers Elsie went out with Len and feels unwanted. Elsie refuses to go out with Len again because he is still legally married. Concepta tackles Harry about his earnings. Elsie begins to think that the power has gone to Christine's head.
41: 22 May 1963
May 22, 1963
Annie makes enquiries and tells Concepta that Harry earns £14 7/6 a week. At Miami Modes, Christine reprimands Elsie for getting a dress on discount for Sheila. Emily and Doreen fall for the new manager, Mr. Cresswell. Harry tells Concepta he earns £13 a week. Elsie tries to give Christine some advice but she tells Elsie that their friendship stops outside the shop. Swindley tells the girls Cresswell is only a buyer. Annie gets a letter from Arthur Forsythe-Jones saying he'll be coming up whilst Jack is away fishing.
42: 27 May 1963
May 27, 1963
Annie packs Jack off to Scotland. Frank starts to clean out the shop. Concepta's father is taken ill and is forced to retire. She feels that Harry could run the garage for him. Annie cleans the Rovers in the hope that Arthur will arrive. Dennis enjoys running Lenny's agency, auditioning strippers and chorus girls.
43: 29 May 1963
May 29, 1963
Frank's premises have a reputation of being a bad omen for businesses. Concepta goes to Ireland. Dennis finds it hard to get people interested in his shows. Concepta sends Harry a telegram telling him to hand in his notice.
44: 3 Jun 1963
Jun 3, 1963
Concepta returns unexpectedly from Ireland. She tells Harry she wants to buy her father's garage-cum-grocers in instalments. Arthur Forsythe-Jones arrives at the Rovers. He enjoys the atmosphere of the pub. Annie agrees to go to a show with him. Harry resigns from the buses, planning a future in Ireland.
45: 5 Jun 1963
Jun 5, 1963
Swindley spends his last day at the shop. Emily and Doreen buy him a pen as a farewell present. Jack wants to return from Scotland when he discovers Arthur is around but Annie puts him off. Lucille doesn't want to go to Ireland. Annie can't find anyone to look after the bar for the evening and has to cancel her date with Arthur. He begs her to let him work behind the bar instead. Emily, Doreen and Ena toast Swindley and his future. Arthur impresses the customers and answers the phone when Jack telephones. Ken warns Concepta that Lucille could cause trouble. Lucille begs Harry to let her stay, saying she wants her mum.
46: 10 Jun 1963
Jun 10, 1963
Jack returns to sort out Annie and Arthur Forsythe-Jones. She tells him there is nothing in their relationship, but Jack sees that Arthur knows his way around the pub. Dennis discovers that both Elsie and Len are holidaying in Blackpool. Arthur takes Annie to the theatre. Harry tries to stall Concepta over Ireland but she is impatient to leave. Annie returns at 1 o'clock in the morning.
47: 12 Jun 1963
Jun 12, 1963
Annie tells Jack she only went out with Arthur Forsythe-Jones to make him jealous. Val finds it hard to look after Ken whilst working and he takes suffrage. Harry decides that they're staying in Coronation Street. Lucille's worry about her schooling tips the scales. Arthur gives Annie a plant and leaves. When Concepta throws out Lucille's toys, Lucille tells her that they're not going to Ireland. Concepta walks out.
48: 17 Jun 1963
Jun 17, 1963
Elsie and Len return from holiday in Blackpool. Elsie is hurt by Dennis' coolness. Harry finds Concepta in a playground and tells her that he can't leave Weatherfield as it's his home. Frank has hassle with Ethel Tyson, his tenant above the shop, who is two months in arrears. Concepta threatens to go to Ireland on her own. Elsie tells Len to tread easy with Dennis as they were only together for one afternoon.
49: 19 Jun 1963
Jun 19, 1963
Frank advertises the grand opening of his DIY shop. Concepta blames Lucille for Harry's change of mind. Elsie tries to make up with Dennis but he refuses to listen to her. Concepta tells Harry he's selfish and always has been. He accuses her of being after her father's money. She tells him to go and live with Len and to take Lucille with him. Lucille hears and starts to pack, begging Concepta to let her leave. Concepta stops rowing and tries to comfort her. She brings the two of them together and Concepta resigns herself to her fate at No.7.
50: 24 Jun 1963
Jun 24, 1963
Sheila is fed up as Jerry never takes her out. Len and Jerry finish up at Frank's shop. Harry has an interview for a sales job. Albert accidentally grows parsley instead of onions at his allotment and gives them out to everyone to get rid of them. Christine makes it clear to Elsie that she doesn't like her taking personal calls at work. She overhears Elsie complaining about her on the phone to Len. As he admires his new shop front, Frank is confident that the opening will draw a crowd. The residents are worried for him as the shop is in a bad location. Florrie sorts out the refreshments for the opening. Len gets a letter from Stanley and is upset that Stanley doesn't seem bothered about seeing him. Elsie takes the day off work to go to the opening, without clearing it with Christine.
51: 26 Jun 1963
Jun 26, 1963
Frank is in good spirits after a successful first day of trading. Len takes Elsie out to the pictures. She doesn't care that she's supposed to be at work. David can't understand why Ken is still staying in the Street and believes he can do better than Bessie Street School. Frank tells David he now understands why he stayed away when Ida died. Valerie suggests that Ken apply to teach at a grammar school as he'll earn more money. Ken dismisses the idea as he's happy where he is. David buys everyone drinks at the Rovers. Harry refuses it as he's bitter about not being in work.
52: 1 Jul 1963
Jul 1, 1964
Harry swallows his pride and Kenneth makes a date.
53: 3 Jul 1963
Jul 3, 1963
54: 8 Jul 1963
Jul 8, 1963
55: 10 Jul 1963
Jul 10, 1963
56: 15 Jul 1963
Jul 15, 1963
57: 17 Jul 1963
Jul 17, 1963
58: 22 Jul 1963
Jul 22, 1963
59: 24 Jul 1963
Jul 24, 1963
60: 29 Jul 1963
Jul 29, 1963
61: 31 Jul 1963
Jul 31, 1963
62: 5 Aug 1963
Aug 5, 1963
63: 7 Aug 1963
Aug 7, 1963
64: 12 Aug 1963
Aug 12, 1963
65: 14 Aug 1963
Aug 14, 1963
66: 19 Aug 1963
Aug 19, 1963
67: 21 Aug 1963
Aug 21, 1963
68: 26 Aug 1963
Aug 26, 1963
Harry drives the darts picnic - Dennis, Walter, Frank, Jack, Alf, Jerry, Ken, Albert and Len to New Brighton. Concepta is not happy when she learns that Harry will have to work some nights. The coach keeps breaking down and the men get drunk. When a policeman tries to get the men to quieten down at 2.00am, Albert knocks his helmet off and Alf tries to hit him. He calls for a prison van.
74: 16 Sep 1963
Sep 16, 1963
Dennis realises something is wrong when he finds the flat door locked. The Street is aroused and Dennis smashes a window to get in as Len and Harry try to break the door down. Dr. Aston arrives and Sheila is rescued. Dennis cuts his arm and is covered in blood. Len offers Elsie a no-strings relationship but she refuses. Sheila is taken to hospital in an ambulance. Frank puts shop flat tenant Ethel Tyson's rent up - she refuses to pay it.
85: 23 Oct 1963
Oct 23, 1963
None of the wedding guests want to share a car with Ena so she arrives at the church on her own. Myra arrives before Jerry who is taken to a pub by Dennis and Walter. After the wedding, Dennis reads telegrams from Doreen, the Walkers and Sheila. The Booths go off on honeymoon in Torquay. Ena returns to the Vestry to find it wrecked, the harmonium shattered and the furniture slashed.
103: 25 Dec 1963
Dec 25, 1963
It is Christmas Day and news spreads around the Street that the surprise is a "This Is Your Life" but no one knows whose life it is. Elsie warns Dennis that it had better not be hers. As the residents gather in the Mission Hall, Dennis announces it is Annie's life. Annie is surprised when the show includes a recorded message from Arthur Forsythe-Jones and visits from Joan, Billy, Ena, Minnie, Martha, Esther, opera producer Edgar Nuttall and George Stubbins, the man who led the horse on which she portrayed Lady Godiva. Esther announces that she's moving to Glasgow.
104: 30 Dec 1963
Dec 30, 1963
Season 5
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