Season 31
Coronation Street
35 EPISODES • 1990
Season 31 of Coronation Street was released on January 1 and consists of 35 episodes.

Season 30


1: 1 January 1990
Jan 1, 1990
As the residents see in New Year, Deirdre realises Ken has spent the day with Wendy and she throws him out. Alec tells Bet he wants to find his daughter. Jim agrees to pay the excess on the new window with Alf claiming the rest on the insurance. Steve and Andy donate their Christmas money. Tracy tries to contact Ken at Wendy's to no avail. Wendy takes Ken in. Alf and Jim make up as the twins try out a JCB on the deserted building site, but it goes out of control and crashes into the shop, smashing the window.
2: 3 January 1990
Jan 3, 1990
Alec decides to contact his ex-wife, and gets Sandra's address from Joyce. Wendy helps Ken get the Recorder out and Tracy is upset to see them together. Sally arranges a meeting between Jenny and Rita but Jenny refuses to talk to Rita. Don finds life is not so great when his taxi is stolen while he is in the betting shop.
3: 5 January 1990
Jan 5, 1990
Alec discovers Sandra lives in massive Cheshire house and when he meets her husband Tim and his grand-daughter Victoria, Sandra is shocked to see him. Bet is surprised to find out that they are invited to Sandra's birthday party. The police find Don's cab but decide to keep it, but Don discovers that the cab was involved in a hit and run. Finally, Wendy secures the Council ads from the Gazette.
4: 8 January 1990
Jan 8, 1990
Bet is worried about meeting Sandra, but Alec assures Bet that he loves her. Ted Lucas, editor of the Gazette offers to buy the Recorder, but Ken refuses to sell, which please Wendy. Deirdre tells Ken she'll settle for the house. He pleads with her to accept maintenance and if it couldn't get any worse Tracy tells Ken that she hates him and flies at him. Ivy is annoyed that Don was in a Betting shop when the cab was stolen.
5: 10 January 1990
Jan 10, 1990
Bet and Alec get dressed up for Sandra's party only to find it's a casual affair. Bet is annoyed at being called grandma. Bet overhears Sandra telling Tim, she doesn't want to have Alec about the place. Don is told he can collect his car, don feels the police think he was involved in the hit-and-run. Mike tells Deirdre he is sorry to hear about her problems with Ken and offers is support. Ken meanwhile, is advised by his accountant to sell the Recorder.
6: 12 January 1990
Jan 12, 1990
Alec discovers Sandra is too busy to talk to him. Bet finding it hard, tells Alec that Sandra doesn't want to know him, but he doesn't believe her. Don sees one of the cab thieves so he begins to chase the youth, but loses him. However, Don decides to wait in his cab for the youth to return.
7: 15 January 1990
Jan 15, 1990
Don lies in wait outside a block of flats for Joe Egerton the lad who stole his taxi. He arrives with two friends and a scuffle breaks out, however, when the police arrive Joe accuses Don of assaulting him. Ivy is worried when Don fails to arrive home. Ken and Wendy argue when explains to her that he will have to sell his paper to pay Deirdre off. He is embarrassed when he arrives at home to discover that Deirdre has changed the locks and he can't get in. Eddie asks Tina to go to France with him. Alec phones his daughter and asks her and the family round to dinner. Mike's accountant tell shim that he'll have to start up the business again from scratch if he wants to make money.
8: 17 January 1990
Jan 17, 1990
Alec plans a big meal for Sandra and Time, but Sandra tells Alec she wants him out of her life and he is heartbroken. Joe confesses to stealing the cab, but Don's assault charge still holds and Mike invites Alma to move in.
9: 19 January 1990
Jan 19, 1990
Alma stuns her friends by announcing she is moving in with Mike and then does just that. Bet visits Sandra to tell her that Alec is really upset, but Sandra refuses to listen to her. Alec then accuses Bet of meddling in his affairs and Eddie tells Tina the French trip is off as he has to look after Jamie.
10: 22 January 1990
Jan 22, 1990
Sandra apologies to Alec for her behaviour. She tells him he can keep in touch with them, especially Victoria who likes him. Mike asks Peter Ingram for any work he can take off his hands. He agrees to make up some travel bags for him, but Alma worries about Mike's plans for the travel bags. Sally takes Jamie in so Tina and Eddie can go away, but Tina is alarmed to find out that their romantic get away is actual fact a football trip they're going on.
11: 24 January 1990
Jan 24, 1990
Sally and Kevin like looking after Jamie. Alf gives her the day off to look after him when he cries I the shop. Sally is upset when a woman moves Jamie whilst she is hopping as a dog upsets him. Mike starts making the bags in his flat. He hires machines from Ingrams to make up the samples. He wins the order and tells Alma he has to make another, 1,000 and Jim prepares to return to the Army.
12: 26 January 1990
Jan 26, 1990
Mike's machining interferes with his neighbour's appliances. Mike asks Ivy to be an out-worker for him, but Don orders him out of the house. Josie reveals she is working for Mike as he told her that Ivy was also on board and the Residents Association threatens Mike with legal action. Tina returns alone and takes Jamie back. Tina reveals Eddie is in a French jail for being a football hooligan. Bet takes Tina and Jamie in as Alec invites Victoria over.
13: 29 January 1990
Jan 29, 1990
Alma has enough of being a machinist and Josie refuses to work for Mike anymore. However, they agree to work for Mike for double the money, especially since he is still making a big profit and Victoria is touched to see Alec with Jamie.
14: 31 January 1990
Jan 31, 1990
After receiving a postcard, Victor turns up at the Kabin to make arrangements to meet Mavis. Ingram discovers Mike doesn't have a factory anymore and Don tells him about the out-workers. Ingram is amused to see Mike at a machine, but Mike assures him the order will be completed on time. Mike asks Alma to lend him some money to pay his out-workers. Meanwhile, Alec discovers the hooligans have been released from jail.
15: 2 February 1990
Feb 2, 1990
Derek goes for an interview, selling beds and doesn't get the job. Meanwhile, Mavis goes behind his back to meet Victor. Victor in turn, offers Derek - via Mavis - a job at his recycled paper business, but Derek refuses. Liz reminds Jim that he promised to leave the army, but Jim announces his cold pay Johnny Johns is coming to stay. Ivy completes the order and swears not to work for Mike again. Mike lands another order for the travel bags and Eddie returns.
16: 5 February 1990
Feb 5, 1990
Don encourages Ivy to form a workers co-operative, undercutting Mike. While taking Don's advice Ivy manages to get Marg, Josie and Emily to join up and Ingram gives the co-op the order for1,000 bags. Audrey refuses to let Alf buy one of the new houses - she wants to move away from the street. Johnny arrives a No. 11 and tells Jim he is going after the recruitment job.
17: 7 February 1990
Feb 7, 1990
Jim resigns himself to losing the job to Johnny. Liz tells one time lover Johnny about Jim wanting the job and how she doesn't want him to have it, so Johnny gives it up. Mike discovers his travel bag order has been cancelled. Mike is outraged to discover his workers have undercut him. Rita feels she would like to move out of No. 7 as it's full of bad memories. Rita decides to buy the shop and flat opposite Alf and Derek is taken on by Victor.
18: 9 February 1990
Feb 9, 1990
Derek discovers he has to be warehouse boy as well as sales rep and is humiliated by this new position. Liz is despondent that Johnny has given the job up in favour of Jim. Johnny warns Jim as he is leaving, that Liz will leave him if he stays in the army. Jim tells Liz he is leaving the army for good. Maurice starts moving furniture into No. 6 and Audrey thinks it's for his mistress. Mike undercuts Ingram and take the bag order from the travel company.
19: 12 February 1990
Feb 12, 1990
Derek is agitated about moving out of the Kabin flat as Rita is selling up. Victor then uses Derek as a chauffeur. Derek is humiliated when Victor gives Mavis a lift. Maurice tells Audrey the new house is for his daughter who has just wed. Des and Steph Barnes move into No. 6, rowing over his drunkenness. Ingram tells Ivy the order has been cancelled and Mike tells Alma he wants her flat as a machine room.
20: 14 February 1990
Feb 14, 1990
Mavis receives a Valentine's card. Mavis is shocked when Derek tells here he didn't send the card. Victor is embarrassed to discover Derek knows he sent the card to Mavis. Mike advertises for workers, he takes Josie on, but Gail is annoyed by the way Mike has taken over the café flat. Des and Steph go on their honeymoon to Majorca. Martin get a job as a porter in Weatherfield General and Felicity Khan tells Rita she is worried about Jenny's state of mind.
21: 16 February 1990
Feb 21, 1990
Alma spends the day supervising the machinists and Gail is harassed with martin at the hospital and Alma in the machine room. Gail threatens to sell out of the café unless Alma finds help at the café. Flick get no response from Jenny and Rita goes off to see Jenny. Victor takes Mavis to lunch whilst Derek is working, but Derek finds out about Mavis's lunch with Victor.
22: 19 February 1990
Feb 19, 1990
The café customers complain about the dust and noise. Rita discovers Jenny is locked in her room. Rita persuades Jenny to open the door, and when she does she breaks down and her and Rita make-up. Alf and Audrey go house hunting. Alf secures the house on Grassmere Drive for £3,000 less than the asking price. Victor leaves Derek to take possession of a guard dog while he has tea with Mavis. Derek is trapped by the alsatian. When he frees himself he tells Mavis that Victor is trying to seduce her and Eddie worries that Jamie's mother Maria is after him.
23: 21 February 1990
Feb 21, 1990
Derek tries to interest Bettabuys in PPP products to no avail and to top it all off Victor assigns Derek to an overnight job in Bedford. Jenny tells Rita she and Flick are moving out of halls. Rita offers jenny and Flick the tenancy on No. 7 when she moves and they agree. Jack kids Alf that open-all-hours grocer Patel is buying the shop opposite the Rovers. Alf tells Audrey they can't move and will have to open later to compete with Patel. Marie's brother Carl threatens Eddie unless Marie gets Jamie back and the Barnes return from honeymoon.
24: 23 February 1990
Feb 23, 1990
Derek goes to Bedford. Audrey learns from Maurice Jones that he has not sold the shop to anyone. Derek tries to contact Mavis or Victor by phone and when he fails he decides to return to Weatherfield. Audrey discovers that Jack was lying and makes him apologise to Alf. Tina hides Jamie Ramsden at the Rovers. A furious Derek arrives home to find Victor massaging Mavis's foot trying to cure a headache.
25: 26 February 1990
Feb 26, 1990
Derek throws Victor out. He tells Mavis wants a divorce. Rita assures Derek Mavis was being nanve and is not unfaithful. Derek tells Mavis he knows she is an innocent victim and that he is going to resign from his job. Marie turns up and tells Eddie she wants Jamie. Marie hears a baby crying in the Rovers and Tina says it' hers. Finally Audrey prepares a special 'leaving' flat meal.
26: 28 February 1990
Feb 28, 1990
Derek confronts Victor and Victor confesses his love for Mavis. Victor promises never to see Mavis again and gets drunk with Derek on home-made wine. Derek arrives home with the news that he now runs PPP as Victor has left the area to Darlington. Marie discovers Tina doesn't have a baby, but Bet lets Marie see Jamie. Marie pleads with Eddie to let her have Jamie and also threatens him with a solicitor. Eddie proposes to Tina in order to provide a good home for Jamie and Tina accepts. The Health and Safety inspector arrive to check Mike's factory and is told that he will have to close the factory. Ken asks Deirdre if he can see Tracy.
27: 2 March 1990
Mar 2, 1990
Mike accuses Percy and Don of reporting him, but Gail steps forward and admits that she was the one who reported Mike. Mike tells Alma that he is finished in the Rag trade and Alma blames Gail for sticking her nose in. Tracy agrees to go out with Ken, but Deirdre drags Tracy away from Ken when she sees Wendy in the car. Tracy tells Deirdre she's going to see Ken whether she likes it or not. Tina shows off her engagement ring. Marie tells her she had post natal depression and wants her baby back, even if it means going to court. Alf and Audrey celebrate their move from the street.
28: 5 March 1990
Mar 5, 1990
Alec is shocked to discover that he and Bet are paying for Tina's reception. Tracy visits Wendy and decides that she likes her, but Deirdre is angry with Tracy for going to see her. Alma slags Gail off and threatens to buy her out. Marie asks Eddie to be reasonable and Mike is offered a job by Ingram - as a sales rep.
29: 7 March 1990
Mar 7, 1990
Tina buys her wedding dress. Deirdre, Emily, Bet, Vera, Sally, Natalie (Tina's flatmate), Betty, Gail, Liz and Ivy from Tina's hen party in the Rovers. Eddie arrives during the party to tell Tina that he can't marry her as he's marrying Marie. Alma spreads it about hat Mike is going to be Ingram's partner. Mike has to sign a contract swearing not to use Ingram's contacts for five years and Vera is certain Tina is pregnant.
30: 9 March 1990
Mar 9, 1990
Alf infers Deirdre is slacking on the Council, but she still plans to go on Council business to Harrogate. She arranges for Tracy to be looked after by Emily. Tina tells Eddie he's a louse and she's better off without him and finally breaks down. Tina bounces back by cutting her wedding cake in the Rovers. Ivy asks Mike for a job and he snubs her. Mike changes his mind and tells Ivy he'll keep his eyes open. Don is amazed that Ivy asked him for a job.
31: 12 March 1990
Mar 12, 1990
Deirdre is suspicious of Tracy's every move. Deirdre agrees to discuss access with Ken when she comes back from Harrogate. Phyllis wins a trip for two to Holland at bingo. Percy slips on her shopping when her bag splits and is taken to Hospital. Sally arranges a night out with the Barnes' to Kevin's annoyance. However, Kevin is surprised by the fact he likes the Barnes'. Don discovers Mike is Ingram's sales rep and announces it to everyone in the Rovers. Tina goes to Cyprus.
32: 14 March 1990
Mar 14, 1990
Percy, with broken ankle, takes charge of the ward. While Deirdre is in Harrogate, Emily discovers Tracy on the phone to Wendy, which causes her to run away. Ivy wants a job and Don receives his court summons. Des asks Kevin to place a £500 bet on a horse, but when Sally finds out she is cross about the bet until Kevin produces his winnings of £100.
33: 16 March 1990
Mar 16, 1990
Tracy arives on Wendy's doorstep and Ken decides she can stay the night while Deirdre is away. Deirdre is furious when Emily phones to tell her and she decides to break off her trip to come home. When Deirdre arrives at Wendy's to take Tracy home, she refuses to leave and Deirdre goes away alone. Percy is discharged early from hospital and Emily is alarmed to find he might need personal chores doing. The Barnes have a good night out with the Webster's and Steph is faster than her hubby's car.
34: 19 March 1990
Mar 19, 1990
Steph thinks Kevin fancies her and starts to flirt with him for a joke. She even goes so far as to squeeze his thing in the Rovers. Tracy tells Ken she wants him to come home. Ken then brings Tracy home, to Deirdre's delight and Percy sets his bedroom up in the front room.
157: Mon Dec 31 1990
Dec 31, 1990
Season 32
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