Season 1
Coronation Street
9 EPISODES • 1960
1960 1961


1: Fri Dec 09 1960
Dec 9, 1960
There's a new arrival in Coronation Street: Florrie Lindley, who is taking over the Corner Shop. Her first day on the job is not without incident as she runs into the local busy-body Ena Sharples. Meanwhile, Elsie Tanner is on at her son, Dennis, to get some work but he reminds her that it's not easy for someone who's just got out of prison. Later, there's a misunderstanding when Elsie accuses Dennis of taking money from her purse when in fact it was her daughter Linda. Also, Linda tells Elsie that she's leaving her husband. Elsie says she'll believe it when she sees it! At number 3, there's unrest at the Barlow's. Young Kenneth Barlow has an argument with his father, Frank, when he announces that he's met a girl and he's taking her to the Imperial Hotel. Frank argues that Ken has all but forgotten his working class roots.
2: Wed Dec 14 1960
Dec 14, 1960
Florrie is caught by the police selling firelighters after seven. Christine is annoyed that Ena is telling everyone that May has gone mad and breaks down. Kids scratch Susan's Dad's car. Ida embarrasses Ken by showing Susan his baby photos. Ivan turns up at the Rovers. Esther takes charge of Christine. Susan embarrases Ken by going into the Rovers. Linda bumps into Ivan.
3: Fri Dec 16 1960
Dec 16, 1960
Linda rows with Ivan for following her to Weatherfield. Swindley gives Ena a warning over her frequenting the Rovers. Elsie lets Ivan stay the night in the front parlour. They force Linda telling them she's pregnant. Ivan tells Linda he wants the baby. May returns from hospital and wonders what the neighbours will say.
4: Wed Dec 21 1960
Dec 21, 1960
Lucille runs away to be at No.7, Esther helps Harry to look after her. Swindley catches Ena at the Rovers. He upsets her and she collapses. Dennis turns up with a wad of money.
5: Fri 23 Dec 1960
Dec 23, 1960
Dennis reveals he got the £25 at the dogs. Ena recovers in hospital. Lucille goes missing whilst in Esther's care. Concepta returns from Ireland and asks the Walkers if they'll have her back. May is upset when Christine doesn't want to see Malcolm anymore. Ena is visited by Vera and Martha. Ena accuses Martha of being after her job. Christine accuses Malcolm of being ashamed of her but he invites her to the rugby club dance. Lucille turns up having gone Christmas shopping. The police call for Dennis.
6: Wed 28 Dec 1960
Dec 28, 1960
May complains of pains, Christine thinks she's attention seeking. Dennis refuses to tell Elsie why the police want him. Ena is convinced she's going to die. Lucille dresses up in Christine's dress and marks it. Dennis reveals the police suspect him of breaking and entering on the night he won the money, and hasn't an alibi. Harry reveals he saw Dennis at the dogs winning the money. Malcolm and Christine go to the dance. Ena walks out of hospital and back to the Mission.
7: Fri Dec 30 1960
Dec 30, 1960
The doctor tells Ena she's got senile decay. Florrie is in the paper after being fined £1 in court. Ena throws Martha out of the Mission. May tries to summon help over her headaches but dies in the hallway. The hospital give Christine, May's wedding ring. Dennis gets a job front of house at a club where he sees his father.
66: Episode 66
Jul 31, 1961
67: Episode 67
Aug 2, 1961
Season 2
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