Series 3
Silent Witness
8 EPISODES • 1998
Season 3 of Silent Witness was released on March 19 and consists of 8 episodes.

Season 2


1: An Academic Exercise (1)
Mar 19, 1998
Sam must investigate a case with a painful personal connection when a close friend is murdered after the Cambridge May Ball.
2: An Academic Exercise (2)
Mar 19, 1998
The case becomes entangled in Annabelle's romantic relationships when Sam discovers her friend may have had an affair with a student.
3: Fallen Idol (1)
Apr 2, 1998
A young woman is found dead in an empty house. Why was she there? Sam suspects another person was involved.
4: Fallen Idol (2)
Apr 2, 1998
The hunt is on for Mr Harris, but the murderer may be closer to home. Meanwhile, Sam grows closer to surgeon James Reynolds.
5: Divided Loyalties (1)
Apr 15, 1998
A tragic scene is discovered when a young mother apparently dies of an overdose. When another addict dies in an explosion, Sam has a bigger case on her hands.
6: Divided Loyalties (2)
Apr 15, 1998
Are the deaths linked to a drug war or is this the work of vigilantes? Sam suspects a personal tragedy is at the heart of things.
7: Brothers in Arms (1)
Apr 23, 1998
The death of a farmer involving a combine harvester seems like an accident - until Sam receives an anonymous tip-off.
8: Brothers in Arms (2)
Apr 23, 1998
Sam looks for connections between Ian Neal and a killing in Northern Ireland in 1985. Meanwhile DI Connor's wife arrives in Cambridge.
Season 4
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