Series 11
Silent Witness
10 EPISODES • 2007
Season 11 of Silent Witness was released on August 28 and consists of 10 episodes.

Season 10


1: Apocalypse (1)
Aug 28, 2007
Harry and Nikki are first on the scene when an RAF helicopter crashes, but Harry's search for answers brings him into conflict with the Ministry of Defence.
2: Apocalypse (2)
Aug 29, 2007
Harry suspects the Ministry of Defence may be covering up the true cause of the helicopter crash, but he's determined to get to the truth.
3: Suffer the Children (1)
Sep 3, 2007
When the mutilated body of a young boy is pulled from the river, Leo is determined to give him an identity and to bring his killers to justice.
4: Suffer the Children (2)
Sep 4, 2007
Leo refuses to back down in his search for the killers of the young boy, despite threats and increasing racial tension.
5: Hippocratic Oath (1)
Sep 10, 2007
The murder of a John Doe leads the team to a hospital, where Nikki is investigating a top paediatric surgeon with an unusually high mortality rate.
6: Hippocratic Oath (2)
Sep 11, 2007
With Nikki out of action and Alice's surgical team closing ranks, Harry and Leo dig deeper.
7: Double Dare (1)
Sep 17, 2007
Nikki revisits an emotive case from the past when a girl she proved innocent of murder is herself murdered.
8: Double Dare (2)
Sep 18, 2007
Nikki grows increasingly worried that a mistake she made on a case four years ago may have contributed to the murder of a young woman.
9: Peripheral Vision (1)
Sep 24, 2007
When the bones of a young girl are found, everyone but Nikki is convinced it's a teenager who went missing two years ago.
10: Peripheral Vision (2)
Sep 25, 2007
Having fallen out both with both the police and Clara's family, Nikki finds herself increasingly alone in her search for the killer.
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