Series 1
Silent Witness
8 EPISODES • 1996
Season 1 of Silent Witness was released on February 21 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: Buried Lies (1)
Feb 21, 1996
Dr Sam Ryan investigates her first case as a police consultant - a tragic case involving the death of a child.
2: Buried Lies (2)
Feb 22, 1996
The murder investigation continues and someone breaks into Sam's house. Undeterred, she continues her search for the truth.
3: Long Days, Short Nights (1)
Feb 28, 1996
When Mark James's decomposing body is discovered, it bears all the signs of a ritualistic killing.
4: Long Days, Short Nights (2)
Feb 29, 1996
The police grow frustrated with the lack of a forensic link, but Sam finds more clues in an old case.
5: Darkness Visible (1)
Mar 13, 1996
The death of a man in custody seems like a straightforward case, but DS Farmer has concerns about some of her officers.
6: Darkness Visible (2)
Mar 14, 1996
Someone is harassing Sam as evidence of a cover-up mounts, and the bomb squad is called in to deal with a mysterious parcel.
7: Sins of the Fathers (1)
Mar 27, 1996
Tragedy strikes after a student asks Sam for advice over her arranged marriage, and then sees her family torn apart.
8: Sins of the Fathers (2)
Mar 28, 1996
Sam tries to persuade her student to reveal where her father is hiding. The tragedy spreads beyond the family, and even the team may be in danger.
Season 2
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