Season 9
4 EPISODES • 2022
Season 9 of Beck was released on December 25 and consists of 4 episodes.

Season 8


1: The Death Trap
Dec 25, 2022
Martin's grandson Vilhelm Beck is out on a routine mission with his supervisor when he finds a dead 17-year-old boy at the crime scene. It immediately becomes a case for Alex, Martin and the others in the Beck group.After a raucous youth party in a residential area outside Stockholm, one of the party-goers is found dead.
2: Quid Pro Quo
Mar 17, 2023
A man is found dead at a flea market in southern Stockholm. It looks like an ordinary robbery gone wrong, but the investigation takes an unexpected turn when the secret police (Säpo) take an interest in the case.
3: Inferno
Dec 8, 2023
Josef is suspended, pending an internal investigation of his alleged assault of Säpo agent Klas Fredén, who has climbed to even higher heights within the police organization.
4: Deadlock
Feb 9, 2024
The Beck group are called out to investigate a man who was brutally murdered in his own home.
Season 10
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