Season 3
8 EPISODES • 2010
Season 3 of Beck was released on October 24 and consists of 8 episodes.

Season 2


1: The Scorpion
Oct 24, 2010
A brutally battered woman, Monika, manages to flee from her home with her two children. Later, the body of a dead man is found in the same house. The murder was preceded by an assault; bloodstains found in the kitchen correspond to Monika’s DNA.
2: The Unclaimed Girl
Oct 31, 2010
A small girl is found dead in a deserted underground cellar. She has been dead for some time but there is fresh food for her. Who is she?
3: The Vulture
Nov 7, 2010
Former sports minister John Vedén disappears and it quickly becomes apparent this is connected to his addiction to gambling.
4: The Attorney
Nov 14, 2010
A famous Swedish lawyer is brutally murdered in his apartment. Martin Beck and his team find a clear murder motive. Hansson had a good chance of winning a case against a multinational company. But it appears Hansson was not completely honest and had several links with the underworld.
5: The Japanese Painting
Nov 21, 2010
Beck gets a call from a colleague who's in Stockholm for an art auction. He was outbid by a woman who was later found dead in his hotel.
6: The Weak Link
Nov 28, 2010
A teenage girl is found by her parents brutally raped and murdered in the woods. It's now up to Beck and his team to catch the criminal.
7: The Silent Scream
Dec 5, 2010
Two girls are hit by a train and killed instantly. Was it murder or a double suicide? Martin Beck and his team must answer the question of whether the pressure and intimidation faced by these young women in their everyday lives led to their deaths.
8: In the Name of God
Dec 12, 2010
A paparazzi photographer is found dead, his apartment ransacked. Was the motive for the murder revenge, blackmail or something even more sinister?
Season 4
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