Season 1
22 EPISODES • 2004
Dr. Gregory House is devoid of bedside manner and wouldn't even talk to his patients if he could get away with it. Dealing with his own constant physical pain, he uses a cane that seems to punctuate his acerbic, brutally honest demeanor. While his behavior can border on antisocial, House is a maverick physician whose unconventional thinking and flawless instincts have afforded him a great deal of respect. House's roster of medical cases are the inexplicable ones other doctors can't solve, and he has assembled an elite team of young medical experts to help him in his effort to solve these diagnostic mysteries.


1: Pilot
Nov 16, 2004
Dr. Gregory House, a brilliant diagnostician but devoid of bedside manner, and his elite team of young medical experts rush to save the life of a kindergarten teacher who started speaking gibberish and passed out in front of her class.
2: Paternity
Nov 23, 2004
Dr. House goes with his gut and performs an unethical act to prove what he suspects to be the link to a teenage lacrosse player's illness in order to save the boy's life.
3: Occam's Razor
Nov 30, 2004
Dr. House and his team race to save a young man who may have not one, but two illnesses killing him.
4: Maternity
Dec 7, 2004
A maternity ward epidemic forces House to decide whether to save the life of one child over another.
5: Damned If You Do
Dec 14, 2004
Dr. House's approach is questioned when he treats a nun for what he believes to be an allergy, not realizing the nun's past is coming back to haunt her.
6: The Socratic Method
Dec 21, 2004
The case of a schizophrenic mom with a deadly disease and her teenage son who have traded caretaking roles holds a special interest for Dr. House.
7: Fidelity
Dec 28, 2004
Dr. House's diagnosis of a married woman with a rare sleep disorder forces her and her husband to examine their marriage and question their trust for each other.
8: Poison
Jan 25, 2005
House and his team have to act fast when a high school student is admitted with a mysterious and lethal poisoning, especially when they discover more teens have been diagnosed with the same deadly illness.
9: DNR
Feb 1, 2005
House has to defend himself when he treats a patient who has legally chosen to refuse treatment.
10: Histories
Feb 8, 2005
Dr. House and the team treat a homeless woman whose worsening symptoms and unknown identity prove to be a complex mystery.
11: Detox
Feb 15, 2005
Dr. House takes Cuddy's challenge to go off his painkillers for a week, but the effects of his withdrawal symptoms may put his patient in danger.
12: Sports Medicine
Feb 22, 2005
A baseball player's comeback is cut short when he breaks his arm and House and his team have to act fast to figure out what is causing major bone loss that's killing the player and his dreams.
13: Cursed
Mar 1, 2005
Dr. House's young patient believes his illness is the result of a curse while House uncovers important information about Chase's father.
14: Control
Mar 15, 2005
The hospital's new Chairman of the Board has it out for Dr. House, questioning his importance to the hospital and threatening to eliminate House and his team.
15: Mob Rules
Mar 22, 2005
Dr. House and his team race to diagnose a member of the mob and get him well enough to testify and enter the witness protection program while Cuddy works to convince Vogler of House's importance to the hospital.
16: Heavy
Mar 29, 2005
Dr. House and his team try to uncover the reason a 10-year-old has a heart attack while House suspects one of his team is selling him out to Vogler.
17: Role Model
Apr 12, 2005
House and his team battle to save a presidential hopeful, and House refuses to give in to Vogler's ultimatum when given the chance to save one of his team members.
18: Babies & Bathwater
Apr 19, 2005
House and his team battle to diagnose a pregnant patient's life-threatening illness, prompting her to make the most emotional decision of her life, and Vogler is determined to fire House.
19: Kids
May 3, 2005
House and his team race to diagnose a 12-year-old's illness - an illness with a shocking origin - and House asks Cameron to come back to her job.
20: Love Hurts
May 10, 2005
House and his team tackle the case of a young man with a penchant for odd behavior, and House prepares for his date with Cameron.
21: Three Stories
May 17, 2005
House must decide whether to take the case of his ex-love's husband and he gives medical students a lecture they'll never forget.
22: Honeymoon
May 24, 2005
House is faced with a problem he may not be able to solve and Stacy returns.
Season 2
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