Season 2
Shake It Up
30 EPISODES • 2011
Season 2 of Shake It Up was released on September 18 and consists of 30 episodes.

Season 1


1: Shrink It Up
Sep 18, 2011
CeCe and Rocky go to a therapist to get advice on their expiring friendship. things quickly spiral out of control which leads to a flash back. Flynn and Ty agree to take a Toy testing job. Also Gunther and Tinka try their hand at a being nice, starting with Deuce.
2: Three's a Crowd It Up
Sep 25, 2011
A cute local dancer named Julio comes to perform on Shake It Up, Chicago!, and Rocky, CeCe and Tinka all fall for him. He asks each girl individually to hang out, so they all show up at Crusty's Pizza Parlor the next day, believing they each have a date with him. Meanwhile, Henry becomes the substitute teacher in Flynn's class. Flynn has to decide to either give him a hard time as a sub or be nice because they are friends. Also, Dina starts taking Deuce's customers away and offering them better deals.
3: Shake It Up, Up and Away
Oct 2, 2011
CeCe and Rocky plan to go to Alabama with the rest of the show, but CeCe tricks Rocky into getting on a bus to Los Angeles in order to audition for a reality show, and they get stuck at a bus station in a small Texas town. After the mayor sees the girls dance at a Town Hall party, he asks if they want to dance for the town's air-show. However, they find out they will be dancing on the wing of a World War I plane while in the air. Flynn stows away in CeCe's suitcase on the trip and Deuce and Ty compete for a job at Deuce's uncle's pizza place.
4: Beam It Up
Oct 9, 2011
At a Halloween party at the Shake It Up Chicago studio, Rocky meets a cute guy and tells Cece to go say hi to his brother who is wearing a hunchback coustume. Cece says he looks weird, but complies. Rocky later tells her that they are going to meet both boys at Crusty's the next day. Both girls find out the next day that Rocky's date is the weird one and CeCe's date is the cute one. Rocky refuses to admit this, and she suffers through 3 hours with her date. Meanwhile, Flynn suspects that his new neighbor, Zane, is an alien from Jupiter after he and Henry observe strange lights from his room and other of Zane's strange mannerisms.
5: Doctor It Up
Oct 23, 2011
Rocky's dad, Dr. Curtis Blue returns from his trip overseas and is unhappy to find out that Rocky is dancing on "Shake It Up, Chicago." CeCe and Rocky must figure out a way to convince him that she should remain on the show. Meanwhile, Ty reveals that he'd like to pursue a profession in rapping, and Deuce and Flynn get caught up in a fortune-telling machine.
6: Review It Up
Nov 6, 2011
A reporter gives Shake It Up, Chicago a bad review in a popular online blog, and CeCe & Rocky are determined to convince him he was wrong.
7: Double Pegasus It Up
Nov 13, 2011
CeCe finds out Deuce has been delivering pizza to her idol, a choreographer who came up with an amazing move a few years back, the "Double Pegasus".
8: Auction It Up
Nov 20, 2011
CeCe and Rocky organize a fund-raiser to help save their former dance teacher's studio. Meanwhile, Deuce and Ty enter a competition to win a new phone.
9: Camp It Up
Nov 27, 2011
In order to earn money for a week dance camp, Rocky and CeCe decide to host their very own dance camp for little kids in CeCe's apartment.
10: Jingle It Up
Dec 11, 2011
CeCe does some last minute shopping for her mom, but she buys herself an expensive purse instead. When CeCe doesn't have enough money for her mom's scarf, she gets some jobs at the mall to earn some extra cash. Meanwhile, Rocky tries to make a young boy's Christmas wish come true by trying to find the latest gift, the "GS Handheld Megagame 195", but they are all sold out. Rocky then goes to Crusty's to find Deuce, who has the gift, and threatens him so she could have it.
11: Apply It Up
Dec 18, 2011
CeCe applies herself and Rocky to audition for the prestigious CFAA (Chicago Fine Arts Academy), but CeCe gets packet qualifying her for a scholarship and Rocky gets letter, thinking that she was rejected. CeCe then shows pieces of the teared up letter to Rocky, stating that she got in CFA as well.
12: Split It Up
Jan 8, 2012
CeCe and Gunther are selected to dance on a local morning show, which makes Rocky and Tinka jealous. Meanwhile, Deuce and Flynn help Ty improve his rap skills.
13: Copy Kat It Up
Feb 19, 2012
When an uber fan named Kat starts to copy Cece’s appearance and secretly plots to take her place on "Shake It Up, Chicago," Cece and Rocky must find a way to show Kat’s true colors. Before they perform, Kat texted Cece (pretended to be Rocky) and said to go get your costume across town. When she comes back, Kat and Rocky are performing and she wrecks Kat's and Rocky's performance. To get payback, Cece poses as Shake It Up! New York and over email, she tells Kat that she is going to Shake It Up! New York, which was fake. Meanwhile, Flynn acts as Ty's recording agent when dealing with a big time record producer. Ty figures it's for stupid people who can't tie their shoes and quits, so Flynn takes over and becomes a hit, and Ty regrets quitting.
14: Egg It Up
Feb 26, 2012
When Rocky and Cece are paired up in a school science project, Rocky gets nervous that Cece's lack of enthusiasm will drag down her grade, so she goes behind her back to find a new partner. Meanwhile, Gunther takes over for Ty as Flynn's babysitter.
15: Judge It Up
Mar 11, 2012
When Gunther and Tinka refuse to pay Rocky and CeCe their money for performing at Klaus's party, the girls take their case to "Teen Court". Gunther and Tinka believe Rocky and CeCe didn't perform as well as they should and claim that they're the ones that ruined Klaus's party. Gunther and Tinka also claim that they ate all the cake and yelled at Klaus. Rocky and CeCe however think Gunther and Tinka ruined the party because they believe its their fault for being so harsh on Klaus. Rocky and CeCe also claim that Tinka smashed the cake in Klaus's face. As soon as Judge Marsha was about to close the case, Deuce comes running in with a surveillance video from Crusty's. The video showed that it was actually all of them who ruined Klaus's party, after smacking his birthday cake out of his hand by an accident. Later, Gunther and Tinka paid back the money to Rocky and CeCe, as they promised, but with a slight catch. Just like the time that they paid Rocky and CeCe back with sequence, this time, they paid them back with pennies. Meanwhile, Henry wants to teach Flynn how to ride a bike after finding out that he doesn't know how to ride one. Flynn is reluctant at first, but then, he sees how useful it is, and he wants to ride a bike. Then, Flynn finds out that Henry tricked him into thinking that he rode the bike all along, but Henry actually rigged the bike so Flynn wouldn't fall off of it.
16: Parent Trap It Up
Mar 25, 2012
When Rocky is convinced that CeCe's dad is trying to "woo" CeCe's mom, she tries to plan their relationship relating to her book. CeCe doesn't believe it at first, but when she picks up her dad's coat, she finds a ring, leading both the girls to thinking he is going to propose to CeCe's mom. With the help of school librarian Miss Burke, they come up with a plan to go to the "Shake It Up, Chicago!" set and remake CeCe's parents's first date with a "Bollywood" theme. After the dance, the girls find out that CeCe's dad isn't proposing to her mom, but instead to her dad's girlfriend, who lives back in Florida. Later Rocky feels a little guilty for not knowing about Cece's Dad's girlfriend and apologizes to CeCe. Meanwhile, Ty and Deuce try to go on a double date at Crusty's, only to find out that Dina and Gina had a long lasting rivalry since they were both little. Later, Ty and Deuce confront them by saying that they are always competing against each other and they are annoyed by the fact they pulled them into the "competition". Soon, Dina and Gina realize their mistakes and become friends.
17: Weird It Up
Apr 1, 2012
Cece hires an agent who boosts the girls' fame. This fame goes to CeCe's head, causing trouble.
18: Whodunit Up
Apr 15, 2012
A phantom threatens to shut down "Shake It Up Chicago". Deuce helps Ty identify his secret admirer.
19: Tunnel It Up
May 13, 2012
Rocky, Cece, & Tinka try to be in two places at once when Shake It Up is rescheduled to the night of their spring formal. Deuce ends up being the photographer at the formal when the real one doesn't show.
20: Protest It Up
May 20, 2012
Rocky and CeCe try to overturn a school ruling that requires students to wear uniforms. Meanwhile, Gunther and Tinka take up new hobbies since they no longer have to be concerned about school clothes.
21: Wrestle it Up
Jun 3, 2012
When CeCe's mom gets a side job working security on a movie, Rocky, CeCe and Flynn devise a plan to sneak onto the set to see the stars. Meanwhile, Ty helps Deuce win back Dina.
22: Reality Check It Up
Jun 10, 2012
CeCe and Rocky throw a viewing party to watch "Shake It Up, Chicago's" feature story on a national TV show, but are shocked when the show makes ridiculous claims that CeCe has a crush on Gunther and Rocky is a major diva.
23: Rock and Roll It Up
Jul 1, 2012
Gary's grandma visits SIU Chicago and reveals that she was on one of the first teen dance shows. The gang act out her memory of Shake It Up, Chicago, with CeCe as Grandma Wilde and Rocky as Wilde's best friend.
24: Boot It Up
Jul 15, 2012
Rocky and CeCe are excited to go to Major Dance Boot Camp for their summer vacation, until they realize it’s not exactly what they signed up for.
25: Slumber It Up
Jul 29, 2012
CeCe and Rocky have a sleepover with Dina and Tinka and give Dina a makeover. Meanwhile, the guys search for buried treasure, and end up overhearing the girl's sleepover.
26: Surprise It Up
Aug 5, 2012
CeCe is invited to a funeral which she thinks is her surprise birthday party. The gang meets Deuce's identical cousin, Harrison, and Rocky falls for him.
27: Embarrass It Up
Aug 12, 2012
Rocky consoles CeCe when she has an embarrassing moment caught on camera during the show. The roles are soon reversed when Rocky has her own embarrassing moment during a news interview.
28: Made In Japan Part 1
Aug 17, 2012
In the season finale, Rocky and CeCe win a trip to Japan to be in a dance video game and the Blue Man Group performs in an event that’s infused with Tokyo teen fashion and “J-Pop” music.
29: Made In Japan Part 2
Aug 17, 2012
30: Made In Japan Part 3
Aug 17, 2012
The girls go to Japan to participate in a dance video game after winning a contest.
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