25 EPISODES • 2011
Tiger tries to rebuild his image with Bunny at his side as the pair saves Stern Bild from animated statues, a pyromaniac and the psychotic Mad Bear.


1: All's Well That Ends Well
Apr 3, 2011
Aging superhero Kotetsu, known as Wild Tiger, worries that he may lose his job on the show "Hero TV" when his sponsor company changes hands.
2: A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending.
Apr 10, 2011
Kotetsu and Barnaby are paired up, but their differing methods prevent them from working as a team, leading to danger for Kotetsu's daughter.
3: Many a True Word is Spoken in Jest
Apr 17, 2011
Kotetsu reluctantly participates in a documentary about Barnaby, and they're both forced into action when they learn a bomb has been planted.
4: Fear is Often Greater Than the Danger
Apr 24, 2011
Ice-wielding superhero Blue Rose decides to leave the world of "Hero TV" to go back to her old life as a teenage girl named Karina who loves to sing.
5: Go for Broke!
May 1, 2011
Kotetsu holds a big surprise birthday party for Barnaby with the other heroes; an expensive diamond known as the "Tears of Hercules" is stolen.
6: Fire is a Good Servant But a Bad Master
May 8, 2011
Fire Emblem is suspected of murder after criminals arrested by Barnaby are found burned to death by peculiar blue flames in their prison cell.
7: The Wolf Knows What the Foul Beast Thinks
May 15, 2011
Kotetsu criticizes Barnaby for allowing a NEXT to kill the culprit they were chasing; Barnaby reveals his search for the clue to his parents' killer.
8: There is Always a Next Time
May 22, 2011
Stern Bild doesn't have capital punishment, but Lunatic's act of killing criminals begins to win support of the people, who praise him as an antihero.
9: Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child
May 29, 2011
Kotetsu is assigned to baby-sit an infant, who takes a liking to a tomboy named Dragon Kid. The next day, Dragon Kid and the baby go missing.
10: The Calm Before the Storm
Jun 5, 2011
Barnaby has finally tracked down the whereabouts of his parents' killer; Kotetsu runs into trouble on the way to visiting his daughter.
11: The Die is Cast
Jun 12, 2011
Ouroboros demands the release of the man Barnaby was investigating, and then starts attacking the structural columns supporting Stern Bild.
12: Take Heed of the Snake in the Grass
Jun 19, 2011
Jake challenges each of the heroes to fights, stating that he will surrender if he loses but will destroy a column supporting the city if he wins.
13: Confidence is a Plant of Slow Growth
Jun 26, 2011
After the other heroes fail to defeat Jake, Barnaby steps forward to protect Stern Bild and its people -- and to get revenge for his parents' death.
14: Love Is Blind
Jul 3, 2011
Ten months after their epic battle with terrorist Jake Martinez, Tiger and Barnaby are slated to form a special unit with Blue Rose.
15: The Sky's the Limit ...
Jul 10, 2011
When Sky High falls in love with a woman he meets at a park, he turns to Fire Emblem, Blue Rose and Dragon Kid for advice on how to get close to her.
16: Truth Lies at the Bottom of the Well
Jul 17, 2011
Kotetsu doesn't like the reason Ben gives him for the recent boosts in his power; Yuri, aka Lunatic, is haunted by a past incident.
17: Blood is Thicker Than Water
Jul 24, 2011
Kotetsu takes a vacation to his hometown, where he confesses his fears to his brother and makes a tough decision to keep his promise to his late wife.
18: Ignorance is Bliss
Jul 31, 2011
Kotetsu tries to tell Barnaby that he's retiring, but he's interrupted with news that Kriem has come out of her coma.
19: There's No Way Out
Aug 7, 2011
To help Barnaby, Kotetsu suggests they retrace Barnaby's steps the day of his parents' murder, but it doesn't produce the results they hoped for.
20: Full of Courtesy, Full of Craft.
Aug 14, 2011
Samantha wants to meet with Kotetsu regarding the new information she found, but he is called away for a sudden assignment.
21: Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves
Aug 21, 2011
Framed for a crime he didn't commit and pursued by the other heroes, Kotetsu is cornered, but a familiar face appears.
22: Bad Luck Often Brings Good Luck
Aug 28, 2011
Kotetsu puts his plan to clear his name into action. Meanwhile, Barnaby is on his way to join the rest of the heroes.
23: Misfortunes Never Come Singly
Sep 4, 2011
Kotetsu and Barnaby are finally reunited, but the rest of the heroes are taken hostage by Maverick, who holds them in the Justice Tower.
24: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.
Sep 11, 2011
Kotetsu and Barnaby take on H-01 despite having to wait for their powers to recharge, while the rest of the heroes must make a tough decision.
25: Eternal Immortality.
Sep 18, 2011
The heroes suffer a stunning loss and must mourn a fallen peer, while Barnaby finally encounters his parents' killer one-on-one.
Season 2
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