Season 3
Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight
19 EPISODES • 2023
In a race to destroy the all-powerful Tianshang weapons once and for all, the Dragon Knights face off against enemies both familiar and unexpected.

Season 2


1: The Trial of Mr. Ping
Sep 7, 2023
When Mr. Ping stands accused of breaking the Pirate's Code, Po must defend his father in Forouzan's court. But there's something Ping hasn't told his son.
2: Baddie Issues
Sep 7, 2023
Po and his friends fight for their freedom in a Triple Tournament of Certain Doom, where the only rules are the ones Forouzan makes up as she goes along.
3: A Family Friend
Sep 7, 2023
Ping leads the team on a quest to recover the crate of Tianshang weapons from Forouzan's secret stash... without getting caught by Sir Drake's knights.
4: The English Opening
Sep 7, 2023
Back in England, Blade insists on doing things her way by retracing Alfie's final days. The first stop? A chess tournament with the Queen of England.
5: The Bog-ey Man of Festermouth
Sep 7, 2023
Blade vows to fight the bog monster that Alfie crossed paths with 15 years earlier. Whatever she finds may be the answer to her brother's disappearance.
6: Tea Time Trouble
Sep 7, 2023
To continue following Alfie's path to the ancient city, the Dragon Knights search for his journal in a most hostile place: Blade's mother's house.
7: Benny and the Jests
Sep 7, 2023
While the Dragon Knights team up with a local jester to find a secret symbol, Ping guards the weapons crate with help from an unlikely ally.
8: Black Steel of the Equinox
Sep 7, 2023
The Dragon Knights and their newest member navigate a strange and mysterious dimension. Veruca makes a startling discovery about her ancestors.
9: Luthera's Shield
Sep 7, 2023
The group splits up as Blade and Lucinda head home to reclaim Alfie's sword from Sir Drake, and the others meet Ping at the docks to receive the weapons.
10: The Battle of Tianshang (1)
Sep 7, 2023
After the Queen calls off Sir Drake's mission, he swears to hunt down Blade and make her pay for her crimes against the knighthood — with her life.
11: The Battle of Tianshang (2)
Sep 7, 2023
It's a race to the forge to destroy the Tianshang weapons before Veruca uses their power to unleash an ancient, deadly army — and destroy the world.
12: The Pangea-ing
Sep 7, 2023
With the Tianshang weapons in the possession of a new ruler, the Dragon Knights are forced to disband and return to what's left of their homelands.
13: The Poison Ravine
Sep 7, 2023
When Po gets discouraged and loses his enthusiasm for adventure, Blade puts on her thinking beard and plans a special mission to get him out of his funk.
14: The Master Key
Sep 7, 2023
Po heads to Tikal to retrieve Akna while Blade travels to Raipur to find Rukhmini — but their long-lost friends may not be ready for a reunion.
15: The Last Dumont
Sep 7, 2023
With the Dragon Knights reunited, their last hope of recapturing the weapons rests on the shoulders of the last person they'd expect. Off to Mage Island!
16: A Teacup Filled with the Self
Sep 7, 2023
Po teaches Klaus that to unlock his powers, he must first look within. The rest of the team forages for food while Blade avoids Colin, who has a crush.
17: The Beginning of the End
Sep 7, 2023
The Dragon Knights travel to the Lost City so that Klaus can better connect his powers to the Ancient Masters, who have an important message for him.
18: The Dragon Knights (1)
Sep 7, 2023
With the ancient army distracted by a fake war between China and England, the team attempts to steal back one of the Tianshang weapons.
19: The Dragon Knights (2)
Sep 7, 2023
The elements are in chaos. Pangea is collapsing. And it's up to Blade to battle the all-powerful weapon master and save the world — once and for all.
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