Season 8
Queer Eye
6 EPISODES • 2024
The Fab Five return to the city of New Orleans to jazz up the lives of their heroes — one emotional makeover at a time.

Season 7


1: Mr. Fantastic!
Jan 24, 2024
A "country mouse" who holes up in his garage needs the Fab Five's help in reviving his relationship with his wife before their 39th wedding anniversary.
2: Kiss the Sky
Jan 24, 2024
A Kiss superfan devoted to taking care of his brother swaps out his band tees for an edgier wardrobe and begins a new journey of happiness and healing.
3: The Sweet Life
Jan 24, 2024
Facing a new chapter in her life, a clarinet virtuoso looks to reopen her mother's sweet shop and finds cause to celebrate herself before a big surprise.
4: Protect the Nest
Jan 24, 2024
The athletics director at the Louisiana School for the Deaf strives to save the football program while learning to pour some energy back into himself.
5: The Flying Nun
Jan 24, 2024
A former nun-turned-social justice lawyer dips her toe back into the dating pool for the first time in years — and the Fab Five are ready to set her up.
6: When I Say Sexy, You Say
Jan 24, 2024
Struggling with grief, a chef hopes to move forward in her career and honor her late mother with a special dinner that showcases her Vietnamese cuisine.
Season 9
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