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15 views • Aug 2, 2023
From Emmy®-winning director Dawn Porter, Deadlocked: How America Shaped the Supreme Court is a four-part docuseries that traces the modern history of the Supreme Court and examines the people, decisions and confirmation battles that have shaped the Court into what it is today. Deadlocked premieres September 22 with the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan. The stars have aligned. Paramount+ is the streaming home of SHOWTIME. Try Paramount+ for free today: Subscribe to the SHOWTIME YouTube channel: About Deadlocked: How America Shaped the Supreme Court: DEADLOCKED premieres at a profoundly consequential time, as Americans grapple with a Supreme Court drastically remade by former President Donald Trump; the historic confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson; the unprecedented leak from inside the Court’s chambers; and the aftershock of the landmark Dobbs decision’s effective reversal of Roe v. Wade. To understand this critical moment, the series travels back to the 1950s when Chief Justice Earl Warren heralded an era of progressive legal decisions spurred by the nation’s changing values, paving the zigzagging path the country is still walking today. Deadlocked:How America Shaped the Supreme Court streaming with the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan starting September 22. Get SHOWTIME merchandise now: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: TikTok: #SHOWTIME #ParamountPlus #DeadlockedHowAmericaShapedtheSupremeCourt Deadlocked: How America Shaped the Supreme Court Official Trailer | SHOWTIME
Deadlocked: How America Shaped the Supreme Court
Documentary series examining the vital role the Supreme Court plays in the context of America’s shifting political landscape. Each of the four episodes features an in-depth look at pivotal cases that altered the state of the union.

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