Season 4
On My Block
10 EPISODES • 2021
Season 4 of On My Block was released on October 4 and consists of 10 episodes.

Season 3


1: Chapter Twenty-Nine
Oct 4, 2021
When Jamal muscles in on Ruby's dream of being senior class president, Jasmine goes on the offensive. Oscar warns Cesar of the dangers that lie ahead.
2: Chapter Thirty
Oct 4, 2021
Jamal reconnects with an old friend after the class election turns ugly. Ruby feels smothered by Jasmine's attentions, and Cesar sends Oscar a message.
3: Chapter Thirty-One
Oct 4, 2021
Back in Freeridge for the holidays, Monse receives a rude reminder about why she left. Ruby and Jasmine turn to their friends for relationship advice.
4: Chapter Thirty-Two
Oct 4, 2021
A long-buried secret lands the four friends in hot water. After confronting Monse over a butt dial, Jamal makes an unexpected connection.
5: Chapter Thirty-Three
Oct 4, 2021
Ruby obsesses over Jasmine's mystery man, Cesar deals with dissension in the ranks, and the arrival of sinister-looking letters worries everyone.
6: Chapter Thirty-Four
Oct 4, 2021
With emotions running high, Ruby, Jamal and Monse come clean as Cesar contemplates revenge. Jasmine, meanwhile, prioritizes self-care.
7: Chapter Thirty-Five
Oct 4, 2021
Monse, Jamal and Ruby help Cesar with a grim task during an emotional day that sees relationships change, secrets divulged and decisions made.
8: Chapter Thirty-Six
Oct 4, 2021
After a wild night, Jamal wakes with a fuzzy memory, Monse jumps to the wrong conclusion about Cesar, and Ruby decides to get something off his chest.
9: Chapter Thirty-Seven
Oct 4, 2021
With the prom fast approaching, Jamal searches for the perfect theme and Ruby stresses over finding the perfect date. Abuelita fesses up.
10: The Final Chapter
Oct 4, 2021
As Jamal tries to figure out who's following him and Ruby's prom preparations go awry, the friends come together for a final celebration.
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