Season 5
Mayans M.C.
10 EPISODES • 2023
Season 5 of Mayans M.C. was released on May 24 and consists of 10 episodes.

Season 4


1: I Hear the Train A-Comin
May 24, 2023
SONS escalate the war as EZ attempts to reclaim the pipeline.
2: Lord Help My Poor Soul
May 24, 2023
EZ’s attempt to reclaim the pipeline brings danger to the club’s doorstep.
3: Do You Hear the Rain
May 31, 2023
Determined to reclaim the pipeline, the M.C. begins a new trade.
4: I See the Black Light
Jun 7, 2023
After a fatal error, the Mayans navigate the dangers of their new trade, forcing an unlikely alliance.
5: I Want Nothing but Death
Jun 14, 2023
As the war with the Sons escalates, the two clubs square off in a fight to the death.
6: My Eyes Filled and Then Closed on the Last of Childhood Tears
Jun 21, 2023
On the anniversary of their mother's death, EZ takes Angel on a fatal journey.
7: To Fear of Death, I Eat the Stars
Jun 28, 2023
The M.C.’s fight to gain control of California takes a deadly twist. The Broken Saints welcome a desperate newcomer.
8: Her Blacks Crackle and Drag
Jul 5, 2023
The MC unite for a final goodbye.
9: I Must Go in Now for the Fog Is Rising
Jul 12, 2023
As the Sons close in on the Mayans, EZ crosses paths with a familiar stranger.
10: Slow to Bleed Fair Son
Jul 19, 2023
The end.
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