Season 1
Family Reunion
19 EPISODES • 2019
Season 1 of Family Reunion was released on July 10 and consists of 19 episodes.


1: Remember How This All Started?
Jul 10, 2019
The McKellans head to a family reunion at M'Dear and Grandpa's house, where Moz, Cocoa and the kids consider a simpler life away from city comforts.
2: Remember Charlie Wilson?
Jul 10, 2019
While cleaning out the attic, Mazzi and Shaka find M'Dear's private mementos from a famous singer -- a discovery that stirs up drama with Grandpa.
3: Remember Vacation Bible School?
Jul 10, 2019
When Moz gifts the kids go-karts, Cocoa is less than thrilled. Jade uses an app to try and outsmart M'Dear, an undisputed "Bible champion."
4: Remember When I Lost My Sister?
Jul 10, 2019
Cocoa's unconventional beliefs shock M'Dear's Bible-study group. Jade uses sisterly bonding for quality time with Drew -- until she forgets about Ami.
5: Remember Grace Under Fire?
Jul 10, 2019
The family's religious role model, Auntie Grace, reveals her secret passion. When a kitchen fire erupts, Moz teaches the kids the importance of honesty.
6: Remember That Crazy Road Trip?
Jul 10, 2019
The McKellans recall a cross-country move to Georgia that was packed with misadventure, from a weird proposal and a creepy ritual to a frisky raccoon.
7: Remember the First Day of School?
Jul 10, 2019
As the kids start a new school year, Jade takes a stand against a strict dress code, Mazzi opts to redo fourth grade and Shaka eyes a potential crush.
8: Remember Macho Mazzi?
Jul 10, 2019
When Jade competes in a pageant, she recruits a former beauty queen to be her coach. Meanwhile, Mazzi tests his "macho" abilities to impress Moz.
9: Remember Black Elvis?
Jul 10, 2019
After M'Dear shares the family's rich history with the kids, Moz and Cocoa are inspired to carry on the tradition.
10: Remember When Our Boys Became Men?
Jul 10, 2019
M'Dear introduces Jade to a new boy, and Mazzi and Shaka find a job to earn extra money. But an encounter with a cop soon has the family on edge.
11: Remember the Dance Battle?
Jan 20, 2020
To go on a school trip, Jade is forced to ace math as her teacher starts dating Daniel. Shaka's step team tryout fires up Cocoa's competitive streak.
12: Remember When Daddy Came Home?
Jan 20, 2020
Jade manages Mazzi's music group, which becomes a hit at church. As Ami works to overcome her fear of getting baptized, Moz has a spiritual awakening.
13: Remember Our Parents' Wedding?
Jan 20, 2020
Before Moz and Cocoa say "I do" again, Shaka is tasked with keeping the ring, Cocoa confronts her mother and Daniel makes a sacrifice.
14: Remember When Jade Was Down with the Swirl?
Jan 20, 2020
Jade faces criticism over a new crush. Moz and Mazzi try to keep their cool in a basketball game when a rival trash-talks them ... until M'Dear steps in.
15: Remember When Shaka Got Beat Up?
Jan 20, 2020
An encounter with a bully inspires Shaka to try martial arts. To earn money for concert tickets, Jade gets ambitious about babysitting.
16: Remember the G Club?
Jan 20, 2020
Jade searches for her singing voice and befriends an aspiring rapper-producer. Pressed for time, Mazzi asks M'Dear for help with a school project.
17: Remember Cousin Kenya?
Jan 20, 2020
Jade and Aunt Maybelle bring dates to meet the family. Cocoa looks into an opportunity for her jewelry line, and M'Dear conducts an interrogation.
18: Remember M'dear's Fifteen Minutes?
Jan 20, 2020
Shaka snoops into Jade's diary and uses a secret to blackmail her -- until she gets dirt on him. M'Dear steals Moz's thunder on a sports talk show.
19: Remember When the Party Was Over?
Jan 20, 2020
Jade hosts a masquerade party for her 15th birthday so she can sneak someone in. Meanwhile, Moz and Cocoa get a reality check about their finances.
Season 2
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