Season 5
38 EPISODES • 2001
Season 5 of Undressed was released on July 9 and consists of 38 episodes.

Season 4


1: Episode 501
Jul 9, 2001
Collier/Pam Pam (Anne Judson Yagher) comes over and Brett tries to show Collier (Brandon Kessel) how to score, but Collier has a thing for Pam. Matt/Tina Matt (Josh Hammond) comforts Tina (Sarah Belsher) after George stands her up, but Tina wants more. ""Intervention"" When Sarah (Julian Nagle) decides to date more than one guy, Wally suggests an intervention.
2: Episode 502
Jul 10, 2001
Collier/Pam When Collier's commercial airs, he hooks up with Hayden. Matt/Tina Tina and Matt have sex, but Matt becomes concerned and confused, and thinks he might be gay. ""Intervention"" During the intervention, the guys convince Sarah she has a problem, so she plans for a ""real"" intervention the following night.
3: Episode 503
Jul 11, 2001
Collier/Pam Brett encourages Collier's new stardom by offering to be his personal handler to keep track of all his women, disgusting Pam. Matt/Tina Matt wants to date Glenn, but Tina still wants Matt. ""Intervention"" The guys try to make Sarah choose between them.
4: Episode 504
Jul 12, 2001
Collier/Pam Collier loses his mojo when the potato chips are recalled. Matt/Tina Tina doesn't want to see Matt again after she walks in on Matt and Glenn making out. ""Intervention"" Sarah chooses all of them, but only Dino stays. (segment ends)
5: Episode 505
Jul 16, 2001
Collier/Pam When Collier admits he acted like a jerk, he and Pam get together. (segment ends) Matt/Tina Matt reveals to Glenn that he and Tina had sex and they break up. (segment ends) Lauren/Tucker/Brad Lauren (Adrienne Janic) poses as Brad's girlfriend so he can get a promotion from his possibly homophobic boss, Tucker.
6: Episode 506
Jul 17, 2001
Tiki/Bart/Chuck Tiki bets Bart she can hook up with Chuck. Sandra/Ted When Lola introduces Sandra to the ""boyfriend,"" Sandra has her first orgasm. Lauren/Tucker/Brad When Tucker moves in, Brad and Lauren get together.
7: Episode 507
Jul 18, 2001
Tiki/Bart/Chuck Tiki convinces Chuck that he's not cheating on his girlfriend if they only have oral sex. Sandra/Ted Sandra comes clean and tells Ted she's been faking her orgasms with him. Lauren/Tucker/Brad Tucker decides the only way he and Lauren can be together is if he fires Brad.
8: Episode 508
Jul 19, 2001
Tiki/Bart/Chuck Tiki gets worried when she finds out that she can get HIV from oral sex. Sandra/Ted After fighting with Ted, Sandra hooks up with Samuel in the gym and has her first orgasm with another human being. Lauren/Tucker/Brad Tucker feels betrayed when Brad comes clean about being gay, but Lauren convinces him to forgive. (segment ends)
9: Episode 509
Jul 23, 2001
Tiki/Bart/Chuck After receiving her HIV test results, Tiki tells Bart they should be together. (segment ends) Sandra/Ted Sandra gets back with Ted when Samuel turns out to be boring and the hamstring machine goes in for repairs. (segment ends) Tucker/Lauren/Molly Tucker asks Lauren if she's ever had sex with Molly for he wants a threesome.
10: Episode 510
Jul 24, 2001
Angela/Harry When Angela finds Harry's notebook, Dawn invites him over to pick it up. Claire/George Claire decides to pledge a fraternity so she can hook up with her boyfriend George. Tucker/Lauren/Molly Lauren tells Tucker that if he wants her to, she'll sleep with Molly.
11: Episode 511
Jul 25, 2001
Angela/Harry Angela gets together with Harry, but accidentally gives him a bloody nose. Claire/George After the gumdrop test, Bear walks in on Claire and George, but Claire denies she's pledging to hook up with George. Tucker/Lauren/Molly Tucker is shaken when he walks in on Lauren and Molly making out.
12: Episode 512
Jul 26, 2001
Angela/Harry Angela blows Dawn off so she can have sex with Harry. Claire/George George tries to get Claire to quit pledging, but Bear admires her determination. Tucker/Lauren/Molly When Molly admits she's in love with Lauren, the threesome doesn't work out as Tucker expected. Tucker walks away, and Lauren and Molly end up together. (segment ends)
13: Episode 513
Jul 30, 2001
Angela/Harry When Angela and Harry break up, she and Dawn make a pact to tell the guys the truth. (segment ends) Claire/George George's plan to keep Claire out of the fraternity continues to fail and he gives up so they can be together. (segment ends) ""Too Good To Be True"" Sarah finds Kyle a date online.
14: Episode 514
Jul 31, 2001
Angela/Jared Angela and Jared hook up while they're working on a school project. Bruno/Nick Rip Berger (Jeff DeJohn) shows up to give Bruno and Nick (Mike Greybeal) their pledge task. ""Too Good To Be True"" Tessa shows up for her date with Kyle and he admits to lying about a few things online.
15: Episode 515
Aug 2, 2001
Kyle/Tessa, Sarah Sarah reveals to Tessa that she was the person behind, the computer. Tessa gets upset, and is about to leave, but Sarah tells Tessa that she was acting under Kyle. Tessa is still not convinced, but Sarah explains that she wasn't acting under herself, and that the things that she said to her, came for an great person, but since that person does not exist, you could fall back on Kyle. Kyle and Tessa starts to get close. Sexual Tension is in the air, after wrestling a bit Kyle tells Tessa that they could get ""really"" friendly. Which upsets Tessa, and she leaves. ---------------------------------- Jack/Dawn Jared/Angela Angela and Jared quickly hit if off, after Jack and Dawn hits it off in another room. Jack and Dawn interrupts Jared and Angela. Angela tells Jared, that they could have sex tomorrow. Jared leaves, but Angela get second thoughts, and she tells Dawn that she isn't ready to do it. Dawn tells Angela that Jared would leave her if they don't have sex. ---------
16: Episode 516
Aug 6, 2001
Kyle/Tessa (& Sarah) Saga: W: Eslie Allen, D: Arthur Borman Kyle tells Sarah that he is done with Tessa, but Sarah, still trying to help a friend, still goes online as Kyle to help him and Tessa. They both decides that it's cool, and Kyle tells Tessa that he is falling for her. [This Saga Ends] Jared/Angela & Dawn/Jack Saga: W: Eslie Allen, D: Danny Salles Jack reveals to Angela that Dawn is bossy and the only reason why that he is with her because they have sex. Dawn shows up and pulls Jack into the dark room to have sex. Angela gets scared of having sex, and decides to work on their project. The only problem is that she has sex on her mind, and decides she wants to do it. But she says no. Then she says yes. When they are about to get it on, Jack comes out and finally sticks up to Dawn, after she comments on how his penis is small and he breaks up with her. Nick & Bruno Saga: W: Dave Holden, D: Tim Andrew Bruno tells Tina that he decided to quit the fraternity. Tina is very pleased,
17: Episode 517
Aug 7, 2001
Kate/Val Saga: Kate and Val are staying at a hotel for their high school reunion and wants to do any guy on the foorball team. Kate tells Val that she will meet her downstairs because she wants to change outfits. Their is a knock on the door, and Kate sees a gorgeous guy, but doesn't remember him, and invites him in. They then have sex. Kate tells Val that she had sex with someone who she doesn't know, so they hit the year book and finds out that the guy that she had sex with was a geek guy named Kenny, or nick named, Creepy Kenny. Jared/Angela (& Dawn) Saga: Angela decides not to have sex and wants to take things slow. [This Saga Ends] Nick & Bruno Saga: Still handcuffed, Nick and Bruno, shirtless, painted ""Manly Moving Man"" on their chest, moves furniture as a part of pledging. Nick is disapointed that Sandy didn't send him any mail, concering the guy. Sandy, Armed with a box of Nick's things, then Sandy breaks up with Nick, after Bruno defends Nick. Nick explains how it's his fault,
18: Episode 518
Aug 8, 2001
Kate/Val Saga: Kate has second thoughts with Kenny and decides to dump him. Val gets Eddie, The star Quarter Back, back in the day, saying that he will escourt both of them. Val starts to fall for Kenny, after seeing how he changed, and decides to go after him. Meanwhile Eddie shows up and tries to hit it off with Kate, but Kate is smarter than that. Eddie leaves, and Kate catches Val and Kenny kissing. Zack/Hayden & Clark Clark gets upset after Hayden, the Head cheerleader decides that she wants his younger brother, Zack. Nick/Bruno Saga: Still a part of pledging, Nick and Bruno is still handcuffed to each other. They are both excited on their double date. Bruno tells Nick that he will help him through his problem with ""getting to fast"" in the sack. They are both step into their dorm room only to find Tina, Lyle, waiting. They're surprise that ""the master"" was there. He dumped a bunch of patches with their frat logo on them, telling them to sew it on every piece of clothes that they h
19: Episode 519
Aug 9, 2001
Kate/Val Saga: Val seeing that Kate still likes Kenny, backs off, Kate finally reveals her true feelings to Kenny and blows Eddie off. [This Saga Ends] Zack/Clark Saga: Zack tells Clark that he didn't have sex with Hayden, and he tells her to come over tonight to have sex. To make things more interesting, Clark, being an asshole that he is, invites Betsy, Zack's first girlfriend over. Clark tells Betsy that he wants to go on a date. She accepts. Clark and Zack ""square off"" as who can be the better person. Bruno/Nick Saga: Bruno and Nick becomes frat brothers of Phi Phi Dell (spelling?) Nick is still upset a Bruno, and Bruno tells Nick that he was doing him a favor. Nick vows to never to speak to him again. It's Tina and Bruno big first sex night, and Bruno can't keep his mind off of Nick. He blows Tina off, and finds Nick spotting Lyle while working out, but he takes it a wrong way, and thinks it as a pass. Nick talks to Bruno, while Lyle escapes them two, slipping into Nick and Br
20: Episode 520
Aug 13, 2001
Zack, Clark/Betsy, Hayden written by: , directed by: Clark and Betsy make Zack jealous and Hayden mad. ------------------------------- Marty/Penny, Hammer/Tasha written by: , directed by: After Marty's date with Penny, Marty sets Hammer up with Tasha. ------------------------------- Clay, Donnie written by: , directed by: Clay announces he's gay and Donnie announces he's straight.
21: Episode 521
Aug 14, 2001
Zack/Clark/ Betsy Saga: Hayden dumps Zack. Clark presses Betsy too far for a relationship and gives her a gift. But Betsy says no, and leaves. While Zack is studying, Clark interrupts him and tells him ""do not enter the bathroom, you know what I mean."" Thinking that Betsy is in there, Zack takes a small peek to see what's happening. He sees Clark, jumping around, hitting things pretending that he is getting it on with Betsy. Zack opens the door more, and Clark is embarrassed. He then tells Zack that Betsy wasn't interested in him, and that he bought a gift for her (thanks to Zack's Hidden 1 Dollar Bills stash). He tells Zack, ""Go get her."" They then turn around to see Betsy witnessing the whole thing, saying ""I forgot my purse."" Zack and Betsy get together for their first time. [This saga ends]
22: Episode 522
Aug 15, 2001
Erica/Chris Angela is mad that Erica's (Autumn Reeser) two-timing her cousin, Chris. Hammer/Tasha Marty videotapes Hammer and Tasha having sex. ""Frat Guys"" Donnie wants to make sure Peter's first time with a guy is special.
23: Episode 523
Aug 16, 2001
Erica/Chris Erica tells Angela she's afraid of sex. Hammer/Tasha Marty blackmails Hammer into tutoring him. ""Frat Guys"" Donnie and Clay fight over Natalie.
24: Episode 524
Aug 20, 2001
Erica/Chris Chris catches Erica with Ronnie. Hammer/Tasha Marty helps Hammer win Tasha back. (segment ends) ""Churn 'Em Don't Burn 'Em"" Beth teaches Tucker about yoga, then Lois arrives.
25: Episode 525
Aug 21, 2001
Erica/Chris Erica won't tell Chris that she's afraid of sex. Owen/Lola Leslie convinces Lola to let Owen model for her. ""Churn 'Em Don't Burn 'Em"" Tucker and Lois reveal to each other that they share the same ideas about dating.
26: Episode 526
Aug 22, 2001
Erica/Chris written by: , directed by: text ------------------------- Owen/Lola written by: , directed by: text ------------------------- Tucker/Lois written by: , directed by: text
27: Episode 527
Aug 23, 2001
Erica/Chris Johnny gives Erica a lesson in the van, then Chris arrives. Owen/Lola Lola's conflicted when she finds out that Owen has a date. ""Churn 'Em Don't Burn 'Em"" Lois warns Tucker not to jump into a relationship too quickly. (segment ends)
28: Episode 528
Aug 27, 2001
Erica/Chris Erica and Chris get back together. (segment ends) Owen/Lola Owen asks Lola to choose between him and Dennis. (segment ends) Monique/Matt Jenny tells Monique that there's a book that will help her get Matt.
29: Episode 529
Aug 28, 2001
Caleb/Debbie Sludge teases Caleb because he's got a thing for Debbie. Glenn/Shanna Glenn shows Shanna where the male erogenous zones are. Jenny/Aaron/Doug Monique arranges for Jenny's ex-boyfriend Aaron to visit.
30: Episode 530
Aug 29, 2001
Caleb/Debbie Written by: Amy Wolfram Directed by: Arthur Borman Caleb and Debbie disagree about celibacy while they're live on the radio. Bill/Leslie Directed by: Tim Andrew Bill tells Leslie about his straight twin, Stan. Jenny/Aaron/Doug Written by: Barbie Kligman and Elise Allen Directed by: Chris Slater Jenny wonders if she's making a mistake in marrying Doug.
32: Episode 532
Sep 3, 2001
Caleb/Debbie While on the air, Caleb sets the record straight about his relationship with Debbie. (segment ends) Shanna/Mike Shanna's worried about her sex life with Mike. So, she asks Glenn for some tips. ""Aromatherapy"" Hannah thinks Martha is oversexed.
33: Episode 533
Sep 4, 2001
Zack/Lee Zack faces a challenge when a football buddy, Lee tells him that he wants to quit the football team after he is sexually confused after dreaming about a kissing a guy. Zack pressures him to stay on the team, and Lee does so. Zack then explains to Lee that his parents are some kind of doctor and the books they have in their room might help. Mike/Shanna/Glenn Glenn gives advice to Shanna and give her a cock ring to put on her boyfriend, Mike. Shanna gives the cock ring to Mike, and he asks who gave her that idea. She tells him that it was Glenn, and he quickly withdraws from the whole cock ring idea. He quickly says he wants to get it off, and leaves for the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, he sees Glenn, and Glenn comments on how big his size grew. Mike feeling awkward, goes into the stall and tells Glenn that he wants to take it off. The problem is that he can't take if off. Glenn then gives him the liquid soap, and poofs, it comes off. Once things calmed down with Shanna a
34: Episode 534
Sep 5, 2001
Shanna/Mike Shanna walks in on Doreen coaching Mike on the ""make-up kiss."" ""Aromatherapy"" Hannah yells at Martha when she finds out Martha used aromatherapy to make her loosen up. Zack/Lee Zack tells Lee that he found a book that he has a woman's brain. Lee is confused, and Zack tells him that their is this test to take to find out what kind of brain you got. Lee agrees under one condition, if Zack agrees to take it with him. Zack agrees. Lee scores a 61, and Zack then explains that 60 is number of points that you have to 'have' a women's brain. Zack then scores a 75, and Lee then teased him a little about it, and tells him that he is gay. That's when Betsy walk in, and Zack starts to act 'manly', and starts to blow every sweet thing that he considers, you know, gay, with Betsy. Betsy gets upset and she leaves.
36: Episode 536
Sep 17, 2001
Doreen/Kim When Kim's sister Emily arrives, Kim tells Doreen (Sachie Alessio) she can't tell her family she's gay. ""Aromatherapy"" Martha's out to prove that Hannah just likes sex, even without aromatherapy. Zack/Lee Zack calls Betsy, wanting to talk to her, saying that he is sorry acting the way he did, and they get back together. Zack explains that he and Lee were taking a test about brains, and he tells Betsy that he has a female brain, and that he thought he might be, ""you know..."". Betsy understands, and asks if that's the reason why Lee broke up with her girlfriend Zoe. But Lee interrupts Zack and Betsy, saying that he wants to talk about what happened yesterday. Betsy seeing that they need sometime alone, wants to leave but Zack tries to come up with an excuse to her to stay. But it doesn't work. Betsy still leaves, and Lee explains that Zack is avoiding him, and tells him that he wants to quit. Zack is mad, and Lee explains that he was just scared. But Zack still is mad
37: Episode 537
Sep 18, 2001
Richie/Tabitha, Zack: written by: , directed by: One of Zack's friend, Richie comes to him when he has a problem. Richie's problem is that has a small penis. That's when Betsy and Tabitha walk in and Zack asks about size and Tabitha says she'll take the bigger guy. She then explains that guys always talk about girls with big breasts and they need to turn it around, sometimes. They then have to leave because Tabitha needs to pick up costumes for her kid brother's play, and they leave, but Tabitha quickly adds, if Richie could model the costumes. He agrees, and finally she leaves. Richie really wants to be big, show they order a bunch of things from a catalog (with fast delivery, over night) ------------------------------- Doreen/Kim: written by: , directed by: Kim's kid sister Emily, is still pressing Kim about ""Steve"". But she reveals that ""Steve"" dumped him. Emily then tells Kim that it is okay because the recent person who she just met, and hooked up with has a friend. So they four o
38: Episode 538
Sep 19, 2001
Richie/Tabitha written by: Amy Wolfram, directed by: Arthur Borman The packages have arrived, and Richie is desperate. He opens the first package which is a magnafine glass. Richie calls it a rip off, and Zack opens the second package which is some kind of cream. Richie quickly goes in the bathroom and tries the cream. Zack opens another package to find a Pistol penis pump. A seconds later, Richie screams is heard by Zack, when he rubs it on (it burns) Zack opens the door with Richie's pants down. Zack is surprised, (he said, whoa...) and Richie pulls up his pants. He then tell Richie ""Desperate times, calls for desperate measures."" and gives him a sock. That's when Tabitha show up and Richie goes in the other room to greet her. He hides the stuff, and she tells him to strip down ------------------------------- Doreen/Kim written by: Elise Allen, directed by: Tim Andrew Doreen is still pissed at Kim, and she runs to the bathroom after getting fed up. She goes in one of the stalls and
39: Episode 539
Sep 20, 2001
Richie/Tabitha Tabitha yanks off Richie's pants and gets a big shock. Kim/Doreen/Emily Emily tries to console Kim by bringing Rick over for a massage. Jeff/Holly Amber challenges Holly, saying Holly doesn't know what Jeff needs.
40: Episode 540
Sep 24, 2001
Richie/Tabitha Tabitha and Richie get together in Johnny's van. (segment ends) Kim/Doreen/Emily Emily helps get Doreen and Kim back together. (segment ends) Jeff/Holly Jeff decides which girl is the perfect match for him. (segment ends)
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