Season 5
Dream On
13 EPISODES • 1994
Season 5 of Dream On was released on June 22 and consists of 13 episodes.

Season 4


1: The Taking of Pablum 5-2-3 (1)
Jun 22, 1994
A brother and sister screenwriting duo kidnap Little Richard and Martin from the Richard Stone UN Memorial Service, but the police assume Martin is the one responsible for the crime.
2: The Taking of Pablum 5-2-3 (2)
Jun 29, 1994
It's Richard Stone Memorial Day. It's also Martins Birthday, But no one cares. Martin and lil' baby Richard are kidnapped, and the media believe that Martin is the kidnapper.
3: 'Tis Pity She's a Neighbor
Jul 6, 1994
Martin's pleasure at having attractive new female neighbors is mitigated when he discovers that they are prostitutes.
4: Steinway to Heaven
Jul 13, 1994
Martin's mother's will is read.
5: Judy and the Beast
Jul 20, 1994
Martin is revolted when a fragile Judith falls into the arms of his hated boss Gibby Fiske.
6: The Homecoming Queen
Jul 27, 1994
Martin and Eddie attend their school reunion, where Martin is eager to make up for lost opportunities with a recently-separated old flame.
7: I'm with Stupid
Aug 3, 1994
Martin feels inferior when he begins dating a member of high IQ society MENSA.
8: Attack of the 59-Inch Woman
Aug 10, 1994
Toby nurses Martin back to health.
9: Those Who Can't, Edit
Aug 17, 1994
Gibby desires to publish Jeremy's novel.
10: Off-Off Broadway Bound
Aug 24, 1994
Eddie plays the lead role in Martin's play.
11: Hack Like Me
Aug 31, 1994
Gibby hires Toby after she is fired by Martin.
12: I Never Promised You Charoses, Martin
Sep 7, 1994
Martin tries to get his son to convert to Judaism.
13: The Courtship of Martin's Father
Sep 14, 1994
Mickey (Martin's father) moves into Martin's place.
Season 6
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