Season 18
262 EPISODES • 2012
Season 18 of Hollyoaks was released on January 2 and consists of 262 episodes.

Season 17


1: January 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012
2: January 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012
3: January 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012
4: January 5, 2012
Jan 5, 2012
5: January 6, 2012
Jan 6, 2012
6: January 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012
7: January 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012
8: January 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012
9: January 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012
10: January 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012
11: January 16, 2012
Jan 16, 2012
12: January 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012
13: January 18, 2012
Jan 18, 2012
14: January 19, 2012
Jan 19, 2012
15: January 20, 2012
Jan 20, 2012
16: January 23, 2012
Jan 23, 2012
17: January 24, 2012
Jan 24, 2012
18: January 25, 2012
Jan 25, 2012
19: January 26, 2012
Jan 26, 2012
20: January 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012
Mercedes starts blackmailing Dr Browning - could this be what Lynsey needs to get her old job back?
21: January 30, 2012
Jan 30, 2012
22: January 31, 2012
Jan 31, 2012
23: February 1, 2012
Feb 1, 2012
24: February 2, 2012
Feb 2, 2012
25: February 3, 2012
Feb 3, 2012
26: February 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012
27: February 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012
28: February 8, 2012
Feb 8, 2012
29: February 9, 2012
Feb 9, 2012
30: February 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012
31: February 13, 2012
Feb 13, 2012
32: February 14, 2012
Feb 14, 2012
33: February 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012
34: February 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012
35: February 17, 2012
Feb 17, 2012
36: February 20, 2012
Feb 20, 2012
37: February 21, 2012
Feb 21, 2012
38: February 22, 2012
Feb 22, 2012
Mercedes is unapologetic for her actions last night, but Theresa is determined to give Mercedes another chance and suggests she could look after Kathleen Angel for a while. However, when Theresa returns to an empty house, she panics - where the hell is Mercedes?!
39: February 23, 2012
Feb 23, 2012
A frustrated Mercedes tries her best to make amends, but things go from bad to worse when the McQueens end up in A&E. As Mercedes spirals further out of control, Jacqui decides that they have to do something - and soon!
40: February 24, 2012
Feb 24, 2012
Jacqui pays a visit to a face from the past, determined to do what she can to help Mercedes. But while she's away, Rhys is shocked when Mercedes hits a new low. Is it too late to help her?
41: February 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012
Rhys reels in horror from Mercedes's kiss. Mercedes begs Rhys not to say a word, but will he or won't he tell Jacqui?
42: February 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012
Blood-thirsty Jacqui arrives at the McQueens to take Mercedes to task for snogging Rhys. Jacqui, Carmel and Myra tear a strip off home-wrecker Mercy and for once mild-mannered Carmel truly lets rip. It looks as if it's all over for the McQueens, until Mercy reveals a dreadful secret.
43: February 29, 2012
Feb 29, 2012
44: March 1, 2012
Mar 1, 2012
45: March 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012
46: March 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012
47: March 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012
48: March 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012
49: March 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012
50: March 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012
51: March 12, 2012
Mar 12, 2012
52: March 13, 2012
Mar 13, 2012
53: March 14, 2012
Mar 14, 2012
54: March 15, 2012
Mar 15, 2012
55: March 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012
56: March 19, 2012
Mar 19, 2012
57: March 20, 2012
Mar 20, 2012
58: March 21, 2012
Mar 21, 2012
Jacqui surprises Rhys when she invites Phoebe to stay the night.
59: March 22, 2012
Mar 22, 2012
It is chaotic as everyone prepares for Bobby's christening, but the McQueens panic when they realize Mercedes and Bobby are missing. Following her discovery, Mercedes is ready to kill and Mitzeee is at the centre of Mercedes' scorn. And Jacqui and Rhys are fuming when they realise the cost of their kindness.
60: March 23, 2012
Mar 23, 2012
61: March 26, 2012
Mar 26, 2012
62: March 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012
63: March 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012
64: March 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012
65: March 30, 2012
Mar 30, 2012
66: April 2, 2012
Apr 2, 2012
67: April 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012
68: April 4, 2012
Apr 4, 2012
69: April 5, 2012
Apr 5, 2012
70: April 6, 2012
Apr 6, 2012
71: April 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012
72: April 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012
73: April 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012
74: April 12, 2012
Apr 12, 2012
75: April 13, 2012
Apr 13, 2012
76: April 16, 2012
Apr 16, 2012
Jacqui reluctantly goes to the McQueens' for dinner when Myra insists Mercy is out. However, it's not long before talk turns to her feud with Mercy and they're back to square one.
77: April 17, 2012
Apr 17, 2012
78: April 18, 2012
Apr 18, 2012
Jacqui is determined to help Phoebe, but Rhys is less than enamored when he realises exactly what she has in mind.
79: April 19, 2012
Apr 19, 2012
George washes his hands of Phoebe, while Jacqui is determined to help her. However, Rhys is less than enamoured when he realises exactly what she has in mind.
80: April 20, 2012
Apr 20, 2012
Rhys makes Phoebe less than welcome when she moves into her new home, and enlists the aid of the other McQueens to talk some sense into Jacqui. However, the plan is derailed when Mercedes turns up, and the feuding sisters end up coming to blows again.
81: April 23, 2012
Apr 23, 2012
Phoebe’s mum Mel turns up unannounced at Jacqui & Rhys’ determined to get her daughter back, while Mercy gives Phoebe money to buy Jacqui something nice… But what’s she up to?
82: April 24, 2012
Apr 24, 2012
Phoebe runs away, giving Mercedes and Jacqui a chance to make amends as they try to track her down.
83: April 25, 2012
Apr 25, 2012
Rhys is shocked at Phoebe's revelation that her mum is a prostitute. Mercy and Jacqui have realised the same thing and Jac is at loggerheads over Phoebe living with Mel. Will they all reach an agreement over what to do with Phoebe?
84: April 26, 2012
Apr 26, 2012
85: April 27, 2012
Apr 27, 2012
86: April 30, 2012
Apr 30, 2012
87: May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012
88: May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012
89: May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012
90: May 4, 2012
May 4, 2012
91: May 7, 2012
May 7, 2012
It’s the opening day of Ste and Doug’s deli. To celebrate, Doug heads to the pub, but a few drinks lead to something more with Texas as his determination to play it straight continues. Still terrified of her stalker, Mitzeee is unsure whether she can handle a public appearance. However, Mercedes gives her just the push she needs to get back out there. Jacqui is determined that Phoebe has an education, but a meeting with a prospective school doesn’t quite go according to plan. Ruby is overjoyed not to be grounded anymore - until she discovers that not all of her friends are pleased to have her back.
92: May 8, 2012
May 8, 2012
Texas and Doug agree that their night together was a drunken mistake. However, when they go for a drink to talk, things go from bad to worse for Doug. Could this have something to do with Ste? A furious Riley confronts Mitzeee about her lies, so when she gets an offer of work abroad, it seems like the perfect solution for them both. Later, when Lynsey calls time on their fledgling romance, Riley realises that she might be the one for him - can he convince her to take things to the next level? A contrite Jacqui is forced to undo the damage she did yesterday to get Phoebe into school. Esther is determined to get Ruby and Jono talking again.
93: May 9, 2012
May 9, 2012
Doug and Ste’s professional relationship is put under strain when their personal lives get in the way. Later, Doug finally cracks and confesses his love. It’s the college open day and queen bee Maddie is in her element showing the newbies around, but she’s disturbed to find Ruby a potential threat to her status. Elsewhere at college, a shocked Esther discovers Jen and Tilly’s secret - and that kind of gossip is hard to keep quiet… Lacey finds herself attracted to a student, but is disappointed when their time together is cut short. When will she see him again?
94: May 10, 2012
May 10, 2012
95: May 11, 2012
May 11, 2012
96: May 14, 2012
May 14, 2012
97: May 15, 2012
May 15, 2012
98: May 16, 2012
May 16, 2012
99: May 17, 2012
May 17, 2012
While Joel fights for his life, Brendan is hell bent on revenge. However, when Cheryl overhears a conversation between Brendan and Walker, she insists that there's only one person responsible - Brendan. Meanwhile, a heart-to-heart between Dennis and Dodger prompts Dodger to reach out to Texas, but will it be enough? Elsewhere, an old friend helps Amy realise she has to take a few risks. She heads off to tell Ally how she really feels before it's too late.
100: May 18, 2012
May 18, 2012
101: May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012
102: May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012
103: May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012
104: May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012
105: May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012
106: May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012
107: May 29, 2012
May 29, 2012
108: May 30, 2012
May 30, 2012
109: May 31, 2012
May 31, 2012
110: June 1, 2012
Jun 1, 2012
111: June 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012
The McQueens aren't letting Myra's court date get them down - it's party time for the family with Michaela's 21st and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Lynsey and Riley are also at the party and they struggle with how to tell Mercedes about their relationship. Mercedes finally turns over a new leaf, but when a drunk Mitzeee drops a bombshell, can her positive outlook survive this devastating news? Meanwhile, Ste and Doug deliver a cake to the celebration as well as the news that they are a couple. Later, the McQueens are sent into disarray when Bart returns from court with some devastating news…
112: June 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012
A jealous Brendan can't handle Ste and Doug's relationship, but before he can do anything, Doug comes clean to Ste about the money behind the deli. Meanwhile, Mercedes struggles with the news of Lynsey's betrayal, but can she find it in herself to forgive her friend? Elsewhere, with Jacqui taking control at the McQueens', Liberty finds herself homeless like Dirk and Dodger. Can the Savages raise enough money to buy a new home, or will they be forced to leave Hollyoaks forever?
113: June 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012
Manipulative Brendan presents Ste with a promising business proposal, but is that all he wants from his former flame? Meanwhile, Texas and Leanne help Doug find a way to win back Ste, but is he too late? Elsewhere, testosterone is flying high in the Savage household. Over the last few weeks, the sibling rivalry has been out of control and now it peaks when Dodger and Will find themselves in a race to raise enough cash to save their family. However, when the competition heats up, Will refuses to join forces with Dodger and instead makes a big decision that could cost him everything.
114: June 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012
Joel is seething when he discovers that Walker is back and wants to know exactly what Brendan is up to. Meanwhile, spurred on by Mercedes, a jealous Lynsey challenges Riley over his feelings towards Mitzeee. Desperate to prove his love for Lynsey, Riley suggests they should take their relationship to the next level. Elsewhere, Dennis is gutted to discover that the Savages have left. Also today, Lacey thinks she's found a new friend.
115: June 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012
Ste finally declares his love for Brendan, as long as he wipes out the deli's debt. Doug is devastated and makes a rash decision. Meanwhile, with no headliner, Will is forced to face the baying crowds at his party - but will a shock arrival save the day? Elsewhere at the event, Dodger is rocked to the core when he discovers a shocking family secret.
116: June 11, 2012
Jun 11, 2012
Cheryl is unnerved when she sees an old face return to the village and fears that Brendan may be up to no good. Meanwhile, the Savages are in a celebratory mood after their festival success, but their high spirits are crushed when they discover that their profits have been stolen. Barney is horrified when the finger of suspicion points at him, but can he prove his innocence? Elsewhere, Mercedes makes the most of an opportunity to stir things with Lynsey. Also today, Phoebe is stunned by a revelation from Lacey.
117: June 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012
Ste finally declares his love for Brendan, as long as he wipes out the deli's debt. Doug is devastated. And with no headliner, Will is forced to face the baying crowds at his party.
118: June 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012
119: June 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012
Lynsey and Riley host the dinner party from hell and no matter how much Riley tries to prove otherwise, Lynsey fears she still has cause to worry about him and Mitzeee. Brendan confronts Walker about Joel's discovery, but Walker insists that Joel doesn't know the full story and reveals a new side of himself to Brendan. Martha tries to buy Lacey's silence, but the tables are turned when Martha discovers Lacey's far from innocent. Carmel worries that her dreams of becoming the Face of Attwells could be over before they've begun.
120: June 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012
Joel's unnerved by Walker's continued presence in the village, while Lynsey calls time on her relationship with Riley, admitting that she can't be second best to Mitzeee. But with Mitzeee heading away on business, will Riley tell her the truth before it's too late? Carmel pulls out all the stops to prepare for the Face of Attwells competition, but her actions have horrifying results. Meanwhile, the Savages make a surprise return.
121: June 18, 2012
Jun 18, 2012
Mitzeee's sudden return from New York makes Nancy suspicious, but then they meet gorgeous footballer Jay... could he be everything Mitzeee has ever wanted? Carmel struggles to come to terms with the news that her injuries will never fully heal and ends up on the hospital roof. Doug's confidence with Ste is shaken when a bitter Brendan makes his presence felt. Texas is pleased that Dodger has returned to Hollyoaks but is shocked to discover he hasn't questioned Dirk about his true parentage. The Savages' return infuriates Jack when they make it clear they're here to stay. And Brendan won't listen to Joel's warnings about Walker; is there someone else who might be able to get through?
122: June 19, 2012
Jun 19, 2012
When a sick Riley needs help, Mitzeee is torn; should she choose the man she loves or a dream date with Jay? Lynsey finds a distraught Carmel on the hospital roof; can she talk her down in time? Doug feels increasingly emasculated when he realises that Ste used to fancy Ally; is he man enough for his boyfriend? The Savages come up with a plan to keep their boat outside The Dog, but will Jack fall for it?
123: June 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012
Mitzeee puts it all on the line when she declares her love for Riley, but his reaction isn't what she expected. Will Riley have a change of heart when he finds out about Mitzeee's sacrifice? Darren and Rhys feel taken for granted by their wives, so they head to The Dog, determined to show them who's boss. Brendan continues to mess with Ste and Doug.
124: June 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012
Tensions rise to the surface during a lads' night out as Brendan taunts his friends and neighbours. Determined to put an end to the problem, Rhys, Dodger and Darren decide to stand up to the crook, but drunken posturing gets them in trouble. Meanwhile, a few too many drinks prompts Riley to compose a revealing text message to one of the three women pursuing his affections - but he ends up sending it to the wrong person.
125: June 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012
Riley goes all out to declare his feelings for Mitzeee, little knowing that Mercedes has misunderstood and thinks he loves her. How will this love triangle be resolved? Phoebe tries to play marriage counsellor to Jacqui and Rhys, but is their relationship beyond repair? Newly empowered Doug finally sleeps with Ste, but their happiness is destroyed by an unwelcome visitor. Elsewhere, Joel shares his doubts about Walker with Lynsey and she decides to tackle him. Has Walker misjudged where Brendan's loyalties lie?
126: June 25, 2012
Jun 25, 2012
A loved-up Mitzeee and Riley prepare to go public, but a humiliated Mercedes is determined to put an end to their happiness and decides to turn the heat up on Mitzeee. Walker warns Ally to keep schtum about his past, but when a passing Lynsey witnesses it, Walker's oblivious to the fact that he's put someone else on his trail. Doug and Ste break the news of their new landlord to Amy, while a rebellious Lacey decides she's had enough of Martha's hypocrisy.
127: June 26, 2012
Jun 26, 2012
With the return of her stalker, Mitzeee starts to lose her grip on reality and a night out with the girls descends into chaos as her paranoia reaches new heights. Riley is horrified when he realises the true extent of the situation, but when a faux-concerned Mercedes learns that her plan is working, she decides to pay Mitzeee a visit. Tensions heighten between the two women with horrifying consequences... Elsewhere, Nancy is nervous as she braces herself for the scan, and Callum's frustrations grow as he feels totally alone.
128: June 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012
129: June 28, 2012
Jun 28, 2012
130: June 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012
131: July 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012
132: July 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012
133: July 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012
134: July 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012
135: July 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012
136: July 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012
137: July 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012
138: July 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012
139: July 12, 2012
Jul 12, 2012
140: July 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012
141: July 16, 2012
Jul 16, 2012
142: July 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012
143: July 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012
144: July 19, 2012
Jul 19, 2012
145: July 20, 2012
Jul 20, 2012
146: July 23, 2012
Jul 23, 2012
147: July 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012
148: July 25, 2012
Jul 25, 2012
149: July 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012
150: July 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012
151: July 30, 2012
Jul 30, 2012
152: July 31, 2012
Jul 31, 2012
153: August 1, 2012
Aug 1, 2012
154: August 2, 2012
Aug 2, 2012
155: August 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012
Will has a difficult decision to make when a journalist offers him a large sum of money for his story but his choice has consequences for Dodger. Forced to reconsider her religion, Carmel feels her dysfunctional family aren't taking her crisis of faith seriously. Tilly and Jen continue their secret love affair, but when Tilly feels torn between her friends and her lover, who will she choose? Leanne is enjoying working with Rob at the gym and tries to put him under her spell.
156: August 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012
157: August 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012
158: August 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012
159: August 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012
160: August 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012
161: August 13, 2012
Aug 13, 2012
162: August 14, 2012
Aug 14, 2012
163: August 15, 2012
Aug 15, 2012
164: August 16, 2012
Aug 16, 2012
165: August 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012
166: August 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012
167: August 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012
Jacqui's concerns for Mercedes grow as Doctor Browning struggles to convince Mercedes that they have a future together - is Mercedes falling for him in spite of herself? Later, Mercy lands herself in even more trouble when she's kidnapped… Meanwhile, Tilly is comforted by Neil as she struggles to accept Jen's news. But is Tilly prepared to roll over so easily? Elsewhere, Dodger struggles to regain his mojo, while Texas makes plans for a future away from Hollyoaks. Also today, Phoebe's efforts to force a wedge between George and Ryan don't go according to plan, while Ally gains Ash's forgiveness - but Walker has bigger plans for him.
168: August 22, 2012
Aug 22, 2012
Still hurting following Jen's revelation, Tilly acts out and finds herself in trouble with the police after stealing Jen's car. Meanwhile, struggling to get her head around recent revelations, Mercedes focuses her attentions back on Riley. Elsewhere, Texas's leaving party forces Dodger to take action, but are his words enough to stop her from leaving? Also today, Joel and Cheryl begin to build bridges as they unite in their grief for Lynsey, while Ryan's arrival leaves Phoebe out in the cold.
169: August 23, 2012
Aug 23, 2012
170: August 24, 2012
Aug 24, 2012
Riley makes a surprising proposition that opens up the possibility of Mercedes' dreams coming true, and Dodger reels from the previous day's events. A newly returned Maddie turns the group against Esther, and Myra settles back into the family fold, but Jacqui suspects something is amiss.
171: August 27, 2012
Aug 27, 2012
Tensions run high in the village as the day of Mitzeee's hearing arrives, and as the would-be Wag prepares to meet her fate, Mercedes continues to plot against her. Meanwhile, the newly released Myra appears to be hiding a secret, and Phoebe furthers her agenda by giving unreliable relationship advice to George. Callum tries to reconcile Martha and Lacey, and Bart's lie about his academic success proves hard to maintain.
172: August 28, 2012
Aug 28, 2012
Dirk tries to offer Dodger some fatherly advice, but the gesture only serves to irritate him further. Martha struggles to resist toasting Lacey's 16th birthday, and Jacqui begins to notice something unusual about Myra's behaviour. Meanwhile, Nancy inadvertently gives Mercedes just what she wants when she questions Riley about his affections, and Theresa is tempted by an offer guaranteed to bring in easy cash.
173: August 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012
Dodger finds a scrap of evidence about the identity of his real father, while Ash confronts Martha about her behaviour and its impact on the rest of the Kanes. A jealous Joel delivers an ultimatum to Theresa after hearing about her new job, and Jacqui comes up with an unusual way of getting through to Myra.
174: August 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012
Dodger will take a turn for the worse and drown his sorrows, worried he will never find his true father. The Kane family will be in tatters following Martha's disappearance, did Ash push things too far? Myra will get back to her old self, and find an unusual way of letting out her anger. Elsewhere, an angry Theresa will look to someone new for comfort... will she be making a huge mistake?
175: August 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012
A red mist will descend on the vision of a young Scottish Foxy, following the events of the night before. Will he be able to forgive Theresa? A guilty Ash will refuse to stand by and watch her family fall apart, but is it too late for her to save them? Meanwhile at the McQueens, a surprise visitor will persuade Michaela not to give up a fantastic opportunity, while Myra will decide it's time for someone to move out...
176: September 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012
With the start of term looming, Esther and Ruby are dreading their first day at college, but will they be able to overcome their fears? The Kanes realise their cupboard is truly bare and are offered help from a budding friend.
177: September 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012
Following a nightmare first day at college, things go from bad to worse for Esther when Jack catches her skiving. And, with wedding preparations in full swing, Ste and Dennis are united in their misery.
178: September 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012
Dennis saves the day for Leanne, but Ste is at the end of his tether. How will Jen cope with a surprise new addition to her class?
179: September 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012
As the wedding day approaches, Dennis proves indispensable in keeping secrets, but he is having serious doubts. And, as Doug digs deeper, Ste issues an ultimatum.
180: September 7, 2012
Sep 7, 2012
Mercedes is causing chaos in the village again, but has she pushed Nancy too far this time?
181: September 10, 2012
Sep 10, 2012
An unscrupulous Mercedes threatens Nancy and her baby, but will it be enough to stop Nancy's quest for justice? Leanne is still in the midst of wedding fever and Walker gets defensive when the doctor makes it clear that Cam's prognosis isn't good.
182: September 11, 2012
Sep 11, 2012
Darren urges Nancy to take it easy. Mercedes puts on the performance of her life when Mitzeee hears the outcome of her trial. Theresa's frustrated that she's not getting any alone time with Joel.
183: September 12, 2012
Sep 12, 2012
Joel's mum begs Theresa not to tell him her secret. The Kanes are soon struggling when Ash is unable to pay the rent. Jacqui seeks help from Frankie about Phoebe.
184: September 13, 2012
Sep 13, 2012
Theresa plans a birthday surprise for Joel. Lacey devises a fun-filled money making scheme to help pay the rent. Bart and Neil play a prank on Jono.
185: September 14, 2012
Sep 14, 2012
There's chemistry in the kitchen when Ste helps Brendan prepare Joel's birthday dinner party. A bitter Maddie tells Ruby that Jono has a new girlfriend.
186: September 17, 2012
Sep 17, 2012
The aftermath of the party causes ripples for the Kanes. While Rhys is busy trying to hold his family together, Jacqui and Myra enjoy a night on the town, and Cindy is left feeling neglected when Tony leaves her to spend an evening with the students.
187: September 18, 2012
Sep 18, 2012
As Ally continues to get the Kanes back on track, Callum is left wondering if he's too good to be true. Phoebe and Esther bond over their shared hatred of Maddie and, in an attempt to make Tony notice her, Cindy flirts with Rhys.
188: September 19, 2012
Sep 19, 2012
Callum is given reason to suspect that Ally isn't all he seems, while Maddie makes an effort to befriend Phoebe - but does she have an ulterior motive?
189: September 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012
Callum's efforts to expose Ally lead to some major revelations. Meanwhile, Esther's fashion showcase ends in humiliation.
190: September 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012
Phoebe determines to make Maddie pay, while Leanne attempts to heal the growing rift between Doug and Ste.
191: September 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012
Doug makes a life-changing decision when he realises he needs to accept Ste's history with Brendan or move on, while the students find their dream apartment but are bound by Tony's tenancy agreement.
192: September 25, 2012
Sep 25, 2012
Riley is shocked by a surprise visitor, while Bart decides it's not quite time to face reality.
193: September 26, 2012
Sep 26, 2012
Mercedes makes a horrifying discovery, while Bart lies about his antics in an effort to win back Sinead.
194: September 27, 2012
Sep 27, 2012
A devastated Mercedes and Riley struggle to cope with events, while Darren realises Nancy is in touch with Mitzeee and begs her to go to the police.
195: September 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012
Mercedes makes a shocking accusation on live TV, while Nancy agrees to help a frightened Mitzeee.
196: October 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012
Riley comes up short of funds, so the village pulls together to help his cause.
197: October 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012
Riley is forced to break Mitzeee's heart, while Ste is caught in the crossfire of an on-going feud.
198: October 3, 2012
Oct 3, 2012
Nancy and Darren fear for the future of their tiny baby. Jacqui can't believe that Myra has remained loyal to Mercedes, knowing what she did.
199: October 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012
There's tension between Nancy, who is scared, and Darren, who is angry. Ste points the finger of blame at an unsuspecting resident for the recent trauma.
200: October 5, 2012
Oct 5, 2012
Darren's temper flares as he realises how much danger his wife exposed their child to.
201: October 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012
Struggling to deal with the loss of Mercedes and Bobby, Myra becomes a cause for concern to Dirk. Darren goes full throttle and tells Nancy what he really thinks, but can Jack talk him round? Rhys tries his best to lure Cindy into some bedroom shenanigans. Despite her best efforts to please everyone, Esther is made to look a fool.
202: October 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012
Cindy is getting frustrated with Rhys's pestering and heads to the McQueens' to call it off, but can she resist temptation? Meanwhile, Nancy is buoyed by a visit from Tom, but wonders what's got into Darren when he goes AWOL. Elsewhere, Myra decides it's time to remedy her wrongs and heads to Nana McQueen's. Also today, Esther is mortified when videos of her appear on Dylan's website, while Tony decides he's going to get his hands on Atwell's - but a mystery bidder gives him a run for his money.
203: October 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012
Darren and Nancy are anxious as their baby fights a serious infection. Rob and Liam develop a rivalry when Atwell's new manager is revealed. While Tony is away, Rhys and Cindy decide to play, but will they get found out? Myra resolves to get the McQueens back together, while Esther is further divided from her friends as the video publishers become known.
204: October 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012
Darren and Nancy appear to be back on track when the family gather together at the baby's christening. Tony's suspicions are misplaced after a rather green Cindy makes her escape. Jacqui confronts Rhys about his antics, while Esther is further ostracised when she is blamed for breaking Jen's sculpture. Ash's decision to prove her domestic goddess status to Ally doesn't last long.
205: October 12, 2012
Oct 12, 2012
Darren and Rhys unwind at Ash and Ally's party. Stood up by Bart, Sinead drowns her sorrows and catches the eye of Rob and the guys. George bears the brunt of Esther's wrath when she realises the gang have read her personal letter, while Tony believes his suspicions about Cindy are confirmed.
206: October 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012
Rhys distances himself from Cindy when rumours surface that she's pregnant. Esther decides to skive college, but is mortified by Jack's punishment.
207: October 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012
As Tony's world comes crashing down he decides it's time for action and won't take no for an answer... Ally plays cupid for Lacey and Dylan, while Esther attracts unwanted attention.
208: October 17, 2012
Oct 17, 2012
Tony is determined to prove his love for Cindy, while Ash, Callum and Lacey are devastated when Martha doesn't show up for coffee.
209: October 18, 2012
Oct 18, 2012
A forlorn Ruby is left out of the fold, but desperate to get back in with Sinead and Maddie.
210: October 19, 2012
Oct 19, 2012
Lacey decides to play it cool with Dylan, but will she end up regretting it? Brendan tries to help with Lynsey's funeral but Cheryl keeps him at a distance.
211: October 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012
Lynsey's brother Eoghan arrives in the village, leaving Ste wondering about his past with Brendan and Cheryl. Meanwhile, Rhys is surprised by Cindy and Tony's engagement, and Cindy's necklace causes confusion. Elsewhere, spurred on by Ally, Lacey and Dylan share a kiss - but Lacey wonders if he's the only one who fancies her. Also today, Jacqui discovers Joel and Theresa's loot and demands the pair put it back, while Martha tries to help Ash - but will it do her any favours?
212: October 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012
Cheryl goes in search of answers from an unlikely source. Ste offers a saddened Brendan a shoulder to cry on and Lacey snubs a confused Dylan in pursuit of another beau.
213: October 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012
Brendan tries to be there for his sister but will Cheryl let him? Darren's mouth gets him into trouble and a dejected Cindy wants attention, but is Tony the man for the job?
214: October 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012
Dodger gives Tom advice on women, not realising who the true object of his affection is. Jono and Bart are at loggerheads and battle it out on the army assault course. Finally, Jen attempts to boost Esther's self-esteem, but is it in vain?
215: October 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012
Darren is wary as Tom finds excuses to hang out with Texas and Dodger, while Jono makes a surprising decision. Meanwhile, Esther is given food for thought by her online chum.
216: October 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012
Neil and Bart join forces to try to convince Jono not to join the army. Esther decides to stand against Maddie at college and Jacqui's stunned as Rhys makes a shocking declaration.
217: October 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012
A surprise visitor causes tension between Ste and Doug, while Myra worries about her daughter's marriage.
218: October 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012
As Cindy is offered a chance to escape, a call from the hospital makes her question everything. Esther is left humiliated when the teenagers plot a prank against her and Doug is stunned as Brendan continues to come between him and Ste.
219: November 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012
As things look bleak for Tony, he offers Cindy a way out. Doug is incensed as Brendan saves the day for Ste again.
220: November 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012
Cindy faces a tough choice, while Jono asks Ruby to make a life-changing decision.
221: November 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012
The village is reeling with excitement from the unexpected arrival of a familiar figure. Lacey develops an illicit crush, but are her feelings returned? Frankie goes to extreme lengths to stop Ruby from making a horrible mistake.
222: November 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012
There's trouble in town as a mischievous newcomer arrives in Hollyoaks. Joel finds himself in a precarious situation, and Cheryl admits to Tony that there is a slight complication with their big day.
223: November 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012
Mitzeee finds out there's still a hidden secret that could change her life for ever. Myra struggles financially, finding charity from the most unlikely source. Callum is surprised at Martha's honesty.
224: November 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012
Mitzeee is dealt some difficult news and, at the Kanes', things heat up for Lacey. As Esther offers Ruby a heartfelt gift, she is once again thwarted by Maddie.
225: November 9, 2012
Nov 9, 2012
With Jacqui believing her relationship with Rhys is on the mend, will Rhys be able to tell her the truth, or will he leave Hollyoaks for ever? Jono is faced with an important decision and, either way, he will hurt someone.
226: November 12, 2012
Nov 12, 2012
Who will Tony reveal his secret to? And, with her big day looming, will Ruby get cold feet?
227: November 13, 2012
Nov 13, 2012
On the morning of the wedding, Ste makes a shocking discovery and Esther faces the threat of Maddie's wrath.
228: Enjoy the Ride
Nov 14, 2012
A catastrophic accident threatens to destroy lives in the village as Esther and Bart's antics push Maddie to the limit. While Doug can't let go of the past, Ste finally discovers the truth about Brendan. Is Hollyoaks destined for any happy endings?
229: November 15, 2012
Nov 15, 2012
In the aftermath of the accident, Hollyoaks falls into disrepair. Things are put in perspective for many in the village, but how much longer can the truth stay buried?
230: November 16, 2012
Nov 16, 2012
One resident hears life-changing news, but can they live with the consequences? And just when they thought they were safe, tragedy strikes for one much-loved couple.
231: November 19, 2012
Nov 19, 2012
In the aftermath of the devastating crash, Phoebe struggles to retain her silence about what she knows, and Lacey seeks solace in an unlikely friend.
232: November 20, 2012
Nov 20, 2012
As Ash struggles to articulate her emotions, and Lacey's illicit feelings intensify, are the Kanes headed for disaster? And when Dodger receives a piece of life-changing information, he is once again left torn.
233: November 21, 2012
Nov 21, 2012
Dodger makes the bold choice to meet his real dad as one resident's grief causes havoc in the village.
234: November 22, 2012
Nov 22, 2012
Dodger is faced with a shocking revelation, and Lacey's forbidden infatuation escalates.
235: November 23, 2012
Nov 23, 2012
Barney arrives back in the village but someone has a proposition for him. Will Carmel's first day at work help her confidence?
236: November 26, 2012
Nov 26, 2012
Martha becomes increasingly suspicious of Ally's behaviour, while Nana McQueen takes it on herself to play matchmaker for Carmel.
237: November 27, 2012
Nov 27, 2012
Martha confirms her worst fears. Texas makes a decision that could change things for ever. Carmel faces her own insecurities, while Nana wonders if she's done the right thing.
238: November 28, 2012
Nov 28, 2012
With Sienna's help, Dodger tries to set matters right, while things heat up in Barney's love life.
239: November 29, 2012
Nov 29, 2012
Dodger plans a surprise in order to bring his family together. Mitzeee tells Maxine to find a job, but her sister has other ideas, while Ash considers giving Martha another chance.
240: November 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012
Jacqui is on self-destruct, while Dodger and Dirk face a difficult choice. Maxine decides Mitzeee needs her support, but can she remind her sister how to have fun?
241: December 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012
Sinead is faced with a monumental decision, while it's time for Mitzeee to face Mercedes again.
242: December 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012
As lawyer Jim paints a very black and white picture for Mercedes, is Mitzeee strong enough to take her on? Diane and Bart learn of Sinead's plans, but can they change her mind?
243: December 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012
Jim unknowingly complicates things when he welcomes a star witness in the dock. Doug and Ste struggle to cope with the stress of family life.
244: December 6, 2012
Dec 6, 2012
It's judgement day for Mercedes, and Carmel receives attention from an unlikely figure, but are his feelings reciprocated?
245: December 7, 2012
Dec 7, 2012
Surprise arrivals in Hollyoaks deal Doug some shattering news. Sienna and Texas attempt to cast aside their differences for the sake of Dodger.
246: December 10, 2012
Dec 10, 2012
On the day of the crash inquest, Esther's world comes tumbling down, while Doug and Ste are in utter turmoil when they face a life-changing decision.
247: December 11, 2012
Dec 11, 2012
Doug pushes Ste to the limits, while Esther is faced with Maddie, Jono and Neil's memorial. Jacqui enlists Cindy's help with the funeral.
248: December 12, 2012
Dec 12, 2012
It's the day of Rhys's funeral. When Tony is asked to give a speech, can he bring himself to praise the man who was sleeping with his wife? Or will he publicly expose Rhys's infidelity? Meanwhile, Jacqui seeks solace in an old friend as Cindy prepares to say a painful goodbye to the man that she loves. Elsewhere, as Frankie and Jack despair over Esther, Ruby confides in them - are things finally looking up for Esther? Also in the village, Ste's world comes crashing down, and Nancy struggles to control her jealousy. (Jacqui and Tony share a kiss!)
249: December 13, 2012
Dec 13, 2012
Jacqui finds a clue which leads her directly to the heart of Rhys's disloyalty, only to be met with a devastating discovery. Meanwhile, cracks begin to form among the Savages, but can anybody help Dodger and Dirk see sense? Elsewhere, Theresa prepares for Joel's release from prison before being dealt some shocking news.
250: December 14, 2012
Dec 14, 2012
As the differences between his two families transpire, how will Dodger cope? Meanwhile, Texas is left confused and reeling when Sienna attempts to stir trouble within an already fractured family. Elsewhere, at the Christmas lights switch-on, Maxine has her eyes set on one guy only, but are the feelings mutual?
251: December 17, 2012
Dec 17, 2012
As Doug and Ste bid farewell to the village, Cheryl is left questioning Ste's affections, but is it too late? Meanwhile, Texas's fear mounts as Sienna and Dodger spend time alone, knowing her secret is a ticking time bomb. Can Texas bring herself to tell Dodger the truth? Elsewhere, seeing Bart shattered by Sinead's rejection, Jacqui makes a devastating decision. Also today, with money tight, will Joel give into temptation?
252: December 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012
Cheryl makes a revelation that leaves Doug in utter turmoil. As Theresa maps out the future, Joel makes an executive decision.
253: December 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012
Leanne is overjoyed when an old friend returns to lend a helping hand, and Maxine and Mitzeee make a deal that can only lead to disaster.
254: December 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012
Nancy fears the worst when she receives a call from the hospital. When Maxine struggles to stick to her promise, can she keep another secret from her sister?
255: December 21, 2012
Dec 21, 2012
Maxine and Mitzeee make a scandalous discovery, and Nana McQueen is dazed by a shock confession from Barney.
256: December 24, 2012
Dec 24, 2012
It’s the day of the Christmas ball! After confiding in a friend about his secret arrangement, Barney prepares to admit his true affections to Carmel... will she get the fairy-tale ending of her dreams? Elsewhere, Brendan struggles to cope with his overwhelming situation, while an isolated Mercedes gets a surprise visitor knocking on her door.
257: December 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012
The McQueen's world is rocked when a mystery bundle arrives with no explanation. On her first Christmas without Rhys, Jacqui's emotions run high as she makes a heart-breaking discovery, with disastrous consequences... Worried for Carmel, Myra overhears the events of last night and throws one McQueen out in the cold. Is Christmas over for this lonely figure? Elsewhere, John Paul struggles to adapt to Christmas back at the McQueen's.
258: December 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012
As Jacqui learns the full extent of Rhys's infidelity, she leans on Tony for support. Could there still be a spark between the pair? Meanwhile, Darren and Nancy are struggling with parenthood, but could there be an underlying issue? Elsewhere, seeing Mercedes upset, Browning concocts a plan to get back in favour with the McQueens'.
259: December 28, 2012 #1
Dec 28, 2012
Darren and Nancy's worry increases as they seek professional advice at the hospital over their fears that Oscar could be deaf. Meanwhile, Myra's fears for the future escalate as she finds out what she thought was a hangover could be something worse.
260: December 28, 2012 #2
Dec 28, 2012
261: December 31, 2012 #1
Dec 31, 2012
262: December 31, 2012 #2
Dec 31, 2012
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