Season 5
All Hail King Julien
13 EPISODES • 2017
Ted's alter ego Snake returns, social media comes to the jungle, Uncle King Julien tries to take over the kingdom again, and wedding bells ring.

Season 4


1: Julien 2.0
Dec 1, 2017
King Julien wants a do-over to become King JULIEN 2.0 and actually listen to his people. But when everyone feels their voice is the most important, the kingdom becomes a chaotic mess.
2: Spin Cycle
Dec 1, 2017
When a segment on Xixi's show changes the kingdom, Julien begins scheming ways to use the influence of the show to his advantage and creates a Julien-centric propaganda machine.
3: Night Creatures
Dec 1, 2017
King Julien can't sleep so he decides to go on a milk cleanse to help, but after Todd is attacked by a horrible monster, King Julien's nightmares cause the kingdom to question him as...The Night Creature.
4: Tears in the Drain
Dec 1, 2017
When Detective King Julien searches for a missing Butterfish, he notices lemurs acting strange all around and realizes he has a serious mystery on his hands, so he must get the Mystery Solving Team back together.
5: Squad Goals
Dec 1, 2017
When King Julien's consultant tells him that his squad is losing their cool, King Julien decides to get a whole new crew.
6: One More Cup, Part 2
Dec 1, 2017
King Julien discovers tea which becomes a huge hit throughout the kingdom, but when Karl's brother Bruce invites him to his coffee corporation, trouble start to brew.
7: There Will Be Juice
Dec 1, 2017
When a crate of "PURE ORGANIC IMPOSSIBLY SAFE ORGANIC NUTRIENTS" washes onto shore, King Julien accidentally overfeeds the crops, creating a giant mango that tries to take over the world.
8: Blackboard Jungle
Dec 1, 2017
King Julien organizes an Academic Bowl to prove the lemurs are the smartest on the island.
9: Karl-Mageddon
Dec 1, 2017
In honor of his retirement, Karl hosts an elaborate contest to find his successor - who will become Madagascar's next super villain.
10: King Julien Is Watching You
Dec 1, 2017
King Julien discovers surveillance equipment and installs it all over the kingdom.
11: Lord of the Fruit Flies
Dec 1, 2017
King Julien tries to rig an election so that Maurice becomes Mango Prime Minister but soon realizes his opponent, Mort, has a better shot than everyone thinks.
12: The End Is Near
Dec 1, 2017
When King Julien learns that Clover may marry Sage, he sets out to prepare the kingdom for post-Clover attacks.
13: The End Is Here
Dec 1, 2017
When King Julien and the gang bury Sage for his bachelor party, things don't go according to plan and they must deal with Franken-Sage.
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