Season 4
All Hail King Julien
13 EPISODES • 2016
King Julien and his trusty advisers race to save the kingdom from secret agents, stampeding clones and more -- while keeping the party going strong.

Season 3


1: The All Hail King Julien Show
Nov 11, 2016
King Julien launches a new TV channel called "Julien-Vision" but quickly realizes that the kingdom only wants to watch a reality show of his own life.
2: The Neverending Clover
Nov 11, 2016
After Clover is knocked unconscious, the entire kingdom plays along when she wakes up believing she's living in a make-believe storybook world.
3: Who Arted?
Nov 11, 2016
King Julien is crazy with jealousy and throws out the kingdom's art after he is upstaged by Mort who is now the town's hottest new artist.
4: That Sinking Feeling
Nov 11, 2016
When Masikura convinces King Julien that the island is sinking, Julien believes building an ark is the only way to save his people.
5: The Jungle Rooster
Nov 11, 2016
When the Jungle Rooster keeps him up at night, Julien discovers that the Foosa have been farming chickens for food and risks his life to free them all.
6: The Good Book
Nov 11, 2016
Julien hires Croc Ambassador, an etiquette expert, to teach the kingdom how to behave at a classy ball, but everyone is too uptight to party.
7: The King and Mrs. Mort
Nov 11, 2016
With Julien sick and the others away on a cruise, Mort poses as king to entertain a judge from a big competition -- with disastrous results.
8: King Julien Superstar!
Nov 11, 2016
Julien, Clover, Mort and Maurice become music sensations overnight, but the band breaks up over Julien and Clover's non-stop fighting.
9: The Panchurian Candidate
Nov 11, 2016
After Uncle King Julien turned Pancho into a deadly killer so he could take back his throne, King Julien must save the kingdom before it's too late.
10: The Wrath of Morticus Khan
Nov 11, 2016
King Julien clones himself but things take a turn for the worse when Morticus Khan, an evil warlord, unleashes an army of Mort clones on the kingdom.
11: Koto, Plain and Tall
Nov 11, 2016
Julien is lost in the jungle and accidentally saves a Mountain Lemur named Koto who turns out to be the biggest threat the kingdom has ever faced.
12: I, Maurice
Nov 11, 2016
When Maurice learns that he isn't a lemur like everyone else, he sets off on a journey to find his Aye-Aye parents and sister Brosalind.
13: Un-King Me
Nov 11, 2016
When the kingdom is overrun with refugees, Julien is shocked that an old friend Koto and his Mountain Lemur army are preparing to attack.
Season 5
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